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So then I was [like], OK, so then, if I can apply this to my body hair on my legs, what about my bush? What's her name? I'm a natural blonde and mine have always been a dirty blonde color not really as light as the blonde on my head but definitely not dark at all I'm not sure if that applies for every girl though. By Karina Hoshikawa. Beauty standards interact with gender identity, race, sexuality, relationships, and, yes, simple convenience to influence how we approach our pubes. The stuff on my arms is still pretty fine, and often has an orange tint to it. Redheads with blonde eyebrows will have white blonde pubes with a few red strands a ash blond will have blackish ones with maybe a dusting of blonde and a platinum.

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Why do non-ginger men have ginger beards? Science has the answer. Honestly, I was born a platinum blonde, turned golden blonde, now dark golden blonde. However, my pubic hair is still thin and blonde. Curiosity got the better of me. I had to see the answer. Depends ash blones usually have blackish ones with a dusting of blond redheads can have brown if they have brown brows with some strands of red but a redhead with very white pale blonde eyebrows like many redheads it will be mostly white pubes with some red strands and a natural platinum.

Sign In. What color is the pubic hair of a natural blond or redhead? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Updated Oct 17, It varies greatly. And by age. Thank you for your feedback! Related Questions More Answers Below Do blonde women or redheads have blonde hair or red hair down there?

Why is blonde hair considered more feminine than other hair colours? Hot blonde gets her hairy twat fingered. Birthday Sex For Lucky Stepbrother. Julianne moore bottomless and showing her red bush. Paris takes a ride. Blonde hair masseuse BJ under the table.

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If a girl has blonde hair but brown eyebrows then she probably has brown or black pubic hair. Also girls with a darker skin-tone tend to have dark pubic hair than girls with a very pale skin-tone. I'm a natural blonde and mine have always been a dirty blonde color not really as light as the blonde on my head but definitely not dark at all I'm not sure if that applies for every girl though.

Sign up or log in to share. I have blond hair. My forearm hairs are blond as well. However, my armpits shins and pubic hair are as black as it gets. I can tell you from experience redheads do. Women with brown hair have brown. The only light blondes I've been with were bare down there so I don't know about that. Not solid red but ginger. Depends on the individual though. If it's a dark auburn redhead she's usually just light brown down there but if she's a real orangeish redhead she will be orange down there too.

There may be a hint of red in the pubes but they are mostly closer to white mousy white. Redheads usually have white pubes with strands of red if they have pale blonde eyebrows ash blonds usually have very dark blackish pubes with a dusting of blonde platinum blonds with white blonde eyebrows have whitish blonde pubes but without any red strands and redheads with brown eyebrows usually have.

I'm a blonde and have blonde pubic hair. But I know some blonde girls with darker or even very dark pubic hair. My hair is blond and my pubic hair is a mixture of really blond or even white hairs but also some medium brown. Mainly on the 'upper' part of the vulva the hairs are darker and a little coarse but on the lips they are mainly blonde.

Depends on how blonde. If you're naturally platinum it might be lighter but even as blondes you generally still have coarse vaginal hair. It's not as thick or as dark as some put it rarely is a perfect match to the hair on your head. My pubic hair, armpit hair and a moustache are all blonde despite me having black beard, black scalp hair, black eyelashes and a black UNIBROW. I created an account on this website just so I could post this very comment.

If they have very blonde hair yes. A lot of people who are blonde their hair lightens quite a bit in the sun. Unless they tan nude for hours a day their pubic hair will be quite a bit darker than the hair on their heads. Yea the carpet matches the curtains. If it doesn't that means their color comes from a bottle. No shit. Did you read what I wrote or are you just dense?

If you have fucking natural red or blonde hair the pubic hair will match. I'm asking about natural, not dye. Why the fuck do you feel the need to bring in the dye idea? Did you read what I asked or are you just dense? Based on the answers on here from some natural blondes, some do have brown pubic hair reality checked. You better get your fact straight before you say it like it's right: Sorry no.

I'm a natural blonde since birth- not from a bottle- platinum blonde until age 10 when it turned dirty blonde. Better get your facts straight before assuming a blonde is only a blonde from hair dye if she's got dark pubic hair. I have natural blonde hair. I have blonde hairy arms, but my pubes and under arm hair are black.

I dated a red head once and he said his was as red as his hair, lol. Also my hair is dirty blonde and so the hair down there matches but is a little lighter shade of blonde. Haven't been with a redhead yet but if you feel like doing an image search they are red above and below. Natural blondes usually have similarly coloured pubes. Not true at all. Redheads with have light or red pubes.

Redheads natural ones who have the pale blonde eyebrows and lashes have very white blonde pubes but may have traces of red but mostly white actually. It's way more about the eyebrows that tells the truth. My pubes are dirty blonde. I had a blonde gf and her pubic and body hair was a thin blonde color and it was basically unnoticeable.

Red heads do have fire crotches as well. In most people the brunette gene is dominant and when they mix with blondes or redheads it is very likely that most of the kids will be brunettes. No but I have blonde facial hair mixed with brown to create a strawberry color. Hahahah no, no we do not. We have light brown pubic hairs.

I'm not sure about redheads though because I'm not one, and i have never been with one.

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The stuff on my head is darker. I can tell you from experience redheads do. No, we have rainbow colored pubes. I feel like I go through phases about it. There may be a hint of red in the pubes but they are mostly closer to white mousy white.

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Sexuality Do you ever masturbate without intent to orgasm? Not trying to be creepy, I'm just curious. I feel like I go through phases about it. But I know some blonde girls with darker or even very dark pubic hair. I had to see the answer. Do you straighten your pubic hair?

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