Which Characters Do You Ship The Most Undertale Amino

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Being the figure that have been idolized by a lot of the monster including Papyrus , she is also the one , hardest boss , that i have ever ecounter in genocide mode. Either Toriel or Mettaton. Learn new strategies, find gameplay partners, and explore Undertale on a deeper level than anywhere else. Install Steam. What are the most hated countries in your country? Undertale AUs are what-if changes to the universe of Undertale.

It’s based on a game called Undertale by Toby Fox. Who is crushing on you? Let’s find out!

Pap is crushing on me!! Zuri I like art and im lazy i love puns i kill bad people. Lucy OMG papyrus likes me!!!: I got frisk! I like frisk. Yay I got papyrus yay! I got sans: UD FAN Bogi FOX Pappy is taken This quiz is a bad joke. Somehow I got sans, i am not sure how sans would feel about dating someone who wants to kill everyone he loves.

That one user This no accurate. I chose boy and the genocidesed thing I could think of and Random User I didn't want Papyrus. Global Achievements. Which out of all the characters of Undertale, do you legitmately hate the most? Showing 1 - 15 of 60 comments. Phoenix View Profile View Posts. None of them.. But also all of them. Originally posted by An Admin's Shoe:.

I don't really know why, it's just the way he appears out of nowhere constantly and completely halts progress for quite a while. Originally posted by Im thinkin about thos beans:. Alpyhs and Mettaton. For the most part, I felt Mettaton was just a plot device to extend the length of the game but at least they sort of fleshed out their character in True Pacifist.

I personally don't like Alphys because her character development is negilible and feels very incomplete. Originally posted by xonent:.

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Per page: You can judge me however you want when you read this but…. If you could marry one undertale character, who would it be? I personally don't like Alphys because her character development is negilible and feels very incomplete. He's a major and ridiculously hard boss, but in fanworks, he's often stuck in the background if he's even there at all!

Frisk Amino for Undertale:

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  2. Who is your favorite character in Undertale?
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