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Thu Sep 28, 7: This video has it all. Tube Porn Super, Heroine, Villain tags: I Found Tube You reach down to spread her legs, lifting up her skirt and sliding your fingers into her panties and finger her while you continue to kiss her and suck on her tits.

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She toys with you You watch her walk and see her beautiful legs. You are already starting to get seduced. It is one she has you follow her to the kitchen and she starts showing you her legs, crossing them and uncrossing them, when you can't seem to keep your eyes off her. She comes in close and wraps her arms around you. She seduces you into kissing her and now you know that you are hers forever.

This video has it all. Both ladies in boots and pro gear. Looking great as usual! Total non stop action. Look for every kind of submission hold. Boston crab, long figure 4, crusifex, sleepers, chin locks, back breakers, bow and arrow, backslides, stomach claw, suplexes, bodyslams, powerbombs and piledrivers. Robyn is standing by the window, waiting for Batman to arrive. She doesn't notice The Shocker walking up behind her, with a taser in his hands.

He puts the taser right up to Robyn's neck and she starts shaking uncontrollably! Once she falls down on the couch, he tases both of her nipples He lifts Robyn's skirt up, to discover that she doesn't have any panties on today. He decides to tase her pussy next, just to be extra cruel. Then he sits on the couch and moves her body on top of his.

He torments her by alternating between the left and right nipple, trying to decide which one to tase next. He ends up tasing both of her nipples, one after the either. Her last words were "Why, Robyn?! Then he lifts her entire body up and says "I've got a barrel waiting out back for you She's been ballgagged and tightly bound then hogtied onscreen to be kept out of the way.

She does lots of gag talking, trying to escape but her powers are rendered useless. Kennedy is finally helpless and continues to put up a good fight, struggling hard against her tight bonds but unable to loosen any knots. Other Formats: Full HD x HD x Batgirl comes to find Black Cat following rumors of illegal sex trafficking. It also happens that the sex trafficking she is doing is: The two heroines will fight out their disagreement and Batgirl will soon get overpowered by Black Cat.

The naughty kitten will then need to calm herself down with some masturbation after fondling batgirl but it doesn't stop there No escape. Full match at dtwrestling. HD x SD Chrissy Marie is out for a jog when on the beaten path she is stopped by an Alien. She thinks it is a little to early for Halloween but comes to realize soon that the Alien is in fact real and wants to take her to his planet for breeding.

She then begins to panic when the Alien grabs her and forces her to sleep. She struggles for a while until she can't fight him off at all.

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Tonya harding wedding night video Chrissy is then picked up by the Alien not realizing what is about to happen. Until she is saved by the noise that scares this thing off. Later on Chrissy is in her house and she knows she wasn't dreaming about what had happened to her and she is talking on the phone about it with someone close.

As she finishes up her conversation she gets off the phone and stands up. Chrissy has her back to the entrance and she begins stretching. She is surprised of the touch that comes behind her but she is sure that it is her boyfriend. Especially when the hands that touch her are removing her straps and pulling her shirt down to feel on her breasts.

She is enjoying the touch of her "boyfriend. It has made its way to weaken her. The Alien lifts her up and is ready to carry her away until another noise stops this thing from taking her. Full HD x SD American Dream teases her super fan with her amazing curvy body and dangling off her heels pov. Slow cock sucking and deepthroat until she gets a big load of cum in her mouth.

Then she keeps going with post cum torture until she thinks that he just can't take any more! Keeping her sexy nylon soles in view. Sexy Rachel Adams is Ultra Girl. Guarding a priceless painting sealed in a protective tube, waiting in a safe house for a security team from the Metro Museum. Plenty of Villains would love to get their hands on this painting from Haban Vanora sounded like a good artist name.

Ultra Girl has no idea , she is already in danger! Sending her sexy ass to dreamland. Later we hear a familiar voice, has he looks over this hot Heroine. However, he thinks Ultra Girl is just as priceless as the painting. She weakly struggles, her mind clouded, Daddy is in control. He gets a good offer for the painting.

Daddy keeps giving her the cloth. Someone would love to own Ultra Girl Wouldn't You? Daddy takes cell phone pics of her lying there helpless. Daddy wanted to sell that painting but like a shroud businessman, he knew she would sell too. Note- this was Last Sunday's update but a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Anyone get that reference? SuperGirl Luna Lain catches you in a robbery, but she's no match for your pendant induction.

Falling asleep, her head slumps and she's open to mind control. Under your command, she turns in a circle and awakens at your finger snapping. Under orders, she strips her uniform to only black knee boots and grabs her tits. She pretends to be a chicken and embarrasses herself while clucking.

Her glazed eyes don't show emotion as she spreads her legs and masturbates her clit while begging for your cock. You want to see her ass and she bends over the couch while masturbating. A few blackmail photos guarantee humiliation for this bratty super heroine.

She has even made up her own superhero costume to walk around the convention in. When her boyfriend comes downstairs to see what she's up to, he see her modeling her creation. He tells her "Lets see how super you really are! Catwoman played by Mistress Eva Cruz has captured Batman and has him strung up in her evil layer ready for a sadistic interrogation.

It seems the Batman has stolen her "Golden Floggers" and has them hidden. Catwoman starts out toying with Batman, twisting his nipples and using a cattle prod to fuck with his head. Next she grabs a wooden paddle with holes in it and beats the hell out of his ass while continuing to mind fuck Batman.

Catwoman grabs another wooden paddle, this one has sandpaper on it, she rakes the paddle across his back and nipples before waling away on his ass again. Batman tells Catwoman that the Joker has her floggers, but Catwoman tells him that she already interrogated the Joker, and he doesn't have them. Catwoman notices that the Batman's cock is sticking out of his codpiece, so she begins walking it with the paddle.

It's going to be a long night for the Batman!! Catwoman continues toying with her prey, demanding that the batman tell her the location of her "Golden Flogger", while humiliating him by slapping him around with her brass knuckle dildo. Catwoman slaps his cock and face, and pokes his ass with saying she may just have to violate his ass if he does not talk.

They don't look like much, but these things pack an unbelievable sting, as evidenced by Batman's dancing around as Catwoman unleashes them all over his body. Catwoman laughs at his suffering, saying "I'm going to make you dance, boy. Catwoman grabs him by the hips and thrusts herself into him, showing him just who is in control of this situation as she grabs and twists his nipples.

Catwoman will stop at nothing in her interrogation of the Batman, and besides, she's having way too much fun fucking him up. She starts off this scene using her floggers and grabbing his cock with her sharp nails. Still no answer as to the location of her precious "Golden Floggers", so she decides to give the Batman a vicious whipping with her long Galley whip on his back, ass, and cock.

Batman still will not talk and Catwoman is growing inpatient so in the next and final scene she breaks out her infamous bullwhip!! If anything will loosen the Batman's tongue, surely it would be the Bullwhip, Catwoman's most infamous weapon of choice!! Catwoman breaks out her eight foot bullwhip and brutally thrashes Batman, whipping his back with one intention in mind- to break him!!

She throws the whip so that it wraps around his body, lashing his chest and back over and over. Will the Batman finally break and give Catwoman the location of the Golden Floggers or will he somehow escape? Starfire Dacey Harlot of The Titans pay an unannounced visit to planet Nura, where she is greeted one of its lawgivers Courtney Cummings. Starfire, though seemingly harmless, tries the patience of her unsuspecting hostess, by asking endless questions about the planet, which seems to have no crime, whatsoever!

Annoyed by Starfire's non-stop queries, the lawgiver hands the Tamaranian princess an orb, which she claims will answer all her questions! But, instead the orb drains Starfire's powers and K. Os her! Soon, Starfire awakens, locked in the stocks The lawgiver explains that the orb actually analyzes a person's weakness, to reveal the type of interrogation technique that would work best on them!

And, in Starfire's case, it's determined that her ticklish feet would be the ideal way to handle the Tamaranian powerhouse! First, the eager alien hottie's socked feet are teased and tormented by the lawgiver's fingernails! Starfire howls and cackles, struggling in her restraints!

It gets even worse, when her socks are removed! Her tender, bare feet just can't handle this type of punishment, and the orb sits right atop the stocks, between her legs, still draining her powers! Starfire thrashes about, in a toe-wriggling, laughing fit as fingernails, a feather and brush keep her in screeching, begging, cackling hysterics!

Seems that Starfire's toes are the biggest weakness, on a pair of feet that already can't handle being tickled, so the lawgiver gives them lots of attention! The lawgiver is wary of Starfire's uninvited, unannounced arrival and wants to search Starfire's ship. All she needs to do is tickle the access codes out of Starfire, to board her vessel. Will Starfire's unbearably ticklish feet allow her to keep the access codes a secret, or is she doomed to a ticklish de-feet, at the hands of her interrogator?

Find out now! Want an awesome custom video, like this, of your own? Big thanks, to the loyal fan, who commissioned this one! Shrinker has set her sights on Wonder Woman and you are her assistant who is filming the torture and play session Dr. Shrinker likes to have with her victims the difference is usually her victims to not make it past the crushing session but WW is powerful enough to make it through even though she still feels all the pain so in the end Dr.

Shrinker keeps her as a pet for life. Home Clips Studios. Loading the player Related Categories: Megan , Jones , Megan Jones , smothering , domination , dominates , sits , face , breath , captured , wonder woman , costume , sitting , squash , Jmann.

Silk Strap on Justice. Teaching Denise the Ins and Outs of School! Denise Nice , Denice , Nice , MaskedPervert , fucking , fuked , school , girl , training , super , hero , pigtails , training , busted , pussy. Tickles From The Darkside! Movie, Vol 1 SD. Volume Bat Vs Bat mobile. Cali Logan , Sunshine Tampa , cat fight , superheroine , submission hold , challenges , female domination , hair pulling , grappling.

Goodbye Horses 4: Kendra James: Slow Cooked Supergirl. Kendra James , cosplay , gags , Macy Cartel , costumes , peril , female domination , bondage , Poison Ivy , lesbian domination , magic control , Supergirl , humiliation , struggling , fetish. Secret Identity - mp4. Women captured Best of part 2 - mp4. Women captured Best of part 1 - mp4.

With all these abilities Dragon Star is confident she ready to help when Legendary superheroine Batwoman goes missing Batwoman - Ragged and Ravished XXX p However it turns out that Dragon Star is far from ready when she finds herself facing the 99 Psychos! Alexis Rain , Maria Jade , Ginary. Movie, Vol 1 HD. Wonder Sadie Beaten and Abused. He ties her up and fondles her body as she struggles.

She is put out and l;eft sleeping. Hypnotized Schoolgirls. Ins-Fatal hypnose. Cum Addict: Cum Eating Addiction Trainer. Daughter gets caught making a video by her DAD! Remove ads Ads by TrafficFactory. Type Straight Gay Shemale. Busty Cop gets hypnotized by a pervy Magician 8 min Alison Tyler - Hypnosis on the big breast family He commenced by putting barcodes on 8 min Patthickhai - Fired Timestopped and Undressed 39 min 1.

Cassidy Klein "Hypnotized" 20 min Primal Fetish - 1. This could be you 62 min Mistressclaire - HypnoTrick Tania-hq-1 33 min Sexxmikee - k Views -. Job Interview 20 min 4M Views -. HypnoTrick Sarah-hq-1 11 min Sexxmikee - Violet Myers Seduction Plan 5 min Adultforce -

Miko comes out spunky was usual but soon our male is having his way with her as a clothesline stunns her and he body slams her to the mat, then over his shoulders the Asian beauty is thrown and soon he has her in the first of many long pins. Maledom,Male Domination,superheroine,superheroines,Humiliation,storyline,story line,Mixed Wrestling,mixed fight,Submission,froced orgasm,super hero, super heroines,superheroines porn,superheroines adult movies Info: She walked in the warehouse and look around for the bomb.

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  • Especially when the hands that touch her are removing her straps and pulling her shirt down to feel on her breasts.
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