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He also considers Astor and Cody his family; he refers to them as his "cubs", and later says that nobody hurts "his children". Harrison first appears in season 4, crying in the car while Dexter tries to calm him down. Sign Up. Debra has very little proof against Hannah and instead baits her with information about a miscarriage. While Jamie attempts to get Batista to accept him, he attempts to scare him away when she is away at dinner. He also leaves Gellar and returns to live with his sister, though Gellar continues to stalk him.

Rita loses her job when she is rude to a customer, but gets back on her feet by working as an assistant to Sylvia Prado. After the baby, Harrison, is born, Rita and Dexter move into a house together in the suburbs. Rita begins to notice a pattern of lies from Dexter, including deceiving her about the concussion he suffered in the car accident and the ownership of his old apartment.

Rita and Dexter then go to a marriage counselor, who allows them to sort out their problems and instigates peace between them. However, their neighbor, Elliot, begins to fall for Rita, kissing her and pointing out that Dexter is never home. Though she initially kisses him back, she quickly ends it before something begins. In the Season 4 finale, Rita is murdered by the Trinity Killer, leaving her son Harrison sitting in a pool of her blood.

Debra Morgan known as Deborah Morgan in the book is the younger foster sister of Dexter and biological child of Harry Morgan. Debra believed that she truly knew her father, but is unaware of the secrets he kept, especially concerning Dexter whom she sees as a true brother.

Inspired by their father's legendary police career, Debra joined the police and desperately yearned to become a homicide detective. Initially assigned to Vice, she was transferred to Homicide at the start of the first season. Being new to the job and very insecure, she largely relied on Dexter's expertise on murderers to solve difficult cases.

She falls in love with him, but is later kidnapped by him in order to be able to reveal himself to Dexter. She is bound to a table in the same manner that Dexter kills his victims, while Dexter and Brian discuss her fate. In the show, she is unconscious, but in Darkly Dreaming Dexter , she is awake and finds out that her brother is a killer.

Debra is severely affected by Rudy's betrayal; she moves in with Dexter for fear of being alone. Throughout the second season , Debra stays in her brother's apartment as she deals with the trauma of what happened, but leaves his apartment in a mess.

Debra is a key member of the police task force in charge of finding the Bay Harbor Butcher, who is secretly Dexter. She falls for an older man, Frank Lundy, the FBI agent in charge of the case, all the while improving her ability on the job. By the end of Season 2, Debra has recovered from the trauma of the Ice Truck Killer, confident as an officer, and is determined to get her detective shield.

In Season 3 , Debra has had her hair cut to shoulder length, has "sworn off men, liquor and smokes" and is even more determined to get her silver detective shield. She is working with a new partner, Detective Quinn , but has been approached by an Internal Affairs officer who tells her that her partner is being investigated as a dirty cop, but she refuses to help them.

She was originally part of the team investigating the murder of Miguel Prado's brother, Oscar, but because of her lack of tact and people skills she was removed from the case by newly promoted Angel Batista ; however, the case she had been assigned the murder of a young woman was eventually found to have been connected to the Skinner case, which she solved with the help of Anton, a C.

Because of her success on the Skinner case, she was promoted to detective at the end of the season. She is known to have a very foul mouth, and she hardly speaks a sentence without swearing. This has nearly gotten her into trouble, as she often speaks profanely to her superiors, only to realize a few seconds after. It finally got her into trouble in the third season, as a poorly timed public comment caused her to be kicked off the Freebo case.

She is also known for being easily angered and frustrated by suspects. Though she is frustrated at Dexter's inability to open up to her, she has defended him on more than one occasion. A conversation between her and Dexter leads to her finding out that her father slept with one of his confidential informants. She investigates the files on Harry's informants and interviews some of them, hoping to find the one with whom Harry had an affair.

One of the files is shown to be that of Laura Moser. Also during this time, her relationship with Anton had been breaking, especially now that he had secured a gig in the city instead of on a cruise ship.

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Extreme big black booty Soon, both she and Lundy are shot by an unknown assailant suspected to be the Vacation Killers.

In her hospital bed, she confesses to Anton that she slept with Lundy, prompting him to leave her. Lundy dies, and she eventually concludes that the Trinity Killer must have been the shooter. As a result, Debra opens an investigation on the Trinity Killer. However, it is later determined that Trinity could not have been the shooter, since her wounds from the bullet were at a horizontal line, therefore someone of Masuka's height had to be the shooter.

During a Thanksgiving dinner Debra remembers a conversation she had with Christine Hill and realizes Hill has knowledge of the shooting that no one outside the police department should possess. This leads Debra to believe that she was the shooter. This is backed up later when it is revealed that Hill is the daughter of Trinity.

Hill later confesses to Debra that she was the shooter, and proceeds to shoot herself in the head. Due to her solving the Lundy killing, Debra restarts her search for Harry's C. Doakes had killer impulses which drove him to divorce his wife, confessing that if he had stayed with her any longer, he would have killed her. Doakes instinctively hates Dexter; and is the only person in Dexter's life who can see through his mask of normalcy, Doakes suspects that Dexter is hiding something and has no reservations about telling him so.

Ultimately, Doakes realizes that Dexter is withholding vital information on the Ice Truck Killer case and his frustration drives Doakes to physically attack him, only for Dexter to expertly fight back. Doakes' friend LaGuerta tells him to back off, but Doakes begins following Dexter in secret. Doakes temporarily ends his stalking when he finds Dexter attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, supposedly for heroin addiction.

Doakes erroneously believes Dexter's dark secret is that he is a drug addict whose addiction is caused by work-related stress, Doakes tells Dexter that he has seen many policemen led down the same path. Feeling sympathetic towards Dexter, Doakes briefly leaves him alone. Doakes resumes the hunt, however, when Debra innocently reveals that Dexter does not so much as smoke.

On finding Doakes meddling in his past again, Dexter goads him into a seemingly unprovoked fight in front of the entire squad room. Doakes breaks into Dexter's apartment, and stumbles upon Dexter's blood slide collection box, and realizes Dexter's secret—that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Ironically, Doakes is by now the prime suspect in the case, thanks to Dexter's manipulation of the evidence. Doakes attempts to apprehend Dexter himself in the Everglades , but Dexter gets the upper hand and locks him in Jimenez's cabin while deciding what to do. Doakes tries to convince Dexter to turn himself in; however, Lila Tournay finds the cabin and blows it up by igniting propane tanks after finding out that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Doakes' incinerated remains are found along with the dismembered body of Jose Garza, and so the case is closed, with the official conclusion being that Doakes was the culprit. At the series' beginning, she had a sincere dislike for Debra which in later series has all but disappeared.

After the first season, however, it is suggested that she sees him more as a good friend. At the end of the first season, she is removed from command. However, Doakes is found dead in a seemingly accidental explosion along with the body of drug dealer Jose Garza, and the case is closed.

As she recovers from the trauma of Doakes' death, she leads an investigation into the murder of Oscar Prado, the brother of her ex-boyfriend, Miguel Prado. She also develops a close relationship with defense attorney Ellen Wolf, and is devastated when Wolf is found murdered. After Miguel's own murder ostensibly at the hands of The Skinner, but in reality by Dexter , she wants to find admissible evidence to prove he killed Wolf, but Dexter is able to convince her that doing so would only hurt Miguel's family and the Cuban community, and that even then there is a high chance that nothing will be proved.

Reluctantly, LaGuerta drops it. At the start of Season 4 , she is shown to be romantically involved with Angel. They keep their relationship hidden from the rest of the homicide department, aside from Dexter, who both Angel and LaGuerta confide in. Their relationship hits a roadblock when she tells their superiors about their relationship so that it cannot be used against them during a trial.

The consequence of her disclosure is a threat of reassignment; either Angel or LaGuerta will have to move out of Homicide. Deciding that their jobs are integral parts of who they both are, the two decide to end their relationship, and sign affidavits to that effect. Staying away from each other does not prove easy, however, and they begin having secret liaisons once more in order to circumvent a reprimand from higher up, and also as a result of their deepening feelings for one another, they secretly get married with Dexter as witness.

It was later disclosed that LaGuerta had blackmailed Matthews in order to become the captain. LaGuerta wanted to install Angel Batista, whom she can trust, to be the new lieutenant of homicide division, but as a payback to LaGuerta, Matthews appoints Debra Morgan to be the new lieutenant instead. Later in Season 6, when Matthews was involved in a prostitute's overdose death, LaGuerta used Debra Morgan to keep the case alive and eventually leaked the information to the police chief, who forced Matthews to retire.

It was implied LaGuerta would become the next deputy chief. At the onset of Season 7, LaGuerta finds the blood slide of Travis Marshall at the scene of his death. Remembering that this is the MO of the Bay Harbor Butcher, she then launches an independent investigation as to whether the Butcher was still active and James Doakes was innocent. Dexter, anticipating LaGuerta's move, made it look as though she was framing him as the Butcher.

LaGuerta then finds more evidence of Dexter and Debra's involvement in the death of Travis. She is eventually killed by Debra, with a shot to the chest, who finds her and Dexter in a shipping container as Dexter was trying to frame her for the murder of the killer of Dexter's mother, Hector Estrada. Batista is basically good-natured, with a dry sense of humor.

He is also totally honest, at the request of his father on his deathbed. He is also Dexter's best friend. Angel is also shown wearing a trilby hat almost all the time. After having an affair with another woman, he confesses his actions to his wife; she immediately ends their relationship, although it takes months for the painful separation to conclude.

Angel takes an interest in Lila and eventually ends up sleeping with her. However, Lila takes rohipnol and then files rape charges against Angel. During this period, Dexter admits that if he were "normal", he would want to be a man like Batista. Ultimately, the charges are dropped once Lila moves to Paris.

At the start of season 3, Batista is promoted to sergeant and made the department's new lead case investigator to replace the now-deceased Doakes. However, he risks his career by attempting to sleep with a hooker who turns out to be an undercover cop.

After persistent but gentlemanly advances, Angel begins a relationship with the other officer, Barbara Gianna. By the start of Season 4, it appears that Angel and Barbara have amicably split, and he has a romantic involvement with LaGuerta, although this is kept hidden from those they work with.

In " Hello, Dexter Morgan ", they secretly get married with Dexter as witness. By season 5 their marriage has become common knowledge throughout the office. In season 7, Batista buys a restaurant, and announces his retirement although in season 8 he still continues to work for the Miami Metro PD as a Lieutenant.

Harry Morgan is Dexter's adoptive father. When alive, he was a detective and highly respected member of the Miami Police Department. In the course of a high-stakes drug case, Harry began an illicit relationship with Laura Moser, Dexter's biological mother, to gather information and evidence on the drug lords in question.

Laura was discovered and made an example of; she and three others were executed with chainsaws in a shipping container. Her sons, Brian and Dexter, were left in the container for several days until Harry and a police team recovered them. Harry adopted Dexter, while Brian was sent into foster care. At first, Harry attempted to manage Dexter's violent urges by only allowing him to kill animals, but he eventually came to the conclusion that Dexter's pathology could not be repressed, only controlled: Harry decided to train the boy as a vigilante , to hunt and kill murderers without leaving any clues.

Dexter prized these lessons as a means to fulfill his desires with his father's approval, dubbing them the "Code of Harry". Harry's relationship with his biological daughter Debra, meanwhile, was more complicated. She craved her father's approval, but felt that he favored Dexter. When Dexter was 19, Harry fell seriously ill and gave Dexter "permission" to kill one of his nurses, who was intentionally poisoning him with morphine.

A year later, when Juan Rinez, a pimp who was murdering prostitutes , was released due to a faulty search warrant , Harry lost his temper and told Dexter he was right in training him. When Dexter killed Rinez, Harry was horrified by the way Dexter proudly showed him the pimp's dismembered body. Harry committed suicide a few days later, by overdosing on his medication.

Vincent Masuka is the Miami Metro Police lead forensics investigator and works alongside Dexter in the lab and at crime scenes. He is portrayed as obsessed with sex, often making inappropriate comments with implied sexual meanings at crime scenes ending with his characteristic laughter. The kinkier the better- he is not shy about propositioning any woman he meets.

However, he has been able to tone it down when the situation calls for it, like when Angel was in hospital, as well as calming Debra down when Lundy returned. Detective Joey Quinn even confronted him about it, stating that his comments are why nobody likes to be around him, only for Vince to harshly brush him off.

However, he seems to accept Joey's explanation when no one came to see his speech on his newly published work, for which he cleaned up his act and dressed formally, but soon returned to his former self. In the books, Dexter feels a kinship with him as, like him, he hides who he really is. In the novel as well as in the series, he sets up Dexter's Bachelor Party and kidnaps him to get him there where, in the belief that he had been kidnapped by Ramon Prado, Dexter slugged Vince in the eye just as he opened the car trunk.

However, he falls for the female Party Planner and it has been suggested they are still in a relationship. He is also shown to be greatly distraught after seeing Rita kiss another man, leading him to try to tell Dexter. In season 5 it is discovered that he has a giant tattoo of a dragon on his back. In the novels, he is the closest thing Dexter has to a friend; Dexter senses that they are both pretending to be normal, albeit for completely different reasons.

In Dearly Devoted Dexter Vince throws a large bachelor party for Dexter within a few hours of finding out about his engagement, and in Dexter in the Dark takes his role as best man so seriously that he calls in favors to hire Manny Borque, a famous caterer, for Dexter's wedding. Joseph "Joey" Quinn is a detective who transferred to the Homicide division after being in Narcotics before Season 3.

Quinn takes a liking to Debra Morgan, even giving her a C. Quinn's past is unknown and even called into question, as Debra is pressured by Internal Affairs agent Yuki Amado to gather evidence against him. Quinn got the Internal Affairs case dropped, and later confessed to Debra that the real source of the Internal Affairs investigation was from the death of a former partner of his and Yuki's who had a crystal meth addiction.

Quinn knew about the partner's addiction but tried to offer private help instead of informing his superiors. He is seen at Dexter's wedding, despite Debra's advice to Dexter against inviting him. At the beginning of season 4, Quinn is infuriated when Dexter botches a case he worked on. Soon afterwards, Dexter sees Quinn stealing money from a crime scene, and Quinn attempts to buy Dexter's friendship with expensive football tickets, but Dexter gives them away to Masuka.

Meanwhile, Quinn starts a relationship with Christine Hill, a seductive reporter who takes advantage of his access to police information. After a confidential police lead appears in one of Hill's articles, Lt. LaGuerta warns Quinn to be wary of any reporter who squeezes him for confidential information over pillow talk. Nonetheless, Quinn tells Hill about numerous police reports supposedly " off the record " , and she uses this information to expose Frank Lundy's return to Miami.

Quinn breaks up with Hill after the article about Lundy, but they soon make up. Though more careful about what he says around her, Quinn still defends Christine when Dexter tells her to leave Debra alone, as Hill claims to have wanted to do a "hero piece" on Debra.

All of this leads to Quinn developing a confrontational relationship with Dexter. After Hill, revealed to be Trinity's daughter, shoots herself, he is clearly distraught. In Season 5, he strongly suspects Rita was really murdered by Dexter and not Trinity, because of subtle differences in MO and because Rita shared a kiss with the neighbor. He also believes that Dexter was the Kyle Butler that was hanging out with Arthur.

Unable to continue, Quinn hires Stan Liddy to investigate Dexter. After a one-night stand with Debra, Quinn repeatedly tries to get her back into bed, eventually succeeding as the two begin to date, until Debra discovers that Quinn was suspended by LaGuerta for investigating Dexter, and not taking vacation days as he had said.

Liddy begins to harass Quinn but Quinn does not wish to continue investigating Dexter because of his romantic feelings for his sister, Debra. Stan Liddy was killed by Dexter in self-defense. Quinn is the main suspect because there is blood on his shoe and numerous calls between his phone and Liddy.

Dexter makes the blood evidence on Quinn's shoe go away and Quinn is once again a free man. Quinn thanks Dexter, who plays dumb and just says "For what? Just doing my job. He steals evidence that would have convicted Isaak Sirko in an attempt to win Nadia's freedom from Koshka control. However, after freeing her from her strip club job, Nadia runs away to Las Vegas leaving Quinn brokenhearted.

In the season finale he is seen having drinks with Angel Batista's sister. In the finale season Quinn lets Deb know of his returning feelings. They both resume the relationship, unfortunately Deb does not survive her brutal attack. They were able to show their true feelings before the finale boat ride.

Before this, he was a lieutenant himself, serving as superior of, and best friend of, Harry Morgan. When Harry committed suicide, apparently having burned out from witnessing too many failures in the justice system, Matthews used his influence to bury any indication of suicide, and fulfilled a promise he made to Harry to look after Dexter and Debra; which is what he has done to this day.

Matthews is portrayed as having flaws: While having originally promoted LaGuerta, he frequently clashed with her, trying to keep her focused on hunting the Ice Truck Killer correctly. Later, however, he fails to take his own advice, as, when Neil Perry was mistakenly arrested, and Matthews received all the praise, he went so far as to try to bury any evidence to the contrary.

Seeing the investigation was being jeopardized, LaGuerta revealed that several mistakes during the Ice Truck Killer case had been made, landing Matthews in a world of trouble. Due to the fact he was friends with both the police commissioner and the review board, Matthews escaped punishment and, having been personally embarrassed and wanting vengeance, Matthews laid all the blame on LaGuerta, and so gained approval to install Esme Pascal as the new lieutenant; to supervise her.

This proved temporary, however, having later seen Esme break down and regained his confidence in LaGuerta's abilities, Matthews restored her to her previous position. Matthews' latest political effort, applying for the position of deputy chief, succeeded after Matthews used the fame of successfully ending the Bay Harbor Butcher case to propel himself to that position.

Matthews did not appear in Season 3, but re-appeared in Season 4, having succeeded in being promoted to deputy chief, personally invested in the investigation surrounding Frank Lundy's death, and Debra's shooting. After LaGuerta and Batista reveal their relationship, he initially wants to transfer Batista out of Homicide to avoid complications during a trial.

Eventually, LaGuerta and Angel both agree to end their relationship to continue working in Homicide; and while accepting this, Matthews warns them that there will be serious consequences if their relationship continues. After revealing a video of LaGuerta and Batista kissing, LaGuerta calls Tom out, asking if it was because of her gender or race that he seems to have a grudge against her.

Matthews simply replies he has a grudge against her because of her arrogance. In order to circumvent a reprimand from higher up, and also as a result of their deepening feelings for one another, LaGuerta and Batista secretly get married with Dexter as witness. In the sixth-season premiere, Matthews oddly has promoted LaGuerta to captain, which many characters note as unusual.

After the ceremony, however, it is shown that LaGuerta had found a "little black book" of a brothel with Matthews' name in it, trading the evidence for her promotion. Accordingly, her promotion left the lieutenant position open, which LaGuerta attempted to secure for Batista.

However, Matthews declares Debra a more suitable candidate, being young and famous after a shootout at a restaurant in which Debra and Quinn were involved was recorded and posted online. LaGuerta and Batista both believe that he did this in vengeance, though little was proven. His prostitute-hiring tendencies leads to a call girl dead from a heroin overdose, which while not his fault, led to LaGuerta attempting to cover up the no-fault crime scene claiming the low clearance rate as unacceptable.

However, Debra continues to search after a visit from the call girl's parents, leading to her discovery of Matthews' involvement. LaGuerta used the information on Tom and betrayed him and had him forcibly retired by the board when she told them. Tom however, believed it to be Debra who sold him out but she stated she never would do that and Debra would confront LaGuerta for doing such a low tactic, knowing full well she did it for her own personal gain.

He is seen on his boat drinking scotch greeting LaGuerta as she confides her suspicion that the BHB is alive and well. Tom doesn't believe her, stating the evidence was all against Doakes, but seems to show surprise after hearing a blood slide was found at Travis Marshall's church site.

Though reluctant at first, Tom decides to help after discovering LaGuerta was the one who sold him out to the board and shows his anger despite LaGuerta stating he started it. He intends to help for his own reason for his year pension despite LaGuerta's displeasure at the prospect. As they dig into the case, they revisit the cabin Doakes died in and discover that Santos Jimenez had rented the cabin, prompting Tom to realize who he is and reveal to LaGuerta that Jimenez is responsible for Dexter's mother's death and changing Brian, Dexter's brother, into becoming the ITK.

Tom however, refuses to believe her and prevents LaGuerta from questioning him, stating he'll do it having known Dexter since he was a boy. As Tom talks personally to Dexter, he confides how LaGuerta believes he is the butcher though Dexter is able to see that Tom also believes it in some way. Dexter then tells him about a boat Doakes once had to lead him off the case which has Tom believe him.

He tells LaGuerta about this and she doesn't believe him stating she would have known if Doakes had a boat. They find a tackle box from the old cabin and find a key to a marina and, believing it to be Doakes's old boat spot, search the area and find several sheets of plastic, knives and one with degraded blood on it with Doakes's fingerprints on it.

This causes Tom to immediately believe Dexter, but LaGuerta still believes otherwise stating Dexter could have planted which is actually true it despite Tom's refusal and that Maria should move on. She says she'll keep her word and give Tom his pension and later is visited by Dexter where the two make amends for each other's suspicions. Jamie Batista is Angel Batista's sister.

Dexter hired her as Harrison's nanny, while she studies for university. Her tendency to be in scantily-clad clothing in public leads to some issues with her brother, due to their age difference. She had begun to build a relationship with Masuka's third intern Louis, a game developer. While Jamie attempts to get Batista to accept him, he attempts to scare him away when she is away at dinner.

In season 8, she begins a relationship with Joey Quinn. Despite trying to keep it a secret, her brother Angel finds out. She breaks it off with Joey after it becomes apparent that he has still not gotten over Dexter's sister Deb. Astor Bennett is the daughter of Paul and Rita Bennett. She has a good relationship with both Paul and Dexter, oblivious to the tension between the two men.

At the end of the first season, Paul is back in prison and Rita tells him that he can either explain to Astor and Cody all the bad things he had done or never see them again. During season two, Astor tries to maintain her relationship with Dexter even though he broke up with her mother. Dexter's love for Astor and Cody helps convince Rita to rekindle their relationship.

In Season 3, Astor brings out a protective streak in Dexter, in that Dexter kills a pedophile who was targeting her. He also considers her and Cody his family; in the aforementioned episode, he refers to them as his "cubs", and later says that nobody hurts "his children". Astor is the maid of honor at Dexter and Rita's wedding.

In season 4, Astor starts acting out: She and Dexter come to a peace after he promises to stop treating her like a child and admits that sometimes he is simply "dumb". Her attitude improves following this, though not by much. When he tries to become more involved with Astor's life, she often became hostile, at one point even asking "why do you hate me?

In Season 5, Astor lashes out at Dexter in anger, blaming him for the death of their mother and for raising false hope that they could be a normal family. In episode 2 she and her brother move in with her grandparents in Orlando after her mother's death.

In episode 9 of the season, Astor appears at Dexter and Rita's old home, to Dexter and Lumen's surprise, since Lumen was residing in the home at the time. She and her friend were drunk and Dexter allows her to stay there, wanting to patch things up with his stepdaughter. While initially uncooperative, when her friend's domestic abuse issues are brought to light, Dexter takes matters into his own hands and teaches Astor's friend's mother's boyfriend a lesson and drives him away.

Astor thanks him for his support, having thought that he would not want to help, and invites him into their grandparents' house. By the end of season 5, Astor is ready to agree to spending the summer with Dexter. Astor returns in season 7, episode 8, along with her brother Cody. In the books, Astor and her brother Cody are two parts of a whole, with Cody performing killings and Astor acting as a sort of mentor who watches.

Both she and her brother are kidnapped in Double Dexter , by Jeff Lindsay. Cody Bennett is the son of Paul and Rita Bennett. He has a good relationship with both Paul and Dexter, oblivious to the tension between the two men. During Season 2, Cody tries to maintain his relationship with Dexter, even though he broke up with their mother; he hides toys in his bag, forcing him to come to their home to return it, and asks Dexter to attend an oral report he makes in class.

Dexter's love for Cody and Astor helps convince Rita to rekindle their relationship. As Season 3 begins, Dexter's relationship with Cody has developed to such an extent that Cody asks him to be a speaker at his school for Parent's Day, while Dexter's presentation of himself as a blood-spatter specialist does not go well with the other kids, Cody tells him that it would have been worse if Dexter had not been there.

He also considers Astor and Cody his family; he refers to them as his "cubs", and later says that nobody hurts "his children". Cody is the ring-bearer at Dexter and Rita's wedding. Cody learns of his mother's death but does not show any hostility towards Dexter, even growing closer to him. But when Astor insists that she wants to leave Miami and live in Orlando with her grandparents, Dexter makes Cody go with his sister because he believes the bond between him and Astor is something he should preserve.

In later episodes Dexter notes that he is still talking with Cody. After Dexter dropped Astor off, he claims that Cody has gotten a foot taller since he last saw him. Cody returned in season 7, episode 8, along with his sister Astor. Cody is able to sense Dexter's "Dark Passenger".

Harrison first appears in season 4, crying in the car while Dexter tries to calm him down. His crying keeps Dexter constantly fatigued in the first part of Season 4 which in turn causes Dexter to make mistakes while practicing his "hobby". Dexter appears to care for him genuinely.

At the end of Season 4, he is found by Dexter, crying in a pool of his mother's blood, much as Dexter had been found by Harry when he was three. In season 5, Harrison is raised by Dexter, and is watched during the day, and sometimes night, by his Irish nanny, Sonya. It is a frequent concern of Dexter that there will be signs of a serial killer that will point to the baby following in his footsteps.

This is seen when the baby inflicts harm on another child similar to how his father cuts his victims on the cheek, and when his repetition of the phrase "Bye-bye" sounds similar to "Die-die. A psychologist comforts Dexter with the knowledge that the baby appears to be fine; however, Harrison shows signs at the end of the season that he might indeed follow in his father's footsteps.

By the sixth season, Harrison has grown old enough to enter preschool by the premiere. Now being babysat by Batista's sister Jamie, he does not seem to have endured any permanent psychological impact from his mother's death. He is often seen playing or being read to by Dexter, who calls him a "light" to his "darkness". Harrison undergoes an appendectomy in the fourth episode, causing Dexter to have a crisis of faith.

In season 7, Harrison is missing from a few episodes while he is staying with his half-siblings, Astor and Cody, in Orlando with their grandparents. Harrison appears to bond some with Dexter's then-girlfriend and fellow serial killer, Hannah McKay. In season 8, Dexter plans to leave Miami with Harrison and start a new life with Hannah in Argentina.

Harrison is last seen with Hannah at a cafe in Buenos Aires as she discovers the fate of Dexter. Jacob Elway, Debra's former boss, is the only living person in the finale who knows Harrison is alive and on the run with Hannah. Doris Morgan is Debra's biological and Dexter's adoptive mother. She died of cancer when Debra was Doris is seen briefly in two flashbacks in Season 1, in one seen in a picture that is replicated by the Ice Truck Killer, and in the other urging her husband to contact Dexter's biological father for a blood transfusion, [8] and again in another flashback in Season 2, suggesting that Dexter be tested by a psychologist.

Laura Moser is Dexter and Brian's biological mother. She was involved in the drug trade and had a habit of painting her fingernails in different colors. She and three others were sawed into pieces in a shipping container as her two sons watched, causing their murderous urges. She is not named in the books and no such revelation is made. Laura appears in Season 3 during two of Dexter's visions of Harry.

So here's a look back at some of most twisted, overly dramatic, or downright kinky sex scenes from the first seven seasons of the program. Dexter Morgan and Lumen Pierce: Like Dexter, she too had a "Dark Passenger," which was indulged as the pair avenged her brutal rape by helping tracking down and killing her attackers.

As expected, they became intimate towards the end of the season, immediately after stabbing one of 'em to death, which we guess happened to be particular turn-on for the character. It's sort of a quiet scene, but speaks volumes about both characters. Debra Morgan and Joey Quinn: The Living Room Getdown Dexter's aint the only one with a checkered love life, as his adopted sister Debra has had more than a her fair share of regrettable trysts, bad relationships, and weird crushes — including realizing she had romantic feelings for her bro.

Then she hooked up with fellow Miami Metro detective at the beginning of the fourth season via this impromptu get down as seen at the beginning of the glurgy YouTube montage above after she became overwhelmed with emotion while dealing with Rita's death. As with Debra's other romances, this one was plenty stormy, leading to plenty of workplace drama during her on-and-off affair with Quinn.

At least it was better than when she fell for Rudy Cooper, humble prosthetist, who in truth was Brian Moser a. The Ice Truck Killer during the first season. Dexter and Rita Bennett: The Halloween Hummer When Dexter first debuted back in , the character was very much closed off emotionally and otherwise, including his extreme abhorrence of sex because it seemed too alien a concept.

Or as he put it in one episode, "Human bonds lead to messy complications. Both characters started to evolve in regards to their sexuality as the show went on, starting off with Rita's, um Dexter and Trisha Billings: The Class Reunion Rendezvous Speaking of geek fantasies coming true, when Dexter attended his 20th high school reunion while hunting down a nefarious former classmate in the episode "Those Kinds of Things," he was accosted by another alumnus played by Kristen Miller who wanted to repay him for all the times she copied the correct answers from his tests back in the day.

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Feeling sympathetic towards Dexter, Doakes briefly leaves him alone. Her ability to take on diverse projects has set her career in motion. In later episodes Dexter notes that he is still talking with Cody. Rachel Maddow Arthur Mitchell is the main antagonist of the fourth season. Eventually, LaGuerta and Angel both agree to end their relationship to continue working in Homicide; and while accepting this, Matthews warns them that there will be serious consequences if their relationship continues. Debra has very little proof against Hannah and instead baits her with information about a miscarriage. As they dig into the case, they revisit the cabin Doakes died in and discover that Santos Jimenez had rented the cabin, prompting Tom to realize who he is and reveal to LaGuerta that Jimenez is responsible for Dexter's mother's death and changing Brian, Dexter's brother, into becoming the ITK.

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  1. In Season 5, Astor lashes out at Dexter in anger, blaming him for the death of their mother and for raising false hope that they could be a normal family.
  2. In season 8, Dexter plans to leave Miami with Harrison and start a new life with Hannah in Argentina.
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  8. Brian's death left Dexter in great pain, to the point that he began making mistakes in his killing rituals.
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