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Cappadocia / Kapadokya, Nevshehr | Tourist Information

Nevshehr, Turkey 50400


Wonderful Cappadocia / Tarihi, Turistik, Mistik, Gezilesi Kapadokya

Eco Tours Near Cappadocia / Kapadokya

Cappadocian Guide
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Goreme Kas. Uzundere cad. no:38
Nevsehir, 50180


Pictures Of Cappadocia
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Nevsehir, 50500

+90 384 341 7201

Welcome to the world of "Cappadocia Eser Travel Agency", a leading online travel agency in Turkey. A Destination Management Company we are one of key travel agents in Turkey that brings tours of "Incredible Turkey ", the country that has mystified the world for centuries. Your tour to Turkey, a colorfully diverse country, will enchant you with the beauty of its monuments, mountains & deserts. These tours to Turkey will enrich you with its culture, heritage, wildlife, flora & fauna, folklore, festivals, spirituality, philosophy and at the same time surprise you with its modernity. Turkey tours & travel packages also offers the welcoming smile of hospitable people who make it a must experience destination.

Kapadokya Balon Turu
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Göreme kasabası
Nevsehir, 50400

0 532 400 29 75

Tour Agency Near Cappadocia / Kapadokya

Artemis Cave Suites
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
Gaferli Mahallesi, Aydinkırağı Sokak, No.22 Göreme
Nevsehir, Turkey 50180

+90 (384) 271 3069

Aydinli Goreme Travel
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Aydınlı Mahallesi Aydınlı Sokak No12 Göreme Nevşehir
Göreme, Turkey 50180


Rock Valley Hostel Cappadocia
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Isali Mah, Içeridere Sok, No:4/1
Göreme, Turkey 50000


Happy Cave Travel
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
İsalı Mah. İsalı Cd. No : 15/1
Göreme, Turkey 50180


Uma agência especializada em viagens na Turquia para o público estrangeiro. Prestamos serviços de viagens e turismo, tais como, passagens aéreas e terrestres, aluguel de carros, cruzeiros, hotéis, e pacotes turísticos. Trabalhamos com público que prefere os seus serviços privados, com grupos empresariais e recebemos clientes de agências de várias partes do mundo.

Stoneland Travel Turkey
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
İsali Mah.İsali Cad No:20/A
Göreme, Turkey 50180


Cappadocia Tours and Activities. Kapadokya Turları ve Aktiviteleri

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
Müze Yolu Cad. No.2 Goreme Town
Nevsehir, Turkey 50180


HOT AIR BALLOON BOOKING AGENCY Cappadocia Balloon Booking is an independent, online booking agency that was founded to provided a once in a life time experience. We offer the most competive prices using companies which have exceptional safety records. We employ only the most highly qualified and experienced pilots, who will frequently share their local knowledge with passengers, pointing out places of interest as you glide over rugged terrain. We make the booking of a Balloon flight easy and simple for you.

Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
Orta Mahallesi, Konak Sokak, No. 7, Göreme
Nevshehr, Turkey 50180


Sato Cave Hotel is in Goreme Cappadocia, the Land of Fairy Chimneys! Sato pronouncing /SHAH.tow/ in French means Castle. It is a cozy castle-like place with easy access to everywhere, restaurants, markets, gift shops, bus station, and Sunset View Point. We book Hot-Air Balloon Tour, Green Tour (Derinkuyu Underground City, Ihlara Velly, Belisirma Village, and Selime Monaster), Red Tour (Open-Air Museum which is the UNESCO Heritage and has five underground churches with one Fresco, Avanos pottery factory, Pasabag, Devrent Valley and Urgup), Airport Shuttle, ATV, Bike, & Scooter, Horseback-riding, SPA, Turkish Hamam (Bath), and Turkish Night Show. We hope you visit Goreme, Cappadocia and have a pleasant stay at our CAVE hotel.

Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Open Air Museum Road
Avcılar, Turkey 50180


Watch videos on horseriding in Cappadocia on youtube: Professional video of horseback riding in Cappadocia: Individual video of a sunset tour from Cappadocia ranch in Göreme (Thanks for sharing, Teresa!)

Göreme Panorama
Distance: 1.2 mi Tourist Information
Uçhisar yolu üzeri Göreme
Göreme, Turkey 50180



Butterfly Balloons
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Aydinli-Orta Mah. Uzundere Cad. No:29 Goreme Nevsehir TURKEY
Göreme, Turkey 50180

+90 384 271 3010

Butterfly Balloons is our ideal boutique enterprise, created out of 20 years piloting experience in Cappadocia and around the world. Mike and I have come a long way since May 2010. After spending the last decade in the biggest balloon operators of Cappadocia, we have decided to go on as we love to do it. Instead of having more than 30 people in the baskets, we have limited the number to 16. Instead of taking-off on the same site everyday, we started to plan the take-off site according to wind direction and speed. Instead of trying to finish the flight as soon as possible, we started to give a guarantee for minimum flight durations. The 'Butterfly Way' of ballooning in Cappadocia, has also inspired a few other companies and recently, we started to see some other pilots changing their take-off site day to day. We are proud of it. In less than two years, we are number 1 on numerous travel forums, acknowledged by many guide books including Lonely Planet and, now the first choice of Rick Steves in the USA. Thank you to all our new-found friends on whose praise we are riding high. We focus on your individuality and our exclusiveness, mix it with fun and adventure, and we give you the flight of a lifetime over the stunning landscape of Cappadocia. Mustafa Turgut Pilot and Director

Turkish Heritage Travel
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Orta mah. Uzundere cad. No:29
Göreme, Turkey

(0 384) 271 26 87

Oz Cappadocia ATV Excursions and ATV Tours
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Nevsehir, Turkey 50180


Kapadokyada ki ilk profesyonel ATV Safari parkuruna sahibiz 200 cc,150 cc,125 cc. 15 HP'lik SYM,KYMCO,YAMAHA ATV'lerimizle kendinizin ve arazinin sınırlarını zorlayabilirsiniz! Aynı parkuru dolaşmaktan artık sıkılmayacaksınız. Çünkü Kapadokyanın uçsuz bucaksız Manzaralı parkurunda her defasında farklı rotaları birlikte keşfedeceğiz. Yorucu ve adrenalin dolu aktivitelerden sonra ister Parkurumuzda bulunan kafetaryamızda günün yorgunluğunu atın, isterseniz özenle hazırlanmış menülerimizden faydalanın. Bir gününüzü kendiniz için harcayın... 1500 dönüm arazi üzerinde kurulu tesisimiz çok yakın olmasına rağmen şehrin stres ve gürültüsünden uzak bütün günü hiç sıkılmadan geçirebileceğiniz bir ortam sunmaktadır. Doğayı ve macerayı seven, adrenalin dolu bir gün geçirmek isteyenler için ATV Safari haricinde Motorsiklet,Bisiklet,araba aktiviteleri de yapılmaktadır. Tur programında belirtilen saatlere göre rezervasyon yapılır. Safari sırasında kullanılacak ekipmanın tanıtımı yapılır. Ekipmanlar gruba dağıtılır. Eğitmenler tarafından verilen 5 dakika teorik ve 5 dakika araç üzerinde pratik eğitimden sonra öncü ve artçı rehberler önderliğinde 1 saat süren ATV safari turuna başlanır. Adrenalin dolu ATV Safari turu sırasında zorlu tepeleri aşacak, dere yataklarından geçecek, , hem kendinizin, hem ATV'nin sınırlarını zorlayacaksınız. Amaç tamamen doğal olan Vadi ve parkurumuzda yer alan dere ve çamur geçişleri, dik iniş ve çıkışlar, dar patikalar ve ipek yollarını kullanarak güvenli bir şekilde parkuru tamamlamaktır.

By Cappadocia World Travel Agency
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
Bilal Eroğlu caddesi no:5/a Göreme
Nevshehr, Turkey 50100


BY CAPPADOCİA WORLD TRAVEL AGENCY CAPPADOCIA By Cappadocia World Travel Agency, Cappadocia was created in 2007, registered with TURSAB Number # .... begun the activities in Cappadocia-Turkey with A class Agency Certificate and has been leading by Halil Ibrahim Dizlek. By Cappadocia World Travel Agency tries to take a role changing the real hospitality as permanent standards with its professional team in tourism sector. Although its central operational web is in Cappadocia and TURKEY, By Cappadocia World Travel believes to enlarge its web as international area too and steps necessary actions for that. By Cappadocia World Travel has been creating strong and trusted connections in the international area joining in exhibitions with its own stand and advertising during the season. Our agency operate all Turkey destination with high quality Airlines (Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Atlas Jet, Sunexpress etc.) and comfortable tour buses/cars. We trust our guests and focus their requirements to make feel at home. By Cappadocia World Travel Agency also serves following organizations; * Airline Tickets Services for Domestic and International Flights * Hotel Reservations in Turkey and International * Cultural Tour in Turkey and International * Any Kind of Outdoor Activities * Daily Tours in any Region in Turkey * Visa Process for any countries * Exhibitions, Congress, Seminars and Franchisers Meetings Organizations * Transfers from Bus Station, Train Station and Airport * Rent a Car Services * Hot Air Balloon Activities * Horse Back Riding Activities * Turkish Night Activities * Inaugural Organizations * Presentation Organizations * Charismas, Wedding, Theatre, Graduating, Festivals, Concerts, Circus, Cultural & Health, Galas, Honeymoons, Travel insurance and assists, etc.

Goreme Guide
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
müze cad
Göreme, Turkey 50180


A town with a population of 2000 in the settlement period of Goreme Fairy chimneys. In the region we see the rocks on the burial chambers from the pre-Christian era. Goreme Open Air Museum and small size of many churches in the refectory with the monks, the burial chamber, pantry and cellar, we will see. VII monasteries in the museum field. XII century. Able to watch the church until the century architecture. Flat base, barrel-vaulted, single or three apses, the central cross church built according to plan, reflecting the local style of architecture can also watch pictures of murals. Nevsehir 10 km. Goreme town of Nevsehir-Urgup-Avanos away located in the area surrounded by the valley between the triangle. Red River north, east Yeşilhisar Hasan Melendiz Mountains in the south and the west and northwest of the Cappadocia region bounded by Aksaray Kirsehir became a permanent settlement in the area since the Chalcolithic period. Hittites, Assyrians, Kaloni, Phrygia, Tabal, Med, Pars, the Sultan of Alexander, Seleucus, Byzantine, Seljuk, Karamanli and most important feature of this region, which was settled in the Ottoman period; Tuff of Mount Erciyes and Mount Hasan, wind and water erosion as a result of the extraordinary rock formations and warm in winter, summer is cool and so are places carved into the rock with the appropriate internal climatic conditions for all seasons. See, especially 7-13. Christianity through the centuries, inhabited by Christians fleeing repression has become an important center. Natural and cultural heritage of this century with the invention of the accumulation of fairy chimneys of volcanic tuff, a World Heritage Site. "Korama, Matiana, MACC and hunters' locations, the old name. First as a document of the 6th century Goreme "Korama" it has seen behalf. In this document, a saint named Korama Hieron was born in the end of the 3rd century, with his 30 friends were killed in Malatya and the mother of his hand cut off, it is mentioned that brought Korama. St. Hieronim, Goreme has a fresco in the Buckle Church in the Open Air Museum. Goreme and the surrounding Roman period Venessa (Avanos) is thought to be used as a cemetery by the public. Two columns with a large number of graves in the vicinity of Roman tombs carved into a fairy chimney in the center of Goreme revealed this opinion. In the early middle age, Goreme is an important religious center for Christians, it is a case of 11th and 13th century pontificate center. In fact, many religious buildings in and around Goreme is available. However, to date there is insufficient documentation about the construction of these structures. In this respect, dating, and if it is done by looking at the structure's architectural features frescoes.

Landscape Travel
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
İsahlı Gaferli Mahallesi Müze Caddesi 42/2-2
Göreme, Turkey 50180


Kapadokya Hayaliniz
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Göreme kasabası / Nevsehir /
Göreme, Turkey 50180


Tourdocia Travel Agency
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Bilal Eroğlu Cd. Avcılar Mh. 27/A Göreme
Nevsehir, Turkey 50180


World Of Cappadocia
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
open air museum street
Göreme, Turkey 50180


Gorgeous Travel & ATV Safari
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Avcılar Mahallesi Bilal Eroğlu Caddesi No:19
Göreme, Turkey 50180


Gorgeous Tour; Yeşil Tur , Kırmızı Tur , ATV ( QUAD Bike ) Tur , Türk Gecesi , Hamam , At Turu , Jeep Safari.

Cappadocia Exclusive Travel
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
turgut Özal Meydanı, Terminal Karşısı no:3
Göreme, Turkey 50180