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Cologne Central Mosque, Cologne | Tourist Information

Venloer Str. 160
Cologne, Germany 50823

The Cologne Central Mosque is a building commissioned by German Muslims of the Organization DITIB for a large, representative Zentralmoschee in Cologne, Germany. After some controversy, the project won the approval of Cologne's city council.The mosque is designed in Ottoman architectural style, with glass walls, two minarets and a dome. The mosque is proposed to have a bazaar as well as other secular areas intended for interfaith interactions. As the mosque will be one of Europe's biggest, it has been criticized for its size, particularly the height of the minarets.DesignThe 48000sqft mosque will cost £15–20 million to build, aiming to house 2,000 to 4,000 worshippers. The proposed mosque will be funded by Diyanet İşleri Türk İslam Birliği (DITIB), a branch of the Turkish government's religious affairs authority, bank loans, and donations from 884 Muslim associations. Cologne's St. Theodore Catholic Church has also decided to fundraise for the mosque. The architect of the mosque is Paul Böhm, who specializes in building churches.The planned mosque will be in the Ottoman architecture style. It will have a concrete and glass dome, and two 55 meter high minarets. The mosque will have the bazaar and entrance on the ground floor, lecture halls in the basement, the prayer area on the upper floor and include a Muslim library. A well is intended to be placed in the center to connect the two levels and to create a pleasant atmosphere. The mosque consists of flat-like wall screens which form a dome in the center.It will also have glass walls, which according to DITIB spokesman Alboga will give visitors a feeling of openness. According to the architect, openness is further enhanced by an inviting staircase from the street. The developers have required that the secular areas of the mosque (e.g. the restaurant, event halls and stores) be open to people of all religions.

Church Near Cologne Central Mosque

St. Pantaleon's Church, Cologne
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
Am Pantaleonsberg 10a
Cologne, 50676

The Church of St. Pantaleon is an early Romanesque church in Cologne, Germany. The church dates back to the 10th century and is one the twelve Romanesque churches of Cologne. The former monastery church is consecrated to Saint Pantaleon and the Saints Cosmas and Damian and is the oldest church of the cult of Saint Pantaleon west of Byzantium. The empress Theophanu and the archbishop Bruno the Great are buried in the church, which also contains shrines of saints Alban, the first Christian martyr of Britain, and Maurinus of Cologne. Pope Benedict XVI visited the church in 2005.HistoryA Roman villa originally occupied the hill, just outside Roman Cologne, on which the church stands. Remains of this villa are still visible in the church crypt. The villa was replaced with a church around 870 and in 955, Archbishop Bruno the Great (brother of Emperor Otto the Great) added a Benedictine abbey. Here, Bruno was buried after his death. In 966, work was begun on a new church to go with the monastery. The church was consecrated in 980.

Mauritius Kirche, Köln
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
Cologne, 50676