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Dolapdere, Istanbul | Tourist Information

Dolapdere uşşaki Sobethanesi
Istanbul, Turkey 34432

Dolapdere is a quarter of Beyoğlu district in central Istanbul, Turkey. It is surrounded by the quarters of Taksim, Kasımpaşa, Pangaltı and Kurtuluş.Sites There is a museum dedicated to the memory of Adam Mickiewicz, the 19th century Polish poet, located in the center of Dolapdere. Mickiewicz died in 1855 of cholera while visiting a military camp near Constantinople. He had come to Turkey to raise soldiers for the war against Russia by the help of Ottoman Empire as the Ottomans were known as true, brave and strong warriors. The Ottomans even helped Adam out more by giving him 50,000 of the Ottoman troops to face Russia in the battle as the Poles were not strong enough. The Dolapdere Campus of Bilgi University is located in this area.

Borough Near Dolapdere

İstiklal / Taksim
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
Istanbul, 34122

Kasımpaşa Kızılay Meydanı
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Küçük Piyale Mahallesi Kasımpaşa Kızılay Meydanı
Istanbul, 34440

Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
Istanbul, 34440


Beyoğlu Kaptanpaşa
Distance: 1.2 mi Tourist Information

Besiktas Tarihi Balik
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
Maçka Caddesi̇

Landmark Near Dolapdere

Karahan Malikanesi
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
Istanbul, Turkey 34


BABA Isitma
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
Istanbul, Turkey 34567


Galata Bridge
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
Galata Köprüsü
Bayazıt, Turkey

The Galata Bridge is a bridge that spans the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey. From the end of the 19th century in particular, the bridge has featured in Turkish literature, theater, poetry and novels.HistoryThe first recorded bridge over the Golden Horn in Istanbul was built during the reign of Justinian the Great in the 6th century, close to the area near the Theodosian Land Walls at the western end of the city.In 1453, during the Fall of Constantinople, the Turks assembled a mobile bridge by placing their ships side by side across the water, so that their troops could move from one side of the Golden Horn to the other.In the years 1502–1503, there were plans to construct the first bridge at the current location. Sultan Bayezid II solicited a design and Leonardo da Vinci, utilizing three well-known geometrical principles, the pressed-bow, parabolic curve and keystone arch, created an unprecedented single span 240 m long and 24 m wide bridge for the Golden Horn, which would have become the longest bridge in the world of that time, had it been constructed. However, the ambitious design was not approved by the Sultan.A smaller-scale version of Leonardo da Vinci's Golden Horn Bridge was brought to life in 2001 near Oslo, Norway by the contemporary artist Vebjørn Sand, the first civil engineering project based on a Leonardo da Vinci sketch to be constructed. The Leonardo Bridge Project hopes to build the design as a practical footbridge around the world, including the Golden Horn in Istanbul, using local materials and collaborating with local artisans as a global public art project. The Wall Street Journal referred to the Project as a "...logo for the nations."

Galata Tower
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Bereketzade Mh., Galata Kulesi, Beyoğlu
Istanbul, Turkey 34430

The Galata Tower — called Christea Turris by the Genoese — is a medieval stone tower in the Galata/Karaköy quarter of Istanbul, Turkey, just to the north of the Golden Horn's junction with the Bosphorus. One of the city's most striking landmarks, it is a high, cone-capped cylinder that dominates the skyline and offers a panoramic vista of Istanbul's historic peninsula and its environs.DescriptionThe nine-story tower is 66.90 meters tall (62.59 m without the ornament on top, 51.65 m at the observation deck), and was the city's tallest structure when it was built. The elevation at ground level is 35 meters above sea-level. The tower has an external diameter of 16.45 meters at the base, an 8.95 meters diameter inside, and walls that are 3.75 meters thick.There is a restaurant and café on its upper floors which command a magnificent view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. Also located on the upper floors is a night club which hosts a Turkish show. There are two operating elevators that carry visitors from the lower level to the upper levels.HistoryThe Romanesque style tower was built as Christea Turris (Tower of Christ) in 1348 during an expansion of the Genoese colony in Constantinople. Galata Tower was the tallest building in Istanbul at 219½ feet (66.9 m) when it was built in 1348. It was built to replace the old Tower of Galata, an original Byzantine tower named Megalos Pyrgos (English: Great Tower) which controlled the northern end of the massive sea chain that closed the entrance to the Golden Horn. That tower was on a different site and was largely destroyed in 1203, during the Fourth Crusade of 1202–1204.

Galatasaray (district)
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
asmalımescit sok
Istanbul, Turkey

Galatasaray is a quarter on the European side of Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, belonging to Beyoğlu district of the province of Istanbul,Galatasaray Square is located at approximately the center of İstiklal Avenue and is home to the oldest secondary school in Turkey: the Galatasaray High School (Galatasaray Lisesi), originally known as the Galata Sarayı Enderun-u Hümayunu (Galata Palace Imperial School). Galatasaray S.K., one of the most famous football clubs of Turkey, was established in 1905 by the students of this school. The "50th Anniversary of the Republic" (1973) monument at Galatasaray Square was sculpted by Şadi Çalık.EtymologyGalatasaray literally means "Galata Palace".