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PHI Clinic, London | Tourist Information

102 Harley Street
London, United Kingdom W1G 7JB

020 7034 5999

PHI Clinic is a state of the art cosmetic clinic that houses the most advanced cosmetic procedures in the most luxurious setting at 102 Harley Street. Founded by Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr Tapan Patel, PHI Clinic is home to an international team of the most respected and talented cosmetic surgeons and doctors. Specialising in innovative surgical procedures and non-invasive alternatives, with a strong emphasis on laser and skin rejuvenating treatments, PHI sets the bar for a new breed of advanced anti-ageing clinics that offer the most effective and safe treatments alongside a five star service. Set over four floors, the clinic comprises of 2 surgical theatres and recovery suites, 5 laser rooms, 3 clinical rooms and a unique training academy where doctors and cosmetic brands from around the world can learn or showcase the best practices in aesthetics. PHI Clinic was inspired by the Greek word PHI, which represents the golden ratio – a precise mathematical calculation that is said to be the key to divine proportion and aesthetic beauty. PHI has been used to great effect throughout history in art and architecture and is often at the heart of what we perceive to be natural beauty. “Our Underlying dream was to create a Centre of Excellence and the Best Aesthetic Clinic in the UK. 102 Harley Street has been completely rebuilt to the highest specification, we use the best products, we use the best devices, we have the best people working here. We want to give our patients the perfect patient journey right from their first phone call. We want our patients to be as well-informed as possible. We want their treatments to be not only the best treatments possible but also conducted in the best premises. In terms of the surgical and non surgical team, we have really looked at people that are really excelling in their field.” - Dr Tapan Patel Best Clinic in the UK: Historically Harley Street has been the pinnacle for establishing a clinic. There are aspects of 102 Harley Street that simply take my breath away. What started off as a pipe dream and drawings on the back of a piece of paper have now been realised in bricks, mortar and corian. Really for me and the team, the journeys have just begun because opening the clinic is the easy bit. What we are now going to work on is creating and maintaining the highest standards to become the best clinic in the UK. We hope to leave our patients with: A sense of exhilaration, and an experience that can not be recreated anywhere A feeling of absolute care, dedication and perfection irrespective of who they are or what they have had done.”

Dermatologist Near PHI Clinic

London Allergy and Immunology Centre
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
1 Harley Street
London, W1G 9QD


Allergy is our speciality! Our Consultants: Allergy, Immunology Paediatric Allergy and Immunology, Dermatology. In our clinics we see patients with asthma, hay fever, food allergy and intolerance, drug allergy, venom bee/wasp allergy, skin problems Our adult and paediatric allergy consultants can continue immunotherapy injections (allergy shots) for adults and children who visit UK from following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, USA, Canada, Australia New Zealand and some others Please e-mail in advance, We can also help to make arrangements to receive immunotherapy and caonsultaions in countries of our Global Excellence Network of Allergy and Immunology Centres

The London Dermatology Centre
Distance: 0.1 mi Tourist Information
69 Wimpole Street
London, W1G 8AS

+44 (020)7 467 3720

The London Dermatology Centre is run by leading dermatologists. The Team at the London Dermatology Centre are experts in their chosen fields and offer you their services at the highest professional levels

Enhance at Harley Street Ltd
Distance: 0.0 mi Tourist Information
77 Harley Street
London, W1G 8QN

+44 20 7935 9995, +44 7904 872109

Founded by proprietor Ms P Pattni a highly experienced private medical, cosmetic and aesthetic practitioner, renowned in the heart of Europe's well known medical district on Harley Street, London. With over 11 years experience, Enhance @ Harley Street’s expert medical team and cosmetic aestheticians offer the safest and most up to date technology in all non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, providing the best private care with a personal touch. Providing professional treatment for: Advanced Laser Hair Removal using a Class IV Medical Laser Vein Removal - Facial & Leg Pigmented Lesions Microdermabrasion Peels Dermaroller Prescription Facials Laser Rejuvenation Skin Tightening Deep Scar Revision Wrinkle Correction & Hyperhidrosis (Botox) Dermal Fillers All with the utmost discretion, delivered with a superb pre and post patient treatment care package.

Cedars Dermatology
Distance: 0.1 mi Tourist Information
16 Devonshire Street
London, W1G 7AF

0207 307 7467

Cedars Dermatology is a collective of private consultants who treat skin, hair and nail problems in adults and children of all ages.All our doctors also hold substantive consultant posts within the UK NHS, are on the General Medical Council Specialist Register for Dermatology and are members of the Royal College of Physicians. A team of dedicated allied professionals support the doctors to provide you with a comprehensive range of medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology care from modern facilities in central London.Cedars has access to the latest technology and research allowing us to be at the vanguard of dermatology. We look after all types patients and have expertise in catering for the particular needs of international clientele. Our overseas affiliates give us global reach to help you with your on-going care.We look forward to welcoming you at one of our clinics to help you with any skin concern

Cosmetic Facial UK
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
102a Cleveland Street
London, W1T 6NT

01277 669564

Cosmetic facial UK(CFUK) provides variety of non-surgical procedures in the field of skin rejuvenation. we are anti-aging specialists and our service is focused on pausing the process of aging skin. CFUK provides the following services in the field of Facial Aesthetic: 1- Plasma Rich Platelet(PRP or Dracula face) 2-facial contouring using the latest technology and material in enhancement of facial skin 3- Lip plumping and shaping by injecting fillers 4-micro-needling and derma roller 5-facial peels 6-Injectables-dermal fillers 7-Facial rejuvenation of upper and mid‐face with Botulinum toxin and fillers 8-reducing or eliminating Stretch marks 9- dermatologic disorders like acne, rosacea, cellulitis, skin tags, Moles, senile keratosis 10- special cosmetic procedures like: double chin reduction by non-surgical methods, bingo wings, crow's feet, dark circles around eye, eye special rejuvenation, tear through

The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
144 Harley Street
London, W1G 7LE

0845 154 3260

The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic offers consultations and treatment by Dermatology Consultants for both adults and children. We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails and are specialists in skin cancer. Our dermatologists are qualified in dermatology, skin surgery and medicine and are all hospital-based consultants.

Dr Daniel Glass
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
144 Harley Street
London, W1G 7LD

020 3282 0011

Marylebone Clinic at Harley Street LTD
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
Harley Street
London, W1G 7LD


Local Business Near PHI Clinic

Baby Dior - London
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
6 Harriet Street
London, United Kingdom SW1X 9JW

0044 (0) 207 823 2039

“I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful“. Christian Dior.

Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
8 Harriet St
London, United Kingdom SW1X 9

+44 (0) 20 7235 3969

Russell & Bromley
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
77 Brompton Road
London, United Kingdom SW3 1DB

Topshop (Knightsbridge)
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
70 Brompton Road
London, United Kingdom SW3 1ER

Mexican Consulate
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
8 Halkin St
London, United Kingdom SW1X 8QR

+44 (0) 20 7235 6393

Massimo Dutti
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
71 Brompton Rd
London, United Kingdom SW3 1

+44 (0) 20 7225 4780

Ted Baker
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
London, United Kingdom SW3 1DB

020 7589 5399

Let Ted tantalise you with his latest selection of Women’s & Men's fashion. His irresistible line-up of brand new styles is packed with must-have designs.

Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
16 Sloane Street
London, United Kingdom SW1X 9NB


The Tanning Shop
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
19-21 Pavilion Rd
London, United Kingdom SW1X 0HD

+44 (0) 20 7245 6677

Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
193 Sloane St
London, United Kingdom SW1X 9


Louis Vuitton
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
87-135 Brompton Road
London, United Kingdom SW1X 0

020 7399 4055

Inside Buckingham Palace
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA
London, United Kingdom

Singapore Embassy
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
9 Wilton Crescent
London, United Kingdom SW1X 8

+44 (0) 20 7235 8315

Romanian Embassy 1 Belgarve Sq.
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
1 Belgrave Sq.
London, United Kingdom

Middlesex Guildhall
Distance: 1.6 mi Tourist Information
Parliament Square, LONDON, SW1P 3BD
London, United Kingdom SW1P 3BD

The Middlesex Guildhall is the home of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. It stands on the south-west corner of Parliament Square in London.HistoryThe location in Parliament Square was the site of the belfry of Westminster Abbey and it was used as a market from 1750 to 1800. The justices of the City and Liberty of Westminster took it over and an octagonal guildhall with a Doric portico was constructed by Samuel Pepys Cockerell in 1805. In 1889 Westminster became part of the County of London, outside the county of Middlesex. In the division of property between the Middlesex and London county councils, the guildhall at Westminster went to Middlesex in exchange for the Middlesex Sessions House in Clerkenwell. A neo-Tudor guildhall was constructed on the site in 1893 by F. H. Pownall.The current building was built between 1912 and 1913, designed by J. S. Gibson, in what Pevsner called an "art nouveau gothic" style, and decorated with medieval-looking gargoyles and other architectural sculptures by Henry Charles Fehr. The county council and the Middlesex sessions were abolished in 1965 and the Guildhall continued to be used by the Greater London Quarter Sessions. After the abolition of the Quarter Sessions it was used as a Crown Court centre.

Matthew Parker Street
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
4 Matthew Parker Street
London, United Kingdom SW1H 9NP

Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
56-58 Brompton Road
London, United Kingdom SW3 1

+44 (0) 20 7581 5682

34 Queen Anne's Gate
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
34A Queen Annes Gate
London, United Kingdom SW1H 9

Fratelli Rossetti
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
196 Sloane St
London, United Kingdom SW1X 9QX


Graff Diamonds
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
11 Sloane St
London, United Kingdom SW1X 9NB

+44 (0) 20 7584 8571