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The Courtauld Gallery, London | Tourist Information

150 Strand
London, United Kingdom WC2R 0RN

+44 (0)20 7848 2526

Discover our world-famous collection of paintings, drawings and decorative arts. Ranging from the Middle Ages to the 20th century the collection is displayed in the elegant surroundings of Somerset House. The Courtauld is best known for its outstanding Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, including celebrated works by Monet, Renoir, Degas and Gauguin as well as a major group of paintings by Cézanne. Visitors can enjoy iconic masteries such as Manet's 'A Bar at the Folies-Bergère' and Van Gogh's 'Self-Portrait with Badaged Ear.'

Art Gallery Near The Courtauld Gallery

Hotel Elephant Gallery & Studios
Distance: 1.6 mi Tourist Information
5 Spare Street
London, SE17 3EP

Hotel Elephant was established in 2009 as a not for profit company to provide space for arts and culture in Southwark. Since then Hotel Elephant has provided over 57,000 square foot of space across 6 'meanwhile' use property in the Elephant and Castle. Spare Street is a new street dedicated to Creative Enterprise in the Elephant and Castle of workspace and a public space across five railways arches. Hotel Elephant will create workspace for 80+ Emerging Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs including recent graduates, local micro business and growing creative businesses. Spare Street has been named by Hotel Elephant after the artist Austin Osman Spare who lived, worked and exhibited in the area from the early 1900’s until his death in 1956. Hotel Elephant has secured funding for the project from Mayor of London through the London Regeneration Fund and from Southwark Council’s Arts and Culture Grant fund. Spare Street sees Hotel Elephant establishing the first permanent Creative Enterprise Hub in the Elephant and Castle - Our mission is to establish Spare Street as a destination which celebrates and encourages Creative Enterprise and Artistic production in Southwark.

Creative Sparkworks
Distance: 1.3 mi Tourist Information
157 Lambeth Walk
London, SE11 6EE


Creative Sparkworks is a community arts charity based in Lambeth, London. We use mosaic, ceramic and textiles/fashion skills in our in-house and outreach programs around London. We work with a diverse range of participant groups, including: children & young people, young people in the criminal justice system, people in the mental health system, and older adults. We also deliver accredited courses including Arts Award, AQA and GCSE. We aim to improve wellbeing and to promote inclusion and rehabilitation through our creative workshops. We are also co-founders of the North Lambeth Time Bank.

ArteLia Contemporary Art and Consultancy
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
68 Vincent Square
London, SW1 2NU ArteLia gallery founded in 2008 in central London primarily focusing on Eastern European non conformist artists but later expending its expertise into international contemporary art to widen the scope of work with collectors. ArteLia Consultancy is independent and discreet art consultancy for private individuals and corporate clients. We are based in London and Monaco but working internationally. The initial consultation will involve finding out about client’s requirements and expectations. We will talk about the specifications, subject matter and value of the required piece and discuss the surroundings in which the artwork will be displayed. Our team will often visit the space in situ to have a better understanding of the project and plan the next steps of collaboration.

The Dentist Gallery
Distance: 1.3 mi Tourist Information
20 Rochester Row
London, SW1P 1BT


The Dentist Gallery provides high quality, state-of-the-art comprehensive dental care that is designed to meet all of your smile needs, delivered in the most stylish and luxurious décor combining a great experience through music, art and innovative dental care. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible. At The Dentist Gallery we have worked hard to create a dental experience with a difference. It's a break from the norm. Through our interactive web-site patients can book appointments, make inquiries, visit our art gallery and even choose their favourite playlist for their upcoming dental visit. Come in and see what makes us unique!

Distance: 1.0 mi Tourist Information
'Old Paradise Yard' 20 Carlisle Lane
London, SE1 7LG


IKLECTIK is a creative space dedicated to the support of experimental contemporary art . We hope to create a laboratory where inter-disciplinary lines can overlap to create projects that address social, political, cultural and critical issues. IKLECTIK is open to collaborative projects such as workshops, lectures, panel discussions, screenings, sound & music events, performances and readings to catalyse education, growth and transformation for the local community and the greater public. IKLECTIK is an engine for bringing the creative elements in a focused environment for the arts and social development.

Borough Road Gallery
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
103 Borough Road
London, SE1 6

020 7815 5737

Make Space Studios
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Newnham Terrace

020 7928 5677

Orso Major Art
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
19 Lower Marsh
London, SE1 7RJ

+44 (0)7958 760 424

Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
Arches 228-232 Station Approach Road
London, SE1 8SW

020 8983 5459

Proud to be a part of House of Vans, at The Wall SE1 we aim to provide a space for all to sit, relax, recharge, energise, fraternise and generally enjoy themselves; whether for a quick pit stop or a leisurely morning, The Wall's team will provide. The Wall SE1 was set up in as the food and drink operation within House of Vans London, which opened August 2014. It provides food and drink for skaters, member of the public, for the array of events that take place within the space, and for special guests like the Foo Fighters, to Tony Alva, to Julian Casablancas, to Christian Hosoi. Inspired by the New York brunch scene and London life, we’ve created a menu to showcase American style with British ingredients and flair. We hope to share our love of big flavours, seasonal ingredients, lip-smacking and finger-dripping dishes with you. We plan to do this alongside cookery classes for kids (our very own 'skate 'n bake') and anything we can think of that will engage the members of our HOV community.

Gallery 223
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
Lower Marsh
London, SE1 7

Gallery 223 has been established to represent artists who deserve the stage, in a venue we know you will find unique and rewarding. As you will discover, it may be the antithesis of the white wall contemporary gallery but the art itself comes alive in this exceptional space. We want to retain a balance between those with a passion for collecting art and those with a genuine interest in following the arts. As such, the gallery will run by appointment throughout the week, and strictly by very limited invitation only, to events and exhibitions. Please don’t let this deter you from contacting us as we will ensure that everyone who wants to be involved will be. Beyond the Gallery we will bring cultural experiences to Gallery 223 through regular exhibitions, events and an Arts Club. Gallery 223 has been created by local businessman, Dennis Geary who has opened several art ventures in the area and contemporary british artist Tom Leamon. Art advisor Sonia Chamberlain brings many years experience to the Gallery. We look forward to welcoming you to Gallery 223.

Leake Street Tunnel
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Leake Street
London, SE1 7NN


Graffiti Tunnel
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Leake Street
London, SE1 7NN

Ceri Hand Gallery
Distance: 1.0 mi Tourist Information
6 Copperfield St
London, SE1 0EP

020 7633 0918

Ceri Hand Gallery History Ceri Hand Gallery was established in May 2008 by Ceri Hand, in a converted warehouse in the docks area of North Liverpool, in response to the lack of commercial galleries in the city. The gallery launched on 4 July 2008 with a group exhibition These Living Walls of Jet, relocating to London in March 2012 to a temporary space at 71 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, WC2 (opening with Mel Brimfield: Between Genius and Desire) and finally moving to 6 Copperfield Street, SE1, in February 2013, (opening with Juneau Projects: The Infocalypse Stack). The last exhibition at Copperfield Street was Eleanor Moreton: Tales of Love and Darkness, which closed on 12 April 2014. The galleries ethos was to support artists at crucial stages of their career in the development, production and promotion of new work, staging ambitious exhibitions on and offsite. At the time of closing in 2014 the gallery represented the following artists: Henny Acloque, Mel Brimfield, Samantha Donnelly, Matthew Houlding, Doug Jones, Grant Foster, Sophie Jung, Hannah Knox, Juneau Projects, Rebecca Lennon, Jen Liu and Eleanor Moreton. Other artists represented during the gallery’s lifespan included Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, S Mark Gubb, Mimei Thompson, Bedwyr Williams and Petros Christostomou. The gallery delivered over 38 exhibitions across the Liverpool and London sites, which included: - Eleanor Moreton: Tales of Love and Darkness, 14 Mar – 12 Apr 2014 - Samantha Donnelly: Rubbernecker, 31 Jan – 01 Mar 2014 - Charlie Billingham: Tender, 07 Dec 2013 – 18 Jan 2014 - Sophie Jung: Learning About Heraldry, 01 – 30 Nov 2013 - Hannah Knox: Buff, 20 Sep – 26 Oct 2013 - Summer Fete: AGGTELEK, Henny Acloque, Diana Ali, Kjersti G. Andvig & Lars Laumann, Sam Ayres, BAZ, Charlie Billingham, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Oliver Braid, Jonny Briggs, Mel Brimfield, Helen Brown, Edwin Burdis and Heather Phillipson, Agnes Calf, Fiona Chambers, Nina Coulson, Calum Crawford, Adrian Dannatt, Anita Delaney, Deuce Deuce, Todd Diciurcio, Dominic from Luton, Samantha Donnelly, Alex Farrar, Grant Foster, Robert Foster, Patrick Galway, Paddy Gould and Roxy Topia, Susie Green, Julia Hayes, Catherine Herbert, hobbypopMUSEUM, Matthew Houlding, Kevin Hunt, Helena Hunter, Candice Jacobs, Ned James, Jasmine Johnson & Alice May Williams with Rachel Pimm, Amy Jones, Doug Jones, Harminder Judge, Sophie Jung, Sam Keogh, Jonathan Kelham, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Hannah Knox, Rebecca Lennon, Jen Liu, Rachael Maclean, Gemma Marmalade, Dominic Mason, Andrew Maughan, James McLardy, Sarah Messenger, Eleanor Moreton, Liz Murphey, Hannah Perry, Nathaniel Pitt, Juneau Projects, Bernd Reichert, Liam Richardson, D J Roberts, Pierre-Robert, Matt Rowe, Assunta Ruocco, Jamie Shovlin, Emily Speed, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Sam Treadaway, Sam Venables, Ricarda Vidal, John Walter, Cecilia Wee, Matt Welch, Welch/Whitaker, Bedwyr Williams, Jen Wu, Yangjiang Group. A special gallery stall will be run by ESP (Extra Special People), Eastside Projects and Grand Union (Birmingham), 17 August 2013 - Implausible Imposters: Jonathan Baldock, Mel Brimfield, Grant Foster, Sophie Jung, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Jen Liu, Bedwyr Williams, 12 Jul – 10 Aug 2013 - Fresh Trauma: Gabriele Beveridge, Edwin Burdis, Benedict Drew, Angus Fairhurst, Rebecca Lennon, Chooc Ly Tan, Shana Moulton, Heather Phillipson, 24 May – 29 Jun 2013 - The Everything and Nothing Problem: Angus H Braithwaite, Olivier Castel, Beth Collar, Chloe Cooper, Mary Hurrell, Rebecca Lennon, Louisa Martin, Francesco Pedraglio 25 June 2013 - Bedwyr Williams and The Starry Messenger, Collateral Event at the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia 2013, 1 Jun – 24 Nov 2013 - Henny Acloque: Life After Magic, 12 Apr – 11 May 2013 - Juneau Projects: The Infocalypse Stack, 22 Feb – 23 Mar 2013 - Matthew Houlding: The Oceanic, 11 Jan – 09 Feb 2013 - Eleanor Moreton: I See the Bones in the River, 17 Nov– 15 Dec 2012 - Bedwyr Williams: Dear Both, 08 Oct – 03 Nov 2012 - S Mark Gubb: Third from the Sun, 31 Aug - 29 Sep 2012 - Mel Brimfield: Between Genius & Desire, 13 Jul - 18 Aug 2012 - Henny Acloque: Lugar de Culto, 13 Jan – 28 Feb 2012 - Notes Towards A Supreme Fiction: Damien Hirst, Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Maggi Hambling, David Hockney, Oskar Kokoschka, Yayoi Kusama, Henri Matisse, John Baldessari, Henry Moore, John Virtue, Therese Oulton, Pablo Picasso, Paula Rego, Victor Pasmore, Albert Irvin, Bridget Riley, Julian Trevelyan, Gordon House, Anthony Gormley, Bill Jacklin, Graham Sutherland, Keith Coventry, John Piper, Patrick Caulfield, Ceri Richards, Jim Dine, Allen Jones, Julian Opie, Mimmo Paladino and Joe Tilson, 25 Nov - 16 Dec 2011 - Jen Liu, John Baldessari: Six Colorful Tales: From the Emotional Spectrum (Women), 16 Sep - 22 Oct 2011 - Memory of a Hope: Andrew Graves, Angus Braithwaite, Anthony Shapland, Antoine L'Heureux, Bedwyr Williams, Clare Kenny, Dan Ford, Doug Jones, Eleanor Moreton, Elizabeth Rowe, Geraint Evans, Grant Foster, Henny Acloque, James Ireland, Jen Liu, Joseph Welden, Juneau Projects, Kim Rugg, Louise Bristow, Mary Griffiths, Matthew Houlding, Mel Brimfield, Mernet Larsen, Nevan Lahart, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Peter Harris, Rebecca Lennon, Riccardo Baruzzi, Rita Sobral Campos, Samantha Donnelly, Simon Faithfull, S Mark Gubb, Stuart Edmundson, Tamy Ben-Tor, Tessa Power, Vicky Wright, 05 August - 03 September 2011 - Samantha Donnelly: Shoulder to Shoulder, 03 Jun - 23 Jul 2011 - Juneau Projects: 3 Megabytes of Hot RAM, 08 Apr - 21 May 2011 - Doug Jones: Lares et Penates, 14 Jan - 19 Mar 2011 - Rebecca Lennon: We are Stuck Here Together, 28 Oct - 28 Nov 2010 - Black Hole Hums B Flat: Henny Acloque, Mel Brimfield, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Samantha Donnelly, S Mark Gubb, Matthew Houlding, Doug Jones, Juneau Projects, Rebecca Lennon, Jen Liu, Eleanor Moreton, Bedwyr Williams, 11 Oct - 14 Nov 2010 - Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson: No Sign of Helicopters, 17 Sep – 17 Oct 2010 - If You Can Hold Your Breath: Sarah Bowker-Jones , Karen Cunningham, Alex Farrar, Melissa Jordan, Pesce Khete , Elizabeth McAlpine, and Rachel Niffenegger , 17 Jun – 15 Jul 2010 - Eleanor Moreton: Im Wartezimmer, 9 Apr - 22 May 2010 - Spasticus Artisticus: Jota Castro (FR/PE), Andres Bedoya (BO), The Bruce High Quality Foundation (USA), Graham Dolphin (UK), Rainer Ganahl (AT), Kate Gilmore (USA), Goldiechiari (IT), S. Mark Gubb (UK), Patrick Hamilton (CL), Ciprian Homorodean (RO), Simona Homorodean (RO), Rebecca Lennon (UK), Alban Muja (KO), Abigail Reynolds (UK), Guy Richards Smit (USA), Mauro Vignando (IT), Charlie Woolley (UK): curated by Christian Viveros Faune & Jota Castro,15 Jan – 28 Feb 2010 - Samantha Donnelly: Sheer Sliver, 12 Nov – 20 Dec 2009 - Bedwyr Williams: Nimrod, 17 Sep – 25 Oct 2009 - Henny Acloque: A Dressing, 2 Jul – 8 Aug 2009 - Matthew Houlding: Sons of Pioneers, 09 Apr 22 May 2009 - S Mark Gubb: My Empire of Dirt, 15 Jan – 28 Feb 2009 - Jen Liu: DRASTIC MEASURES, UNKNOWN PLEASURES, 30 Oct – 30 Nov 2008 - Mel Brimfield: Waiter waiter, there's a sculpture in my soup, 18 Sep – 19 Oct 2008 - Doug Jones: Inservi Deo et Laetare, 16 Aug –11 Sep 2008 - These Living Walls of Jet: Henny Acloque, Craig Atkinson, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Petros Chrisostomou, Martyn Cross, Samantha Donnelly, Hayley Lock, Eleanor Moreton, Rebecca Stevenson, Mimei Thompson, 4 Jul – 2 Aug 2008 The gallery actively contributed to developing a market for artists in the UK through establishing partnerships with organisations such as Contemporary Art Society, NSPCC, Bentley, Royal Academy, Contravision and The Collective, delivering a challenging, dynamic programme of education events. The gallery attended art fairs in Basel, Rotterdam, Cologne, Barcelona, New York, London and Manchester and artist’s work was placed in UK and international museum and private collections, including the Zabludowicz Collection, the British Council Collection, Government Art Collection and the Arts Council Collection. The gallery worked in partnership with artists to co-curate group exhibitions, live events and to publish limited edition prints, books and catalogues, examples are archived and available through the following website link: The gallery and artists received regular reviews, including Art Review, Frieze, Art Forum, Modern Painters, Art Monthly, The Guardian, The Observer and The Art Newspaper. The gallery was supported by Paul and Jean Henry. Staff included Ceri Hand, Hannah Pierce, Lucy Johnston, alongside many wonderful interns, photographers, contractors and technicians.

Embassy Tea Gallery
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
195-205 Union Street
London, SE1 0

Premier Inn London Southwark Tate Modern
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
15 Great Suffolk Street
London, SE1 0UE

0871 527 9332

Modern, classic, pop or surreal? Whatever your style, Premier Inn London Southwark (Tate Modern) puts you in the thick of things - with all star attractions of central London just a stroll away.

Unit 24 gallery
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
20 Great Guildford Street
London, SE1 0FD

Unit24 is a gallery created in response to the changing face of the world of art and it is fiercely independent – not beholden to institutions, funding bodies or the art establishment. Yet it sits close to the heart of the art world – literally a stone’s throw from the Tate Modern. It recognizes the intersection of art and commerce – hence it bases itself in a location that has a ‘real’ business attached to it. Unit24 presents intersection of fine art and other visual disciplines – design, photography, performance and film. All activities of Unit24 Gallery are operated by Unit24 LCC California. All shows and events will be organized by this company. Please contact us via email regarding bookings or events we can organize for you.

Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
The Mall
London, SW1Y 5AH

020 7930 3647

Southbank Centre
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
Belvedere Road
London, SE1 8XX


Hello, and welcome to the official Southbank Centre Facebook page. Keep up to date with our latest news, forthcoming events and festivals and please feel free to comment and review as we love to hear what you think. Southbank Centre includes: › Royal Festival Hall › Hayward Gallery › Queen Elizabeth Hall › Purcell Room › Saison Poetry Library

ICA Gallery
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
The Mall
London, SW1Y 5AH

+44 (0) 20 7930 3647

Mall Galleries
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
The Mall
London, SW1

020 7930 6844

Central London's leading gallery celebrating contemporary visual arts through a lively and diverse programme of exhibitions and events

Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre
London, SE1 8XX

+44 (0)20 7960 4200

Opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1968, it is an outstanding example of sixties brutalist architecture and is one of the few remaining buildings of this style. It was designed by a group of young architects, including Dennis Crompton, Warren Chalk and Ron Herron. The Hayward Gallery is named after the late Sir Isaac Hayward, the former leader of the London County Council.

One Church Street Gallery
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
Exhibiting in London galleries, at art fairs and online
London, HP4 3DU


Representing work by emerging, established contemporary and well-known modern artists

Rachel MK Photograpphy
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
London, Prs 7910


Snap Shot5
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
London, en


Martin Creed at the Hayward Gallery
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road
London, SE1 8XX


Museum/Art Gallery Near The Courtauld Gallery

The Household Cavalry Museum and Shop
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
Horse Guards, Whitehall
London, United Kingdom SW1A 2AX

0207 930 3070

Visit the Household Cavalry Museum to learn about the British Army's two senior regiments, The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals, and see their working stables through a large glass screen. Visit our website for opening times and our online shop.

Hayward Gallery at Southbank Centre
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
Belvedere Road
London, United Kingdom SE1 8XX

+44 (0)20 7960 4200

'One of London's most important spaces for displaying contemporary art, the Hayward Gallery is housed in an austere 1968 building that is both equally loved and derided by the majority of Londoners. Whichever camp you fall into, you'll agree that it makes an excellent hanging space for the blockbuster exhibitions it puts on.' (Lonely Planet) Hayward Publishing - Publishing beautiful books on contemporary art. In collaboration with Hayward Gallery and the Arts Council Collection.

Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre
London, United Kingdom SE1 8XX

+44 (0)20 7960 4200

Opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1968, it is an outstanding example of sixties brutalist architecture and is one of the few remaining buildings of this style. It was designed by a group of young architects, including Dennis Crompton, Warren Chalk and Ron Herron. The Hayward Gallery is named after the late Sir Isaac Hayward, the former leader of the London County Council.

Rachel MK Photograpphy
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
London, United Kingdom Prs 7910


ANKH Wellbeing Centre
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
10 Adelaide Grove
London, United Kingdom W12 0JJ


Proto Cultures Art
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
High Elm Rd
London, United Kingdom BS484PX


Sluice Art Fair
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank
London, United Kingdom SE1 9PH

Two Temple Place
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
2 Temple Place
London, United Kingdom WC2R 3BD


Two Temple Place is one of London's hidden architectural gems; an extraordinary late-Victorian mansion built for William Waldorf Astor in 1895. Our winter exhibition programme showcases publicly-owned museum and art gallery collections from outside London. We will be open to the public for our next exhibition from January-April 2017 with Sussex Modernism: Retreat and Rebellion. Exhibitions are free and all are welcome! Our beautiful building is available for private hire and hosts a wide array of spectacular bespoke events, including dinners, drinks receptions, weddings and parties. Two Temple Place is part of The Bulldog Trust. Registered charity number 1123081.

London Transport Museum
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
Covent Garden Piazza
London, United Kingdom WC2E 8

020 7379 6344

Prince Henry's Room
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
17 Fleet St
London, United Kingdom EC4Y 1AA

020 7353 1190

Prince Henry's Room is situated on the first floor at the front of No.17 Fleet Street, London. The house is one of the few surviving buildings in the City of London dating from before the Great Fire of London in 1666. It is a Grade II* Listed Building.HistoryThe site was once owned by the Templars, but after the dissolution of the Order of St John, the building was rebuilt in 1610 and became a tavern called Prince's Arms. This coincided with the investiture of Prince Henry, son of James I, as Prince of Wales. During the 17th century, the house was known as the Fountain Inn and was visited by Samuel Pepys on 14 October 1661. He wrote "In the afternoon Captain Ferrers and I walked abroad to several places; among others, to Mr.Pim's my Lord's tailors and there he went out with us to the Fountain tavern and did give us store of wine." On 28 November 1661, Pepys wrote "to the Fountain tavern and there stayed till 12 at night, drinking and singing, Mr.Symons and one Mr.Agar singing very well. Then Mr.Gauden, being almost drunk, had the wit to be gone; and so I took leave too" During the early 19th century a famous exhibition "Mrs Salmon's Waxworks" was held in the front part of the house, whilst the Tavern continued in the rear. The house became the property of the London County Council in 1908 with the aid of a contribution from the City Corporation. It later passed to the City of London Corporation, which administers the property now.

Dr Johnson's House
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
17 Gough Square
London, United Kingdom EC4A 3DE

020 7353 3745

Hunterian Museum, London
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
Royal College of Surgeons, 35- 43 Lincoln's Inn Fields
London, United Kingdom WC2A 3PE

020 78696560

John Hunter's collection was purchased by the government in 1799, and given to the Company (later The Royal College) of Surgeons. The collection formed the basis for a museum constructed as part of the new Royal College of Surgeons of London's building on the south side of Lincoln's Inn Fields. _____________ Hire the Hunterian: In the evening this fantastic space can be hired for your private event. Ideal for drinks receptions, pre-dinner drinks and canapés, or an intimate networking event; the Hunterian Museum will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your guests. For further information, please call the events team on 020 7869 6702 and quote FB13 for 15% off your first event.

Sir John Soane's Museum
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
13 Lincoln's Inn Fields
London, United Kingdom WC2A 3BP


Welcome to the Facebook page of Sir John Soane's Museum. Sir John Soane, R.A., architect, was born in 1753, the son of a bricklayer, and died after a long and distinguished career, in 1837. Soane designed his house to live in, but also as a setting for his antiquities and his works of art. After the death of his wife (1815), he lived alone, constantly adding to and rearranging his collections. Having been deeply disappointed by the conduct of his two sons, one of whom survived him, he determined to establish the house as a museum to which ‘amateurs and students’ should have access. The Museum is a building of outstanding originality, with its picturesque vistas and inventive handling of light and space. He filled it with a remarkable collection of art, sculpture, books, drawings and models. The collection includes paintings by Hogarth, Canaletto, Turner and Reynolds; antique sculpture; plaster casts; architectural models and an Egyptian sarcophagus. The objects are arranged in a labyrinth of top-lit spaces, decorated with hundreds of mirrors.

Joseph Fine Art
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
49 New Oxford Street
London, United Kingdom WC1A 1BL

+44 (0) 207 240 6799

Specialists in works by Andy Warhol, Bambi, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Robert Indiana and Roy Lichtenstein. With a huge inventory of works available to view at our 2 storey gallery space in the heart of London it's well worth a visit - we have everything listed on our website and more!

BT Archives
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
BT Archives, Holborn Telephone Exchange, 268-270 High Holborn
London, United Kingdom WC1V 7EE

020 7440 4220

BT's history is effectively the story of communications services in the UK and across the world. Our heritage is a fascinating weave of stories of corporate development and individual endeavour, of public service and private enterprise, of invention and technological innovation. It stretches from the birth of the electric telegraph in the 1830s, through state ownership and the reintroduction of competition, to the explosion of the Internet and the rise of Broadband Britain. BT Archives preserves the heritage of British Telecommunications plc and its predecessors from the dawn of telecommunications. Records produced before the date of privatisation are classed as public records under the Public Records Acts, 1958 and 1967. BT Archives undertakes the company's statutory responsibilities under these acts to preserve and make available public records to members of the public after 30 years, and for this purpose has been appointed an "official place of deposit for public records" by the Lord Chancellor. BT Archives is also approved by The National Archives National Advisory Services as meeting their standard for archives repositories. Access information The public search room is open every Tuesday and Thursday, 10.00am - 4.00pm by appointment except for public holidays and on occasions when scheduled events are occurring. There is limited seating in the search room and visitors arriving without an appointment may not be admitted. Book an appointment by e-mailing [email protected] We are unable to undertake research on behalf of customers. Important security information for visitors: First-time visitors are required to bring with them photographic and suitable proof of address identification. This also applies to customers who have visited us before the introduction of these arrangements. We regret that visitors unable to meet these conditions cannot be admitted. Our house rules: Please do - Tell us what you think of the BT Archives Facebook Page posts you read - Add your comments under the right wall posts/tabs to avoid confusion - Use the Help tab to post questions about your BT services. Please don’t - Post personal information, including account, bank contact details. - Use profanities, racist, sexist, abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or deliberately inflammatory language. - Post the same comment multiple times or post any adverts. Please also see our Terms of Use ( and also our Privacy Policy (

Paul Stolper Gallery
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
31 Museum Street
London, United Kingdom WC1A 2HH


The Cartoon Museum
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
35 Little Russell Street
London, United Kingdom WC1A 2HH


Crossway Foundation
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
5 Southampton Place
London, United Kingdom WC1A 2DA

+44 (0) 2034056347

The Crossway Foundation is a UK-registered charity delivering arts and education initiative for young people in the UK and the Middle East. The Foundation focuses on delivering international creative journeys for young people, as well as running art workshops and educational activities for the public.

Contemporary Ceramics
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
63 Great Russell Street
London, United Kingdom WC1B 3BF

0207 242 9644

Contemporary Ceramics Centre is a retail gallery showcasing the best of British studio ceramics. Situated opposite the British Museum, the gallery has an annual exhibition program featuring national and international artists. With a regularly changing display, it is always possible to see and buy a wide range of work from functional tableware to individual collector's pieces.

Simon Oldfield Gallery
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
By appointment only. Bloomsbury Square
London, United Kingdom WC1A 2

07970 719692