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Tristan's Light House, Blackpool | Tourist Information

19 Lytham Road
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 6DU

01253 342713 0r 07850424684

Multi-light sensory/play rooms can help stimulation for anyone, all kids and adults welcome. We offer excellent service for your child's imagination. Some of the things we offer in our rooms are: UV lights Glow in the dark Music Sensory toys Funky seating Seating for all ages Bubble tubes Ball pool UV carpet And much more.. Also great for special needs: ADHD, AUTISM, DOWN SYNDROME, CEREBRAL PALSY, LEARNING DISABILITIES, EDWARDS SYNDROME, can also help CARES/PARENTS, or with STRESS/ANXIETY, (Sensory box with toys/aids to help relaxation on request) Qualified pediatric persons available. First tea, coffee or juice on us with group booking, Free parking (limited) (Carer/parent MUST stay with children at all times) So come on down and enjoy our Deep Sea room, Jungle room or our Space room. Pictures are up on our page so take a look. Visit: Call: 01253 342713

Arts and Entertainment Near Tristan's Light House

Pepsi Max Big One
Distance: 1.2 mi Tourist Information
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool, FY4 1EZ

Brace yourself for The Big One, Pleasure Beach biggest, fastest, scariest coaster will have you shaking in anticipation and screaming in delight. At a towering height of 235 ft it holds the crown as one of Europe's tallest rollercoasters offering three adrenaline packed minutes of coasting.

Distance: 1.3 mi Tourist Information
Highfield Methodist Church
Blackpool, FY4


Classes taught by Cou-Cou: ~are enormous fun ~boost self-confidence ~improve communication & social skills ~enhance creativity & imagination ~encourage friendship & promote teamwork ~provide a happy & supportive environment for all children and young people We guide the young actors to step into the story, take on the characters, and bring the imagined world to life! Cou-Cou is all about having fun and learning skills that can help build confidence and communication skills. Drama gives young people the chance to find a role that allows them to express their emotions, escape their alienation and help see the creative capacity in themselves and those around them. It's a gift!

Pleasure Beach Resort, Blackpool
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
Watson Road
Blackpool, FY4 1

Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
South Shore
Blackpool, FY4 4EP

07841656615 / 01253697388

Sugarcane candy & Northwest mascot hire
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
South shore


Wild Mouse (Pleasure Beach Blackpool)
Distance: 1.0 mi Tourist Information
Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Blackpool, FY4 1

0871 222 1234

The Wild Mouse is a Wooden roller coaster located at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool in Blackpool. Opened in 1958, it's one of only 5 remaining wooden Wild Mouse coasters left in the world and is held in very high regard as one of the finest and most extreme examples of Wild Mouse coasters.HistoryBegun in 1955, both the design and construction of the Wild Mouse was done entirely in-house by the Pleasure Beach. Designed by Frank Wright and opened in 1958 it was the first major ride to be built at the Pleasure Beach since World War II.The ride was subsequently modified in 1960s by the Velare Brothers (the originators of Sky Wheels and Space Wheels). The top circuit preceding the switchbacks, containing a big drop and a shallower dip, was added making the ride about 1/3 longer. Apparently this change was inspired by a similar alteration of the Velare's Wild Mouse at Nu-Pike in Long Beach, California.Ride Layout & ExperienceThe Wild Mouse is by far the smallest of the "adult" coasters at the pleasure beach. The ride itself is packed into more-or-less a cube, bar one turn which pops out over the busy foot path below. Unlike most versions of this type of ride, passengers sit one in front of the other, in tandem.From the station, two 90 degree turns lead to the lift hill. Half way up this, the car passes underneath another part of the track, so close that it is quite easily possible to reach up and touch it. At the top comes the first of many 90° "near miss" turns, as the car nearly ploughs straight into the turret of the nearby Ghost Train. Trim brakes are present just before the next turn, which leads to the first drop; however, these are rarely used. Even if the brakes are working, the car launches itself into the steep first drop, with the proximity of the structure giving a real feeling of speed.

Ripleys Believe it or not, Blackpool.
Distance: 1.0 mi Tourist Information
Pleasure Beach Resort
Blackpool, FY4 1EZ

Stageworks Worldwide Productions
Distance: 1.0 mi Tourist Information
525 Ocean Blvd
Blackpool, FY4 1EZ

01253 342427

Pasaje del Terror Blackpool
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
525 Ocean Boulevard, Casino Building, Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool, FY4 1

01253 406618

Pasaje Del Terror is an interactive and realistic horror experience. Interactive walk through horror show with live actors. The most famous characters from the horror genre come to life within the confides of The Pasaje Del Terror to produce a unique, terrifying venture where the public become .... THE VICTIM! A theatrical setting arranged into 20 sets and with around 18 actors lurking in the darkness. This, combined with a wide selection of FX (sound, lighting, etc.) helps to create an absolutely compelling environment. Pasaje del Terror is an extraordinary experience in which groups of around 8-10 people embark on a terrifying journey, without any guide, through a labyrinth of hair-raising shocks and surprises.

The Globe Theatre Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Pleasure Beach, Ocean Boulevard
Blackpool, FY4 1EZ

01253 341 707

Passage of Terror!
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Casino Building, Ocean Boulevard.
Blackpool, FY4 1

01253 406618.

High Jinx Magic & Illusion Show
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Walker Street
Blackpool, FY4 1

Adrenalin Zone, Blackpool
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
South Pier
Blackpool, FY4 1BB

01253 298080

Blackpool Lights.
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Blackpool, FY1 2

Grosvenor Blackpool
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
the sandcastle,promenade
Blackpool, fy4 1bb

01253 341222

The Velvet Coaster Wetherspoon
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
501-507 South Promenade
Blackpool, FY4 1BA


Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
300 Lytham Road
Blackpool, FY1 6EY


Escape Blackpool is a new, fun, challenging Live Escape game. Based just off the promenade at 300 Lytham Road our games are designed for teams of 2 to 5. With 3 rooms in operation we can accommodate groups of up to 15. We put you and your team mates in a mysterious themed room and give you 60 minutes to escape. Your team must find clues, solve logic puzzles and break codes to gain your freedom. By working as a team you will greatly increase your chance of success.

The Excelsior
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
Lytham Rd
Blackpool, FY1 6EU


Fun friendly pub, fantastic atmosphere with friendly staff, Entertainment every Fri & Sat, showing all major live sporting events, HD big screen, 3 fantastic floors with snooker & pool tables, dart board, Social/members cards available offering fantastic discounts, Free members draws every week with cash prizes to be won

Distance: 0.0 mi Tourist Information
26 Lytham Road
Blackpool, FY1 5


RETRO INK - tattoo studio
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
203 Central Drive
Blackpool, FY1 5

01253 423100

Blackpool Red Arrows Show
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
Blackpool, FY1 5BQ

The Bubble Football Experience
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
Score - Fylde Rugby Club

07989 096070

Bubble Football is a game just like regular football where players are trapped in a giant bubble from the waist up. A growing craze which takes the beautiful game to a whole new level has arrived in Blackpool – and be warned, it is not for those lacking a sense of humour! This action-packed game see's 8 - 12 players encased in a bubble-like inflatable balls who are encouraged to bounce into each other as they fight for possession of the ball. Play Bubble Football indoors or outdoors on our state of the art 4G pitches across the coast

Central Club Blackpool
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
76 Kent Rd
Blackpool, FY1 5

01253 751725

Erdington Road
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
30 Erdington road
Blackpool, fy1 5eg

Central Pier Waltzers blackpool
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
The Promenade, FY1 5BB Blackpool, United Kingdom
Blackpool, FY1 5

01253 623422

A waltzer in motion, an operator spins the cars A waltzer is a fairground ride that consists of a number of cars which are free to spin individually while rotating around a central point like a carousel. The floor of the ride is not flat and the cars lift and fall gently as the ride spins, the weight of the riders causing each car to rotate. Sometimes an operator will ride the platform and spin the cars by hand providing a more intense ride. Because of the combination of the ride spinning and the spinning cars, large varying g-forces are perceived as the spin of the car lines up with the rotation of the carousel and at other times opposes it. Most amusement parks and carnivals require the rider to be at least 42 inches tall unless accompanied by an adult.[citation needed] Reasons for this include that a small child might otherwise be thrown out onto the waltzer platform, causing serious injury or death, and may not be able to hold on sufficiently tight to avoid this. The travelling fairground waltzer are controlled by an operator in the central booth of the ride. This operator controls the speed and the duration and also, some versions can rotate both ways where as traditional waltzers turn clockwise. Often, the assistants will stand on the rotating floor of the ride and spin the cars by hand. There will be no queue as such, with would-be riders gathering around the edge of the platform, and finding themselves a seat when the ride stops. Waltzers, originally have 10 cars. However several ARK rides have been converted into a waltzer, therefore 9 and 11 car variations can be found. The cars on a waltzer can spin both ways, with the help of an operator pushing the cars around to enhance the spinning sensation. Sometimes, these cars have brakes that automatically come on when the safety bar is open. Some (more common in the Scottish region) waltzers have individual brakes in each car that is operated by an individual lever on the platforms. However some modern waltzers have a complex braking system that stops each car, automatically facing outwards for easy loading. Waltzers are common at travelling funfairs, but less common at static amusement parks. At the latter, there are often differences in the operation, such as an organised queue system and ride controls located away from the ride platform. It is also unusual for amusement park Waltzers to have staff on the moving platform spinning the cars during the ride. Add Education and Work Information Edit Likes and Interests Activities

Jokerz bar
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
93 Central Promenade
Blackpool, FY1 5AA


Central Pier Showbar
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
Blackpool, FY1 5

01253 623422

The Old Time Portrait Studio
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
Central Pier
Blackpool, FY1 5BB


Welcome to the wonderful world of old time photography where in just a few minutes you will be transported from the 21st Century back to the 19th Century, during which time you will be dressed in authentic period costumes, handle authentic period props and have your photo taken in the style of an early portrait. Here at the Old Time Portrait Studio, located on the famous Central Pier at Blackpool, we have over 650 costumes, hats and accessories to accommodate any size of customer from young children right up to XXL. We also have the expertise and historical know how to ensure that your photograph will be as authentic as possible. Our studio is staffed by professional photographers and costumiers who have spent years honing their craft and who truly enjoy their profession. They will make sure you enjoy your visit to our studio as much as they enjoy helping and advising you. We have a wide range of themes available including Victorian, Military, Gangsters and Western Saloon. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we are sure we can accommodate your every need. Please note that we can accommodate infants from 7 - 9 months old due to costume size and camera interaction. Please telephone if you are planning to visit with a large group - 12+ - due to limited set space and costume availability. Large groups can take over an hour so please allow sufficient time to enjoy your experience.

Landmark and Historical Place Near Tristan's Light House

Blackpool South railway station
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
Waterloo Road
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY4 2


Blackpool South railway station serves the suburban south of the popular seaside resort of Blackpool, Lancashire, England. It is the terminus of the South Fylde Line from, though most services run through from Colne. It lies only a short walk from Blackpool Football Club's stadium at Bloomfield Road. The station is managed by Northern, who operate all trains serving it.HistoryThe station was originally called Waterloo Road when it opened in 1903, at the junction with a newly built express Marton Line direct from Kirkham. It had four platforms (two for each line at the junction) and soon became a busy station. Until November 1964, the line extended north from here to Blackpool Central. There were extensive sidings to accommodate the many excursion trains which came to Blackpool.The Marton Line closed to regular traffic in 1965; its track bed is now the road called Yeadon Way and the M55 motorway.The station continued to handle through trains from Manchester, Liverpool and London until 1970, when these were all diverted to Blackpool North at the other end of town. It was then reduced to local status only, although it kept its signal box, two working platform faces and double track until 1982. The box was notable in that it was located on the opposite side of Waterloo Road bridge from the station and so could not see the tracks & platforms it controlled, instead being surrounded by the disused railway land once occupied by the main line & aforementioned sidings. After the line was singled west of St Annes and the box was abolished, all trains used the former northbound platform and continue to do so to the present day.

Blackpool Tower Events
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
The Blackpool Tower
Blackpool, United Kingdom fy1 5bj


The Blackpool Tower is one of Britain’s best loved landmarks. Our iconic venue opened in 1894, where the first visitors stood in awe of the remarkable design, immense scale and ornate decorations. Even today, as attractions have evolved and developed within the Blackpool Tower, visitors are astounded by the remarkable World Famous Attraction’s unarguable wow factor. To get the chance to stage an event in such a prestigious iconic landmark is very rare indeed. Yet thanks to a dedicated and professional team and awesome venue settings that opportunity now exists, here at the heart of the UK’s most popular seaside destination. It can often be difficult to find the “feel good” venue suitable for your requirements. Whether it is a corporate event, conference or sporting tournament, The Tower has some stunning rooms for you to choose from which will exceed your greatest expectations as our venues are transformed into something quite spectacular and awe inspiring.

Slots Of Fun
Distance: 0.2 mi Tourist Information
185-191 The Promanade
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 5BH

07860 209617

Located on the World Famous Golden Mile on Blackpool Promanade, Slts Of Fun has a range of games to suit the whole family! Check out Blackpools only Kentucky Derby, 50p 1 Race, or 3 races for £1! With prizes available from 1 win only, or save up for that extra special prize! Try your skill on the cranes, to snag the soft toy you want! We've got Minions, Peppa Pigs, Frozen Toys and Much more! Our 2P pushers can keep the kids entertained for hours, with plenty of key rings and sweets to be won! Our burger bar, which is open daily within the season, is home to Britains Cheapest Hotdogs, 50p each with FREE ONIONS AND SAUCE! So what are you waiting for? Come on down for a great day out at Slots Of Fun Blackpool!

Madame Tussauds Blackpool
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
85-89 Promenade
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 5B

+44 (0) 871 282 9200

Official Madame Tussauds Blackpool Facebook page. Step onto the red carpet and mingle with your favourite TV stars, then go to the locker room and meet your favourite sports stars getting ready for their next game. Then, why not hop on stage with the biggest pop stars before helping TV's crime fighters to solve the latest case? Experience all this and much more at Madame Tussauds. You'll find us on the Promenade, right opposite Central Pier.

Star Trek: The Exhibition
Distance: 0.4 mi Tourist Information
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 5AA

0844 844 0444

Star Trek: The Exhibition hits The Golden Mile in Blackpool from 30th June. Reconnect with your own spirit of adventure and boldly go this summer! Experience Star Trek as never before in this extraordinary exhibition marking the 50th Anniversary of the most enduring science fiction franchise in history. Follow the journey of Star Trek from the very first TV broadcast in 1966, through all 6 television series and 12 feature films. With a replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise bridge, original props, costumes, models and sets, the exhibition brings together a unique collection of genuine and original Star Trek artefacts.

Blackpool SEA LIFE centre
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 5AA

0871 423 2110

Coral Island Blackpool
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
Central Drive
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 5BD

01253 293133

Cala Gran Caravan
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
Cala Gran
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY7 8JY


The Blackpool Tower
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
The Promenade
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 4


The Blackpool Tower is the home of five great attractions where you can go from the depths of The Blackpool Tower Dungeon right up to the heights of The Blackpool Tower Eye. The Blackpool Tower first opened to the public on the 14th May 1894 and has provided over 120 years of family fun since. The Blackpool Tower plays host to the following attractions: • The Blackpool Tower Dungeon – travel through 1,000 years of Lancashire’s horrible history! • The Blackpool Tower Circus – join Mooky and Mr Boo as they clown around! • The Blackpool Tower Ballroom – become lost in a world of elegant charm and beauty! • Jungle Jim’s – let the children burn off that excess energy in the UK’s ultimate indoor adventure playground! • The Blackpool Tower Eye – discover stunning panoramic views, complete with a 4D cinema experience!

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Bank Hey Street
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 4BJ

01253 622242

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is a uniquely thrilling attraction that'll take you back to the past's most horrible bits. See, hear, smell and feel the city’s darkest stories as they come to life before your eyes. As you are taken back in time, you’ll come face-to-face with frighteningly funny characters, from Torturers and Judges to ruthless smuggler Captain Johnson and the infamous Pendle Witch. Choose your allegiance and decide if you are loyal or be denounced as a traitor in the Wars of the Roses. As you listen to the characters’ stories, you'll feel yourself drawn into another world, where the boundaries between reality and the past blur. Be warned - as you make your way through the Dungeon, surprises are lurking in the darkness and will keep your senses on high alert as you anticipate what's waiting around the next corner…

Comedy Carpet Blackpool
Distance: 0.7 mi Tourist Information
Blackpool Promenade
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY1 4


The Comedy carpet Blackpool is part of the major regeneration of Blackpool’s Promenade. The Comedy Carpet in Blackpool was commissioned by Blackpool County Council. Part of a £4m grant from the CABE’s Sea Change programme. There are over a 1,000 famous comedians and comic writers featured on the Comedy Carpet Blackpool. There are catchphrases, jokes and songs that are now cast in granite outside Blackpool Tower with its stunning glass viewing platform and 4d Cinema.