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University of Cambridge, Cambridge | Tourist Information

The Old Schools, Trinity Lane
Cambridge, United Kingdom CB2 1

+44 (0)1223 337733

College and University Near University of Cambridge

Clare College Sports Ground
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
Bentley Rd,
Cambridge, CB2 8AW

01223 356045

E&D, University of Cambridge
Distance: 1.3 mi Tourist Information
25 Trumpington Street
Cambridge, CB2 1QA

EF Cambridge
Distance: 1.6 mi Tourist Information
221 Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 8RN

+44 (0) 1223 240020

With 400 schools and offices in over 50 countries around the world, EF has helped over four million international students to make their dream of studying abroad come true.

EF University Preparation Cambridge
Distance: 1.6 mi Tourist Information
221 Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 8RN

The Great Hall - Homerton College
Distance: 1.5 mi Tourist Information
Homerton College, Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 8PH

01223 747218

HCMS - Homerton College Music Society
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
Homerton College, Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 8PH

As well as recitals by individuals and small ensembles (held weekly in Homerton's Paston Brown Room or Macaulay Room), HCMS provides larger termly concerts of orchestral, choral, and a cappella music. These also provide opportunity to showcase the college's prized steel pan band, Pandemonium. Recent concerts and recitals have included performances by The University of Victoria Philomela Women's Choir, violist Hung-Yu Chen, pianist Harry Ogg, and The Successors, an in-demand a capella group of students of Cambridge University. HCMS now offers membership at a cost of £5 for one year. Benefits include highly-discounted or free entry to concerts, an annual HCMS Members' Meal, and entry to the HCMS Garden Party. Payment is possible as either cash or cheque; unfortunately, we currently are unable to accept card payments. Feel free to contact our Membership Officer (Jonathan Huse) for more information: [email protected] (Youtube) (Twitter) @HCMS_music

Homerton College, Cambridge
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
Homerton College
Cambridge, CB2 8PH

01223 747111

A page for our alumni, students, staff, and fans from around the world! Homerton has one of the most unusual and fascinating histories of all the Cambridge Colleges. Its first premises were acquired in London in 1768 – making 2018 the 250th anniversary of Homerton’s foundation – although its origins go back to the late seventeenth century. In that time Homerton has educated alumni of considerable influence; including prominent dissenting thinkers, educationalists, politicians, and missionary explorers. We have always had strong ties to public service as well as academia. With around 600 undergraduates, 800 graduates, and 90 Fellows, it is now the largest College in terms of student numbers in Cambridge. You can also follow us on twitter:

National Extension College
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
The Michael Young Centre, School House, Homerton Gardens
Cambridge, CB2 8EB

01223 400200

With over 100 home study courses, NEC has something to offer everyone. Whether you want to further your career, take your life in a new direction, or simply explore a new interest, then look no further – we are the college that comes to you.

Abbey College Cambridge
Distance: 1.3 mi Tourist Information
Homerton Gardens
Cambridge, CB2 8EB

+44 (0) 1223 578280

Since our establishment in 1994 we have welcomed students to the college from over 30 countries around the world. At Abbey Cambridge we are a community of ambitious staff and students who strive for excellence in all we do. Our students work hard to achieve the best possible exam results and many go to the top five Universities in the UK. Our teachers are friendly, professional, caring and experts in their fields of learning. We have over 25 clubs and activities; such as basketball, table tennis, golf, horse riding, drama, choir, art and many more. Our boarding provision was ranked as Outstanding in all five areas by the Government body Ofsted; our students feel happy and safe.

Faculty of Education Graduate Community
Distance: 1.4 mi Tourist Information
184 Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 8PQ

+44 (0)1223 767600

This page has been set up by the Higher Degrees Office for all our Graduate students. If you have any queries or suggestions, or if you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you!

Cambridge History of Art and Architecture Graduate Seminar Series
Distance: 1.0 mi Tourist Information
Graduate Centre, 4a Trumpington Street

Graduate Research Seminar: 'Art & Travel'. Organisers: Julien Domercq & Tom Young The ‘cultural’ or ‘visual’ turn in imperial history and the now ubiquitous influence of post-colonial theory across the humanities reveals a substantial scholarly interest in the cultural histories of globalisation. Whilst somewhat nebulous notions of ‘hybridity’ and ‘cultural negotiation’ have become common parlance in this scholarship, this seminar series invites speakers to discuss the theme of ‘travel’ – an issue of longstanding interest for art historians concerned with explaining stylistic and cultural exchange – and in doing so centre their discussion on the quantifiable movement of specific individuals, objects and ideas. We welcome papers on topics across historical periods and geographic regions which seek to explore the experience and methods of travelling artists and patrons, their frequent role in pioneering scientific, geographic, and ethnographic knowledge, and the crucial way their artistic output shaped perceptions and understandings of different cultures. We also hope that speakers will explore the various ‘social lives’ and travels of visual and material objects, alongside the ideas and technologies mobilised by these geographic trajectories.

Cambridge University Press - Mathematics
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
Shaftesbury Road
Cambridge, CB2 8RU

01223 325916

Homerton College Cambridge
Distance: 1.0 mi Tourist Information
Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 8

01223 507111

Old Hall, Queens' College
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
Queen's College, Silver Street
Cambridge, CB3 9ET

01223 335592

The Railyard, Cambridge
Distance: 1.1 mi Tourist Information
Station Road
Cambridge, CB1 2JH

0151 707 2666

The Railyard in Cambridge allows you to match your student accommodation to your lifestyle. Stephenson and Telford both combine shared student flats with studios and have a younger, livelier vibe, while Brunel is made up of studio apartments and is perfect for post-graduates or final year students. Currently our shared flats are held for 1st year students, however our range of contemporary studios are available to all. Make your student housing experience the right one with The Railyard in Cambridge. For more information about our Summer Lets, go to:

MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences, 15 Chaucer Road
Cambridge, CB2 7EF

The Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit ( A leading cognitive neuroscience institution based in Cambridge UK, with a mission to improve human health and enhancing our understanding of cognition. Formerly the Applied Psychology Unit, the CBU is funded by the Medical Research Council and is home to well over 100 scientists, visitors and PhD students.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
1 Brookside
Cambridge, CB2 1

01223 336265

The Cambridge University Botanic Garden is a botanical garden located in Cambridge, England associated with the university Department of Plant Sciences (formerly Botany School). It lies between Trumpington Road to the west, Bateman Street to the north and Hills Road to the east, and is close to the Cambridge railway station on the other side of Hills Road. The Department of Plant Sciences, lies to the north closer to the city centre on the Downing Site.The garden covers an area of 16 hectares (40 acres). The site is almost entirely on level ground and in addition to its scientific value, the garden is highly rated by gardening enthusiasts. It holds a plant collection of over 8000 plant species from all over the world to facilitate teaching and research. The garden was created for the University of Cambridge in 1831 by Professor John Stevens Henslow (Charles Darwin's mentor) and was opened to the public in 1846. According to the garden's own statistics there were more than 200,000 visitors in 2011.

Owlstone Croft
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
Owlstone Rd, Owlstone Croft Residences
Cambridge, CB3 9JJ

+44 (0) 1223 741272

Pembroke College Sports Ground
Distance: 1.0 mi Tourist Information
Granchester Road
Cambridge, CB3 9ED


Bellerbys College Cambridge
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
Bateman Street
Cambridge, CB2 1LU

+44 1273 339300

Bellerbys College Cambridge is a truly international college. We have welcomed students from over 120 countries in over fifty years of operation. You will join a warm and friendly community in which you will feel valued and respected and make new friends. The help and support we provide will ensure that your stay at Bellerbys will be a very happy and successful one.

Cambridge Muslim College
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
14 St Paul's Road
Cambridge, CB1 2EZ


The mission of the College is to develop Muslim faith leadership through world-class education, training and research based on a genuine dialogue between the Islamic intellectual tradition and the ideas and circumstances of the modern world. This is a response to the urgent need for leaders and thinkers capable of articulating and enacting the positive role Muslims and Islam can and should play as part of modern, multi-cultural British society and the world as a whole. The College runs a Four-Year Programme in Contextual Islamic Studies and a one-year Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies & Leadership. It also offers short courses and is developing online learning.

Embassy English Cambridge
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
8 Grange Rd
Cambridge, CB3 9DU

01223 311344

Embassy English has 40 years’ experience of providing students with quality English language courses and great experiences in amazing locations around the world. Embassy has helped over half a million students to learn English.Some of them needed it for their job, some for their studies. Others just loved the language. But they all had one thing in common - they immersed themselves in an English-speaking country and learned a lot more than just grammar! You'll find Embassy schools in America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. We offer the courses you need, from a short 'top-up' of your language skills to an intensive exam-focused class. We make our lessons enjoyable, because we believe that when you are having fun, you are learning even more. Our teachers are all qualified, experienced professionals who use a variety of techniques in the classroom: one moment you might be taking part in group discussions, the next, working in pairs or individually. Our students come from all around the world - you'll have the chance to meet and make friends with people from many different cultures, all speaking the common language of English. And if your final ambition is to go to university in an English-speaking country, our courses are designed to integrate with a variety of university access courses and placement services offered by other parts of Study Group.

Open University
Distance: 0.6 mi Tourist Information
12 Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 1PF

Pembroke College Graduate Parlour (GP)
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
Trumpington Street
Cambridge, CB2 1RF

Department of Chemistry
Distance: 0.5 mi Tourist Information
Lensfield Road
Cambridge, CB2 1E

01223 336300

Wolfson College Bar
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Wolfson College, Barton Road
Cambridge, CB3 9BB

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Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology
Distance: 0.8 mi Tourist Information
12 Grange Road
Cambridge, CB3 9DU

+44 (0) 1223 741039

Welcome to the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology. We are an academic institution that works within the Roman Catholic Church and its principle of human flourishing. We set out to offer theological education, professional pastoral practice and personal formation.

College and University Near University of Cambridge

Cambridge University Speakers Society
Distance: 0.3 mi Tourist Information
Wolfson College, Barton Street
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Churchill College
Distance: 0.9 mi Tourist Information
Storey's Way
Cambridge, United Kingdom CB30DS


Churchill College, University of Cambridge. We are an innovative and outward looking academic community not bound by tradition. Committed to academic excellence, leadership and innovation.