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Her being a Sludgepuppy in the original series as it is easy to forget she came from the bride bride's side of the family in addition to her short screen time. Three against one? Gray Matter: After discovering that it allows him to turn into various alien creatures, each with their own set of powers, he quickly takes advantage of the situation by becoming a Super Hero , dealing with various human, alien, and supernatural threats. Rad Dudesman. Voiced by Eric Bauza.

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Eventually, she calmed down as Ben matured and they ended up with a more affectionate relationship. Though she initially had no power of her own , Gwen happened to discovere herself aptitudes for magic over the course of her adventures with Ben, eventually stealing a spellbook from Charmcaster and using it to improve herself.

It was later revealed her magic skills came from her grandmother Verdonna, who was a Mana-manipulating Energy Being from an alien specie known as the Anodites. Kevin was originally a street troublemaker kid with the ability to absorb energy, who got regularly bullied and considered as a freak.

Following a short-lived partnership with Ben he accidentally absorbed energy from the Omnitrix, causing him to mimic Ben's shapeshifting powers, but eventually lost control of them, causing him to end up trapped in the form of a grotesque, chaotic amalgam of Ben's ten original aliens. Blaming Ben for this , he went on a vendetta against him and dedicated himself to try to kill him, only to eventually end up trapped in the Null Void.

Following the Time Skip between the original series and Alien Force , Kevin eventually recovered from his psychosis and mutation while in prison, and was able to go back to Earth where he starts working as a Con Man. Events led him to meet with Ben again and be forced to team up with him. Despite a harsh beginning, the two eventually reconcile, and Kevin becomes a valuable ally as well as Gwen's Love Interest.

Ben's new partner in Ben A Revonnahgander from Revonnah recently integrated in the Plumbers and sent by Max to team up with him after Kevin and Gwen had to leave Bellwood. A skilled, if inexperienced Plumber , Rook has been impressed by the legends around Ben's heroic accomplishments, and came to Earth partially to see if the boy lived up to the legend.

Despite being an alien, he possess no special powers, instead relying on his skills, training, intelligence and a device called the Proto-tool that can transform into various weapons and equipment. Ben's and Gwen's Grandfather, as well as probably the most badass human being in the whole Ben 10 Universe.

A former member of a government organisation known as the Plumbers, Max Tennyson serves to his grandkids as a Mentor and Reasonable Authority Figure. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. What about all those times you saved Grandpa? Or me? Or lots of other people when you weren't an alien?

You're still a hero, even if you can't go hero! I'm Ben Tennyson, wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. I stopped the Highbreed invasion, I defeated Vilgax in hand-to-hand combat, and I've beaten the Forever Knights more times than I can count. Here's what's going to happen: Ben as Ditto: Three against one?

No problem, when that one is Ben Tennyson.

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By the end of the episode she elected their leader, thus ensuring they wouldn't try that again. Pax is a Florauna Wildvine's species , and an alien rights activist. He acts and dresses like a stereotypical hippie. Zed is an Anubian Baskurr, and Khyber's former pet.

After Khyber abandons her, she becomes Kevin's pet. A mercenary and intergalactic smuggler, who will take on any job and transport any cargo so long as he's paid well. He occasionally assists Ben, but also takes off with various artifacts after helping. Skurd is a Slimebiote, a DNA parasite who can absorb and use the powers of his host.

Though he initially works with Khyber, he abandons him in favor of the superior power of Ben and his Omnitrix. Bezel is the creator of the charms of Bezel, the most powerful sorcerer in the universe Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Kai Green. But after a few millennia, I got bored with that, too, and went sane. Very sane. The Plumbers. The Plumbers An organization that plays a key role in the franchise. What they are exactly are have been somewhat inconsistent between the series, but they are overall despicted as an organization dealing with aliens, whose Max was a part of.

They retired a bit before the Original Series started, but have been brought back in the Time Skip before Alien Force. They used to be this with an alien species called Sludgepuppies. Ascended Extra: They have always been important, but in the Original Series, they were essentially a background element used to give Max a backstory and justify some of the non-alien high-tech used in the story.

In the sequels, they have a progressively larger role. Big Good: The Magistrata. Cardboard Prison: Plumber HQ in Omniverse is absolutely terrible at keeping its prisonners; villains constantly escape from it, sometimes offscreen like Psyphon, who got arrested around three times yet always is on the run again by the next episode he shows up , and when they are shown escaping Albedo, Dr Animo and Zombozo , they do it incredibly easily.

Voiced by Rob Paulsen. Voiced by Jeff Bennett. Voiced by J. The two dumbest geniuses in the Milky Way Galaxy, ladies and gentlemen! Like Icarus , we flew too close to the sun. And like Icarus, we never got our smoothies Voiced by Tara Strong. Voiced by Steve Blum. I got a planet full of monsters after me, an alien vampire just turned my friends into puppets, and my appetite is really weird!

More like I was gonna drain your energy. Oh yeah, so much better. Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. Voiced By: Tara Strong. Alternate Bens and Omnitrix wearers. Voiced by: Yuri Lowenthal. Voiced by Ashley Johnson. Tetrax Shard Voiced by Dave Fennoy. Xylene Voiced by Grey DeLisle. The Galactic Enforcers.

Galactic Enforcers. Anodites Introduced in Alien Force , Anodites are a species of incoporeal aliens made of Mana , the Life Energy at the source of magic. This grants them unusually powerful magic abilities, which can sometimes be inherited by their posterity. Tropes applying to the species as a whole: Energy Being: Composed of what is essentially magic energy.

While their true forms are vaguely humanoid Energy Beings , they can use their powers to create themselves a physical body and appear as humans, allowing them to mate with them as a result. Glowing Eyes of Doom: Their eyes tend to gow when they're casting spells. Lady Land: It's implied there are male anodites, but only females have been shown so far.

They are made of that stuff. Monochromatic Eyes: Out of Focus: They aren't ever brought up in Omniverse , despite Alien Force and Ultimate Alien showing they're a big deal to Gwen's lineage, and all Verdona got was a planned cameo which was eventually cut. Part of this is most likely because Word of God has more than once said they didn't care for them.

Purple Is Powerful: Their bodies are purple and their "hair" is pinkish purple. Reality Warper: Not to the extent of Celestialsapiens, but their magic does allow them to warp reality to an extent. Unlike Celestialsapiens however, they do have limits. Witch Species: By virtue of being made of magic energy to begin with, they all naturally have magic powers.

While this ability, which they refer to as the "Spark", isn't always passed to their posterity, it does sometimes happen, resulting in half-Anodites with impressive affinity for magic and who can eventually become Anodites themselves. Jimmy Jones. Jimmy Jones Voiced by Scott Menville. Eunice Unitrix Voiced by Molly Quinn.

Ben's Parents. Carl and Sandra Tennyson. Julie Yamamoto. Voiced by Vyvan Pham. Ship "Ship Ship! The Plumbers Helpers. Big Chill: You're out of your league Alan, you're the weakest one and you know it. You're teammates know it too. Manny Armstrong voiced by Khary Payton. Helen Wheels voiced by Juliet Landau. Cash and JT. Reinrassic III. Argit Voiced by Alexander Polinsky.

Everyone's favourite Con Man. How did you get elected? Andromeda Five. P'andor voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Andreas voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Ra'ad voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Galapagus voiced by John DiMaggio. Kwarrel Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. Jennifer Nocturne. Voiced by Tara Platt. Elena Validus. Colonel Rozum. Professor Hokestar. Ignacius Baumann. Voiced by Eric Bauza.

Rook's Family. Rook Da voiced by Eric Bauza. Rook Bralla voiced by Kimberly Brooks. Rook Shar voiced by Alanna Ubach. Rook Shim voiced by Tara Strong. Rook Ben voiced by Alanna Ubach. Zed Voiced by Paul Eiding.

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What am I supposed to do with this? Apr 5th at 1: Glowing Eyes of Doom: While their true forms are vaguely humanoid Energy Beings , they can use their powers to create themselves a physical body and appear as humans, allowing them to mate with them as a result. Three against one? Carl and Sandra Tennyson. Jun 9th at 1:

Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson (Ben 10):

Xylene Voiced by Grey DeLisle. Max's wife, as well as Ben's and Gwen's paternal grandmother. Example of: Carl and Sandra Tennyson.

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