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One more thing about BeastofBurden is stuck in my craw. This is a great area! Aerial lift bridge from the DECC auditorium. Admackbar about 8 years ago The world's oldest profession. There are few times I do not get a good hand job or better yet, a b If a person turns to prostitution to make ends meet, their moral fiber is seriously lacking.

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Fingering my asshole in the swimming pool changing rooms - TheCamStars. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Hot Irish Blonde! H-Cup Tits! Anal Queen. RoxyCoxModel The good sex isn't free. If you are here cherish it. AmyraJoy Party Chat. As the video points out, there are few services to help these abused girls.

We should dedicate more resources to protect young people from violence and exploitation. More information: Yeah Jethro, place the blame for people who open places like the Hip Hop Candy Shop on the city administration. People like that never existed before any of the last few administrations came to town. This is a completely new phenomena. Can you provide some explanation on what administrations did what to attract those people or are you just going to throw out baseless accusations?

This terrible situation is not unique to Duluth. And it's more than simply violence against women by sexual predators, it's going to happen wherever there is great poverty and a lack of opportunity to escape from that poverty by legitimate means. Abject poverty creates a climate where women and girls are going to be much more vulnerable to exploitation.

I'm heartened that police and organizations in this area, where we do have pockets of poverty, are addressing the issue of sexual trafficking of women and girls. But it doesn't help matters when Chippie Cravaack and his fellow Republicans vote to cut funds providing educational opportunities for low-income, minority, first-generation-college young people, like TriO.

Ironic that this video would be aired by WCCO not long after Cravaack visited Cloquet, near the Fond du Lac reservation mentioned in the video, and told students there that, tough, they'd have to sink or swim on their own, when it comes to escaping poverty through educational opportunities.
Lusciousnet a dae e I worked at a family housing program for 4 years and was witness to multiple young women caught up in this problem.

These girls were choosing to be engaged with this "business" because of the material things the organizers would give them. Mostly name brand clothes and phones. The ladies were brought back to Duluth from Mpls, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas, by various law enforcement agencies, and would run away from home within a week to get back into the game. As an adult it is easy to see the problem.

These girls did not see the problem and were easily brainwashed by the gifts and the short term gain through being "productive. If you have not read up on the " cycle of poverty " you really should. I'm glad people are talking about this. It's a complicated problem with lots of possible solutions, I like to start with hope and understanding. B-man notes that parenting is key, I agree and I've got a dog in that fight, too, helping parents.

Jethro likes to start with blaming the city for "attracting people like that. Sometimes when I'm working with little preschoolers in an "underprivileged" environment I wonder which ones are going to be abused, which ones are going to end up in jail, on drugs or mixed up in sex trafficking. I wonder which ones are going to shatter the trend, create a new set of expectations for their generations.

I think about that but I can't think about it too long or I'd never get anything done. As someone in the hope and acceptance business I can tell you that we don't get to pick who will be successful, though. I feel bad for Jethro if he thinks the problem is the administration attracting "people like that. As awful as this story is, I couldn't help but feel distracted by the choice to film women walking down Superior Street in such a way as to make you believe that they are streetwalking prostitutes, as opposed to people going to see a show at Teatro.

Yes Barrett, but there are some prostitutes out in the open on Superior and First streets, I don't know about anywhere else. But I agree that the shots they got are probably staged. I also thought it was funny that they used the flashing arrows for the Voyageur Motel in the piece and as far as I know the Voyageur isn't connected with prostitution, I guess the Duluth Family Sauna didn't have a cool enough sign for the producers.

It's just a 5 minute cursory piece and obviously the reporters are playing up the salacious angles for ratings. It is crass, I'll agree with that, but at least someone is telling the story. It doesn't look staged, it just looks like a shot of random people on Superior Street. One woman is wearing sexy boots, so we are supposed to infer that she is hooker, I guess.

Maybe it's better to stage such shots, though, to avoid confusing woman who are being exploited with women who are going to The Awesome 80s Prom. The point, anyway, is that such shots distract from a serious story rather than help illustrate it. But in this case they were kept to a minimum, so it's not a big deal or anything. Parents are to blame for neglecting kids.

Husbands are to blame for abusing their wives. But we are to blame for not then helping the victims. Most girls who are prostituted are neglected kids who are then manipulated and abused by their pimps. Some of the girls might have good parents and just have other problems and bad luck. It is important to know that the average age a girl in Minnesota is first prostituted is 14 years old.

A 14 year old child. There are now thousands of prostituted girls from Minnesota. The pimps are good at control and manipulation of these young girls. And we can't blame a teenager for being controlled by an abusive adult. I believe we as a society should protect children from bad parents and protect wives from bad husbands.

We as a society should help people who are victims of bad parents and bad husbands. Blaming the bad husband and bad parent is good, but not then also taking social action to help the victims is not good. There will always be an unfortunately high percent of abusive husbands and neglectful parents, and we should structure our laws and institutions around these facts to protect women and children.

And children are especially vulnerable in this whole process that leads to their being prostituted. It is often easy for the pimps to manipulate and abuse a desperate 14 year old. These girls need our help. Last week, our District Attorney Mark Rubin threw his support behind legislation that would stop treating prostituted children as criminals, and instead provide victim services.

This is a good first step. Words are powerful things, especially when you use the right ones. In this case the proper word is not prostitute nor whould it ever be the word. The proper word is slave and slavery. So lets start calling it what it really is. I agree Bill, you know what? I was gonna put "prostitute" in quotes but then I decided not to.

Generally speaking "slave" is a better term. Some people like "sex worker" but I don't like that, either. It implies that the person is able to give consent and treats it as a "job. I have seen that, too. People who get in and out of it. In the cases like that which I have been exposed to there has been an addiction and also mental illness present, and also PTSD either diagnosed or not.

Like I said it's a complicated problem. Parenting is important because abuse appears to be an antecedent to sex slavery. Domestic Violence can be considered a form of neglect although I am not sure if that is the point the UMDEthics was trying to say with "abusive husbands" or not. There are strategies to help reduce child abuse violence and neglect that would be a good startign point.

Another one that doesn't get talked about enough is that this sex trade is a business. People are making money on it, although power is a motivator too, I'm sure. Why not focus on the people who are paying for sex with the victims? Why not speak out about it as a community?

The point I am making is that bad parents and bad husbands are responsible for the bad things that they do, but we as a society are also responsible for helping the victims of neglect and abuse. We as a society are to blame if the problems persists due to our own inaction. We can't give all the blame to parents and husbands for the problems that arise from sexual abuse or domestic violence.

We should expect there to be some bad parents and bad husbands domestic violence and sexual abuse of children is unfortunately too common , and we should set up social mechanisms to protect women and children accordingly. One of the most basic roles of a government is to protect its citizens from harm and abuse.

In my opinion, our government is not effectively protecting these children from harm and abuse. We can do much better. The legislation that DA Mark Rubin is supporting is a good first step to change government policy to address the problem. Yes, statistically, there are more abusive husbands than abusive wives, but to define an "abusive spouse" as something that only comes bundled with the male gender is ridiculous.

Being an abusive spouse is wrong no matter their gender! I think it's interesting that the subject of legalization hasn't come up. Prostitution isn't going to go away, it doesn't matter what the penalty for the prostitutes or their pimps. So we either keep hearing the terrible stories of violence, addiction, disease and so on and continue to feel awful for the people on the receiving end of this treatment or what?

I guess the alternative is to make it as safe as possible, make sure the money they earn isn't taken by pimps and that help is on hand to combat addiction and health issues. To me, that's the moral and practical solution. Abusive husbands are just one example of a social problem we as a society need to address.

Neglected and abused children are another. That means hundreds of boys in Minnesota and thousands of girls are being prostituted and abused. We should care about everyone who is abused, male or female. Legalization isn't really the issue when you're dealing with minors.

Having previously worked at the bank frequented by Mr. Redd and his harem of skanks, I can attest to the fact that his driver's license stated that he was not from Duluth. I can attest to the fact that he was collecting welfare benefits in at least two states according to his comments.

And I can guarantee you that the "girls" that hung around with him were extraordinarily willing to exploit he and his "friends" based on their commentary. There was no "sex slavery," no matter how much you'd like to believe so. These girls knew exactly what they were doing. To excuse them for their crimes is to reinforce their belief that they are victims and have done nothing wrong.

I'm all for trying to keep children out of prostitution, but as teenagers they have the knowledge of what is right and wrong. Claiming that someone is controlling them ignores their very actions and motivations. We're talking about tough, street-saavy teenagers here, not innocent little kiddos from the 'burbs. Decisions have consequences, and while physical abuse is never OK, you cannot turn a blind eye to the poor decisions made by these young adults.

As for blaming Cravaack for cutting free college money for the poor: They can get loans and come out of college eyeballs deep in debt like the rest of us. Last time I checked, parents aren't obligated to pay for their children's college education; every year old adult is essentially broke. Why should the taxpayers pick up the tab for some and not for others?

BeastOfBurden, you should not assume the women you saw at the bank are the full extent of Redd's operation. If your only connection to Redd is seeing him at the bank, you can't really know to what extent sex slavery was happening or wasn't. They are called "teenagers" precisely because they do not have a fully developed sense of right and wrong or consequence, or cause and effect, or prioritization and time management.

Their brains have literally not fully developed into adult brains. To argue different ignores science. The world's oldest profession. I laugh at those of you who think you can do something about it. Like the War on Terror or the War on Drugs. And this is where the discussion leads, Admackbar's if that is your real name comment as in "were never going to be able to solve this problem so why even try.

They are easy to convince and exploit due to scrambled priorities. Have you ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend lie to you? Maybe cheat on you? Does that mess with your sense of propriety, confuse you, cause you duress? I find BeastofBurden's perspective to be valuable but I think I have exactly the opposite opinion, to assume they were open minded, clear-headed, cold-blooded exploiters of their "pimp" and his "friends" is to blame the victim.

Someone in the video talked about how children are being trafficked or used in child pornography and worse as young as 8 years old. I believe that is true. Nearest cities: Hermantown, MN 2. Daytime population change due to commuting: Work and jobs in Duluth: Duluth-area historical tornado activity is significantly below Minnesota state average.

Birthplace of: James E. Main business address for: Notable locations in Duluth: Shopping Center: Miller Hill Mall 1. Main business address in Duluth: Churches in Duluth include: Lakes and reservoirs: Rivers and creeks: Parks in Duluth include: Tourist attractions: Carbon Monoxide CO [ppm] level in was 0. This is significantly better than average.

Closest monitor was 0. Nitrogen Dioxide NO 2 [ppb] level in was 1. Ozone [ppb] level in was This is about average. Closest monitor was 1. Particulate Matter PM 2. Detailed information about poverty and poor residents in Duluth, MN. Graphs represent county-level data. Detailed Election Results. Total of patent applications in Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Use at your own risk. Duluth, Minnesota Duluth: Aerial Lift Bridge - Spring Evening. Duluth's night view from lighthouse. Lake Superior Thaw. Duluth Lift Bridge from harbor side. The City. Aerial lift bridge from the DECC auditorium. Ice chunk on the edge of Lake Superior. The 7, ft. Blatnik Bridge connecting Duluth to Superior. Aerial Lift Bridge. Median resident age: Profiles of local businesses.

User-defined colors Preset color patterns. Most recent value. Based on data. Races in Duluth, MN Recent articles from our blog. Our writers, many of them Ph. The elderly dependency rate in the U. May 29 Investing in life: Recent posts about Duluth, Minnesota on our local forum with over 2,, registered users.

Duluth is mentioned 3, times on our forum:. Trail ready for riders Local hibbingmn com. In recent years, beaver activity has submerged part of the hibbingmn. Duluth man lost it fatally stabbed wife seeking divorce - StarTribune com. Duluth man 'lost it,' fatally stabbed wife seeking divorce startribune. This city: Single-family new house construction building permits: Crime rates in Duluth by Year Type Murders 3 4 1 1 2 3 1 0 2 2 3 2 1 per , 3.

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