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All Football. The Russian raped a year-old woman in a Siberian sauna before killing her and eating her at a party in Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? In May this year a year-old schoolgirl claimed she had eat humans brains and flesh while on the run with a paedophile. But even though the girl confessed to eating murder victim Alexander Popovich, 21, escaped prosecution because she was below the age of criminal responsibility and was not involved in the killing. On the night in question Meiwes and Brandes had sex in an isolated farmhouse before the latter took sleeping pills washed down with alcohol.

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All Football. Pervert Arkady Zverev died in custody earlier this year ahead of his trial for murder, cannibalism and raping the child. In the paper the academics speculated as to what triggered the desire of the cannibals to attack and eat their victims. It was found all the patients were found to have dysfunctional childhoods that exposed them to sexual abuse, domestic violence or emotional neglect. Eugene unwitting Ronaldo Poppo on a Florida freeway, leaving him with only one eye and severe facial injuries.


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Pervert Arkady Zverev died in custody earlier this year ahead of his trial for murder, cannibalism and raping the child. For the study the patients were split into two groups: Dubbed the Breaking Bad murderer after he tried to dissolve part of his victim's body in acid, evil Brizzi was found dead in his jail cell just weeks into his life sentence.

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