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Meanwhile, the hero's a cowardly blank slate who never acts of his own volition and can only stand on his own two feet with Sonic backing him up. Chapter 11 Just In All Stories: Ive seen your account on fanfiction. Chapter 4: Secretos En Las Sombras,Libro 1 by Little Artist reviews Un falso llamado lleva a las mane 6 al imperio de cristal,en la noche Rainbow Dash es secuestrada para convertirla en un pony muy "especial".

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I know that since its a kid show they are called Princesses but speedy will call them Queens. Equestria visits Mobius by Subwayboy reviews Celestia and the Mane 6 visit Mobius and see a very different world than theirs. After fifteen peaceful years since a terrible villain Dr. Eggman was defeated, the anxiety and fear return back to lives of our heroes, as the strange events occurring on the planet.

Our heroes and heroines must again remember the good old fight days and to take the situation under control. Secretos En Las Sombras,Libro 1 by Little Artist reviews Un falso llamado lleva a las mane 6 al imperio de cristal,en la noche Rainbow Dash es secuestrada para convertirla en un pony muy "especial".

United Worlds by Mellowdic When the timelines had destined upon the worlds. It is up to the Mane 6 along with the heroes of the other world to put end on the crisis that wasn't even supposed to happen in the first place. To plan for world domination on Earth, Eggman will have to be far away from his enemies' reach and foreknowledge.

This unknown world of Equestria is a perfect place to conduct his diabolic schemes. At the same time, he will have to contend with the native population and their ruling monarchies. Eggman, Princess Celestia. Sonic, Shadow and the Equestria girls by amf studios reviews the super genesis wave combined the universes of sonic and equestria girls, no one remembers anything ever being different, or anything about talking hedgehogs, magic jewels or fat scientist.

Eggman, Sunset Shimmer. Determination of the Strong by LoveandEdify reviews Companion story to "More To Me Than That" After facing another devastating heartbreak, and discovering he's irrelevant in a peaceful universe; Shadow must set out to find his purpose in the midst of all of it. And hopefully, find a friend that will actually stick with him good times and bad, and take the time to understand his complex nature.

ShadowxApplejack Rated: They seek help from both Sonic and Princess Twilight, as they believe they would know what to do. However, they're not the only ones on the way. A team of villains from the Lost Hex are hunting Sonic down, and a pair of strange new heroes help to keep hope alive. But many things change for him and just when he thinks things are over, a new super villain arrives, with the mission to kill him and destroy time.

Take a look at his life and events and how he becomes who he is.

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Rated T to be safe. Takes place in the year of Moboquestria. My Little Pony: Page generated in 0. My Little Pony: Support us Patreon Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter. Story Lists What's Hot? You seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly.

Much of Fimfiction's functionality requires javascript so we suggest you turn it on! Stories Members Forum. Similar Groups. New Members 0 this week. Comments Viewing - of Super Saiyan D. Just asking. I'm not writing very often here, but I suppose this is the right place for that.

Me and Kawaii a writer friend have worked hard on this, and we want lots of people to join in! The link to the server on my profile can ne used infinitely. I hope you can join! Robotnik Usually called by his nickname Eggman one of his arch-nemesis, from yet another attempt to build his empire, New Eggmanland. I'm gonna see what Tails is up too. Sonic went inside Tails' House to see what his best bud is up to.

Not to Mention Sonic's best friend since he met him, when they were kids. After he was getting bullied by the other kids due to have two-tails, Sonic was the only person that stood by his side, giving him the confidence he has today. A necklace? What Fate awaited our Heroes? In another dimension, it was a bright sunny day in a mythical place known as Equestria. She was just finished running her daily laps around Cloudsdale.

She picks it. I think You should let Twilight Take care of this" "Yeah, You're right there's something odd about this gem" Rainbow Dash heads to the Ponyville Library to see if her friend Twilight Sparkle can look into this mysterious Gem. Look at this! Is there anything in your books that can tell me about this Jewel? What's Wrong? That thing's been missing for 2 weeks!

Not to mention My element! But then something weird happens when the element starts to Flash Sending the 2 heroes in another dimension.

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Page generated in 0. You ever play Sonic Utopia? What Fate awaited our Heroes? Chapter 17 Its going to be called, Silvaze Adventures in Equestria! Sonic and friends: So seeing this, Silver the Hedgehog decides to visit Ponyville. I'm pretty sure it says in the Fim Fiction rules you cant write in script format like this dude.

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  • However, Tails bothers Discord in many ways, so Discord pulls out all the stops to get Tails to leave Ponyville forever.
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