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He didn't come, however, instead he moved his cock out of her mouth and shifted her body up to him, grabbing one of her legs and holding it up and to the side as he sent two fingers up into her pussy. Reaching for you, she brought you back into her grasp and rested her chin against your shoulder, taking in your scent from the source. Her breasts were bouncing invitingly, unable to stop yourself from removing a hand from the pillow and pinching one of her nipples hard between your thumb and forefinger. Suggestive conversation? It's time to wake up. Forgot your password?

Gorgeous Blonde Natasha Starr Gets Destroyed Lexington

You meet Bucky one night while working out of your coffee shop kiosk. I hate writing summaries. This was supposed to be a one-shot but decided to change my mind when I realized I how long it was becoming. I hope you guys enjoy it. Please, leave me some feedback.

Hey, if you guys enjoy my content and want to help me continue creating it, consider buying me a coffee. It will help a ton! Originally posted by butteryplanet. In all reality, infinity war got me ducked up man. I want to see some bad ass fight scenes, but I also want to see some cute ass shit go between the avengers as they have a big slumber party in the living room.

My point being, Natasha wiped the red of her ledge in Natasha Romanoff, I love you Originally posted by that-awkward-fandom-teen. Peter turns to the only other younger Avenger sitting beside him, their faces holding equal amounts of confusion as the other. Tony turns to the young woman, looking over at Peter to see his expression matched hers.

The team sits in a circle in the newly installed theater room. The older adults sit around drinking beer, the younger adults drinking wine coolers. The promise of alcohol without the strong effects of over drinking as opposed to the others. Tony mentioned to keep it on the down low, as one is 20 and the other is Thor stands up in his seat, walking over to the coffee table in the middle of the room, setting Mjolnir down on it.

He goes back to his seat, looking over at the rest of the team before looking at the two curious adults. No one could lift it. Especially Tony. Peter looks at you, an excited gleam in his eyes. He lunges one leg forward, grabbing the handle. Natasha, not paying any attention to them: Natasha told me you were looking for a barn.

Originally posted by samwinchesster. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.
Linda gaye scott nude Grid View List View. Coffee, Pie, You-Chapter Master List Buy me a coffee. Show more notes. Peter P: Do you guys wanna see a butterfly? Please don't thr Some graphic violence and swearing Summary: Originally posted by butteryplanet Keep reading.

Reblog if.. Infinity war. The moan that she released was nearly enough for you to come yourself, fingernails digging harshly into your skin as you pushed into her again. You set a steady pace almost immediately, not particularly frantic but each buck of your hips was firm and hard and she would grind back into you with equal enthusiasm making each thrust feel even deeper.

She lost herself quickly, loud moans echoing throughout the room in a matter of seconds as she wrapped a leg around your waist, begging you to go harder and pleading with you not to stop. Nothing in this world could have made you stop, the sight of the woman below you something that you were positive you could look at forever. Her eyes were bunched tightly closed, eyebrows knitted together and mouth slightly agape as more groans and curse words slipped from her tongue and she gripped your body tighter against her own.

Her breasts were bouncing invitingly, unable to stop yourself from removing a hand from the pillow and pinching one of her nipples hard between your thumb and forefinger. Her fingers were twitching urgently against your scalp, nails digging in to your flesh as you felt her body begin to tremble below you as she desperately tried to pull in air. You knew it would only be a few more seconds before she would be tipped over the edge, grinding your body into her harder if that was possible and basking in the sound of her satisfaction at what you were doing.

A few more thrusts of your hips and she was gone, a long, loud moan filling the room as her body shuddered below you and she arched her back off the mattress into you. She let out a low whine that signalled she was unhappy as you pulled out of her, eyes fluttering open to look up at you with slight confusion. For the first time since she had returned home, a small expression of happiness graced her features as she smirked back at you before sitting up and doing what she was told.

Her dry statement sent a shudder down your spine, unable to deny how much you enjoyed this side of Natasha. The woman known as The Black Widow could be a terrifying and downright intimidating person to come face to face with; she could be cold, ruthless, emotionally unavailable, manipulative and merciless.

One look when she was in the wrong mood could be enough to make your blood run cold and you knew that better people than yourself had tried their best to handle her. Fortunately for her, you were more than happy to give her what she needed, intoxicated by the sight of her bent over and completely at your mercy, loud moans and whimpers of pleasure falling more frequently from her lips the more you pounded into her.

You could already see the beads of sweat running down the back of her neck and the flush to her skin as she desperately gulped in short, sharp breaths for air. Knowing the reaction it would elicit from the red head, you removed one hand from her hip as you pushed into her again harder, bringing it down sharply across her ass cheek.

Collapsing forward a little further, Natasha curled her hands into fists and pushed them into the mattress as she rested her forehead against the pillows and released a loud groan, the combination of the sting on her flesh and the the constant pressure on her g spot almost too much to handle. Not wanting to quite literally pound her face into the mattress, you ran your hand up the length of her spine, feeling her back arch slightly at the contact as you reached the top of her neck.

Taking a fistful of her hair into your hand, you pulled her up from the mattress so she was forced to kneel, never ceasing the rhythm of your hips against her as she let out another loud moan at your action. Once she was back on her hands and knees you tugged on her hair again, pulling her head back until she got the message and sat up further, finding the task more difficult than usual with the momentum of your movements behind her.

Even once she was in a more vertical position you kept a tight hold of her hair to hold her in position, knowing that she would no doubt fall forward again if you allowed her to. You could already feel her body beginning to weaken as she got closer to another orgasm, her legs sure to give way beneath her when it happened. Moving your other hand from her hip, you slipped it around her waist before dipping it lower and brushing a finger over her clit.

Natasha nearly fell to pieces then and there, forced to raise her arm so she could hold onto the back of your neck from behind and keep herself upright. You traced your finger in circles, your rhythm matching that of your hips as you pushed into her again and again. Her body was now slick with sweat against your front, her hair damp and matted in your grip as she moaned continuously in pleasure.

Her voice was already hoarse and she seemed unable to catch her breath as you rubbed at her clit more firmly with another rough thrust of your hips. Her words were a jumbled mess now and she was barely making sense as you felt her body beginning to tense beneath your fingertips. Her legs were trembling and you were forced to grip her tighter to keep her against you.

She moaned out in satisfaction, the combination of your rough tug on her hair, the demand in her ear and the intense pleasure of you thrusting into her too much to handle as a hot wave washed over her body and she came with a load groan of your name. Feeling her shudder against you, you released her hair from your hold and allowed her to collapse forward into the mattress, the red head just about catching the weight of her body with her hands.

She pushed back into you a couple of times, enjoying the feeling of slowly grinding into the you as she came down from her climax, grasping the sheets in her fists as she mewled and whimpered in front of you. She looked completely worn out, her body rising and falling dramatically as she panted for air and raised one hand to wipe at her forehead.

It was one of the many things you loved about her, how much more than an animalistic act sex was to her. As the small laugh died down, Natasha flopped down onto the mattress properly before rolling onto her back. Looking up at you with a mischievous smile, she sat up just far enough to grab your face in her hands and pull you down on top of her. She pressed her lips against yours, leaving a lingering kiss on your lips before breaking apart, a broad grin still plastered on her face.

Originally posted by robinsonartt. I think we both need to get a life. You first. Originally posted by natasharomanoff. You loved staring up at the stars, watching them twinkle and shine. They were easy wishes, but they were yours all the same. You enjoyed the simplicity of it all; it kept you sane in your hectic life. Watching another star cross the sky, you clamped your eyes shut and chewed on your bottom lip thoughtfully.

Natasha was away on spy business with Clint. Life always seemed bleaker without her. You liked spending time with the other Avengers and with the SHIELD agents that you often associated with, but nothing could fill the hole in your heart that Natasha left behind. The roof was chilly against your back yet you found it quite refreshing.

You took in the chilly night air and smiled, your eyes drifting closed for a moment. You jerked upright and peered over your shoulder at the woman you called your lover. You grinned, hurrying to your feet. She laughed, catching your fluttering lips with her own. The kiss was deep and full of pent up emotion. Her mouth moved against yours roughly, her hands drifting into your hair and your lips falling into a familiar dance.

You were used to this greeting. Her grip on your hair tightened and your hands took hold of her hips, dragging her closer. Natasha hummed. You moaned softly and tilted your head, granting her better access to your body. Natasha groaned against your neck, pouting. But she would do as you asked because she wanted to make you happy.

You stroked vibrant red hair and pressed a kiss to her temple. Natasha slipped out of your embrace and entwined your fingers before dragging you back over to your star-watching spot. She sat down and brought you onto her lap, her arms around you. Besides, it was comforting to be held by her. You always felt so safe and cherished.

She hummed. It was rare for her to say it back, but you knew she loved you too. Her actions showed you that much; the way she held you — especially after sex -, the way she kissed your head when you were sad or the way she gripped your hand whenever she had the chance. The words may not leave her mouth often, but that was okay. You loved her just the way she was. She trembled, her skin growing colder despite how close she was holding you.

Natasha shook her head, though her shivers contradicted her denial. She could feel the tips of her fingers going numb and she pouted. She was Russian, dammit! Giggling, you slipped off your hoodie and handed it to the woman behind you. Your smell engulfed her and she breathed in deeply, a content smile tugging at her lips.

Natasha hummed. Her eyes closed as she felt one of his hands go around to her stomach, softly over the firmness of her pregnancy, which seemed to increase the force of his thrusts, and then a little harder as he moved it lower to where he could feel the head of his cock sliding inside of her. It had been the right decision. His finger went down and pinched her clit and she screamed against him, whimpering as his hips began to swing down like a hammer, sending his cock deep into her cunt with a force that slammed her back into the mountain beneath her. Especially Tony. He didn't appreciate Natasha's attempt to compliment his appearance, stating he looked like an ugly dog, nor did he like her suggestion that he might want to do this every once in a while so that he could explore the cities near them in Canada.

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Her cunt ate everything he gave her and milked him of a long, passionate, slow supply of his cum. Buy me a coffee. You moaned softly and tilted your head, granting her better access to your body.

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