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Why didn't you tell me straight away? Life was not something that would go on and on forever. I was treated to a wonderful show as she moved around the flat naked as the day she was born. He clapped me on the shoulder and said, 'James, please, it's just Kritsada and I am delighted to meet you. I got up and gingerly made my way to the shower.

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All Professional Homemade. Duration minutes. Related Categories. MILF All HD. Most Relevant. Amateur Orgasms Compilation Part 1 1. Female Orgasms: MOM Multiple real orgasms as soaking wet nympho gets best fuck ever Voyeur multiple orgasms I need her name 2. Horny milf orgasm I met a guy, brought him home, and my husband loved it. Inevitably, my cock decided all on its own to react and began to stiffen in her hands.

She grinned, gave me a quick peck on the lips and turned her attention to my bum. She washed each cheek in turn giving each a kiss before moving the cloth slowly up and down my crack and suddenly I felt a finger gently rubbing me back there. Stay where you are.

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Videos porno de tan lines videos de tan lines She continued to rub her soapy finger around my rosebud, still managing to stroke my cock.

I could feel her tits up against my back and could also feel her cock against the back of my thighs. The sum total of these feelings was literally making me weak at the knees. This was an assault on my senses that was pushing me to my limits. Her finger, slippery with soap, now slid its way into my hole as she kept up a steady rhythm on my cock. She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth.

I felt it slide deeper than it had before as she took the whole length into her mouth. Her tongue was swirling around the head and as she pulled back she flicked her tongue underneath and I nearly lost it there and then. She was a master at knowing when to hold back to prolong the pleasure and when to rev things up.

She focused on the head, sucking and licking it with her lips and tongue. I looked down at her and she looked me straight back into my eyes and that did it for me. She knew and began to stroke my cock and I felt that warm sensation come up from my groin and straight into my cock. I came with a grunt and my legs nearly gave way.

Alex took all my cum into her mouth and then stood up to face me. I gagged a little as I tasted it on my tongue but Alex kept her lips locked over mine until I was forced to swallow. She broke the kiss and pushed her middle finger into my mouth and I rolled my tongue over and around it. We stood there for several minutes as she moved her finger in and out as licked and sucked it.

Alex slipped her robe back on and I just wrapped a towel around my waist. We returned to the bedroom where I sat on the edge of the bed. I asked Alex to come over and she stood in front of me with a quizzical look on her face. I moved my legs apart so I could reach out and pull her close to me. Without saying anything I reached up and undid the tie on her robe and it fell open.

My eyes locked on hers as I reached out and placed my hands gently on her breasts. I could feel the nipples harden under my hands and I knew just how much Alex enjoyed having them touched. She moaned softly and I played with her nipples for a while, and she began to move her hips in a slow rhythm. Her cock was pretty much level with my face as I sat on the edge of the bed and I could see it begin to harden as she grew more aroused.

I dropped my hands from her breasts and I leant forwards slightly and kissed the tip of her cock. Her eyes were full of hope and worry as she twisted her lip between her teeth. She nodded and kept looking down at me. I tried to remember what she had done to me and what had given me the most pleasure. Yes, we will go down on our women but to do what they do to us is simply beyond the pale.

She wanted to give me pleasure and I wanted to give her pleasure back. It was as simple as that. I was as nervous as a kitten but I knew this was something that I wanted to do and that I had to do it right now. I kissed the tip again and Alex almost involuntarily moved her hips forwards and her cock slid away from my lips and down the side of my face.

I reached out with one hand and began to gently stroke the shaft and again it twitched and seemed to grow harder so I opened my lips and took the head into my mouth. I recalled what Alex had done to me and I began to lick the head with my tongue and I rocked my head back and forward so that the head slid gently in and out of my lips.

I was still stroking the shaft and I flicked my tongue on the little spot under the head which gets me going every time and I was gratified to feel Alex twitch as I did so. She moaned again and her hands came down to rest on my head. I remembered pleading with my ex to keep her teeth out of the way, not that she always did, so I made sure to be careful with Alex. She was now getting seriously aroused and I as I took her cock into my mouth again I could feel the hardness grow beneath the softness of the skin.

I started to move my head backwards and forwards faster and faster as I felt her cock getting harder. I kept one hand wrapped around the shaft and she was now thrusting her hips backwards and forwards not always in time with me but it seemed to be doing the trick.

She began to pant and her movements accelerated and I felt her cock begin to twitch. She almost fell but kept her feet and I leant forward one more time and kissed the quivering tip and licked the cum that was still emerging from her slit. Suspiciously good for a first time if you ask me. Oh, you just made me so very happy. She ran to the bathroom and came back with the cloth and carefully wiped my chest.

She said she had to go do some work in the office downstairs but that I was free to use the MacBook if I wished. She dressed quickly and gave me a last kiss and was about to walk through the door when she stopped and looked back. I made myself a coffee, still with the towel around me, and settled down on one of the loungers.

So how did I feel about what had just happened? I honestly didn't know what to think about what I had just done. I knew how much I enjoyed what she did to me so why should it be any different for me? I knew I was pushing at my boundaries in a way that would have been inconceivable just a couple of weeks ago. I was slowly beginning to realise that what had happened on the boat and afterwards had changed the way I now looked at life.

Life was not something that would go on and on forever. Life could change in an instant, and it could be over in an instant too. Things that I had previously regarded as fixed were, in fact, fluid and I needed to embrace that if I was to enjoy my second chance at life. Plans that we make can be dashed too easily. Alex had remembered to cancel my hotel room and had arranged for my stuff to be picked up and brought over to the flat.

So for the first time in more than a week I had something more than a pair of jeans to wear. So I found a pair of shorts and slipped on a fresh t-shirt. I had deliberately not checked my email since the boat trip and now found my inbox was crammed. The video of the rescue had gone viral and of course my name was all over it. Alex and Areeya had seemingly screened me from the worst of it while I was in hospital but I had to face up to it now.

A lot of the mail was from friends saying they had seen the video and wanted to know if I was OK. Some of it was from crazies who probably stalked anybody with a little celebrity, even temporary celebrity. There were offers for me to endorse products or requests for money to help a sick relative together with several offers from women, and a couple of men, asking me to marry them.

The dross I simply binned and put together a simple answer to my friends and acquaintances thanking them for their concern and assuring them that things were getting much better now. There was even one from my ex, telling me how worried she was and did I want her to fly out to Thailand to look after me.

Now, that could make for an interesting visit. Maybe she could walk in on me in bed with Alex? That would be classically ironic after what she had done. There were a few messages from work assuring me that I should get well before coming back to work. I sensed they were actually slyly happy about the publicity the firm had got from me being mentioned so much.

There was even a press release from them saying how pleased they were that I was OK and that I had been working in Thailand for them, yada, yada, yada Typically there was an email from HR griping about the cost of my medical treatment. More importantly, there were a couple from the temporary project manager who had arrived in Bangkok.

She was asking if she could speak to me about the project if I was well enough to give her a call. I decided that was a priority so I gave her a call on the mobile and managed to speak to her even though the connection was poor. She wanted to bring me up to date on the project and to agree what to do next. She loved the idea and could she fly down tomorrow?

I was a bit surprised that she was so eager, but the sooner the better, so I agreed. She would text me her flight and hotel arrangements later on. Alex and Areeya arrived back together and you know you can always tell when women have shared a secret. Anyway, I was pretty sure Alex had told Areeya what had happened that morning.

Not that I cared. I knew that Alex kept nothing from Areeya and vice versa. I had moved out to the balcony and was lying on one of the loungers. They came and sat next to each other on the lounger next to mine. Areeya said that the repairs to the boat were going well. The engines had been drained and cleaned of the dirty fuel and the batteries replaced and the wiring checked and replaced too.

There had been some damage to the superstructure from the burst from the AK47 and that was being done too. She said her father was furious about the fuel and had already moved the contract to another supplier and was looking into the possibility of suing the previous one.

Areeya asked me how my side was and I said it was so much better today. Alex, of course, chipped in to say that I had enjoyed a little light exercise this morning and that must have helped. Areeya smiled enigmatically at this and so I absolutely knew Alex had told her. She asked if she could see it so I pulled up my t-shirt and showed her.

Like Alex before her, Areeya ran her fingers along the track of the bullet and her touch on my skin was electrifying. Her fingers were feathery light and she was almost caressing my skin and I shivered from the touch. Areeya kissed back and right in front of me they began to make out. This was getting very hot and I started to squirm in my seat as they continued to kiss each other.

Areeya broke the kiss and in one fluid move pulled her t-shirt up and over her head. I was stunned. The sight of these two making love right in front of my eyes was breathtaking. I could feel Alex's face next to mine as she continued to attack Areeya's other nipple. Alex broke off and turned her face to me and we kissed, tongues instantly duelling with each other.

Areeya pulled my head away from Alex and she kissed me as Alex went back to kneading and sucking her breasts. I'm not sure who was kissing who as we stumbled our way to the bed. Hands were everywhere as we collapsed on the bed; someone was tugging at my shorts as I was trying to get Alex's blouse undone. She was kissing me and managed to get her hands inside my shorts and released my cock which stood straight up.

Areeya had slipped off her own shorts by now and she pushed me onto my back on the bed. Alex immediately took my cock into her mouth and started to suck it hard. Areeya straddled me facing towards Alex and moved so that her pussy was right over my mouth. I raised my head and started to lick along her slit; she was already wet and my tongue found its way between her lips to where her clit was waiting.

Areeya was now moaning and pushing down on me as I teased her clit between my lips and sucked hard on it. Alex was still sucking my cock, using her mouth almost like a vacuum cleaner. I felt her finger rubbing my rosebud and then she slipped a finger deep into my hole. The dual attack on my cock and hole was scrambling my wits.

I sank to my knees and lined my cock up with Areeya's pussy. I was so hard and she was so wet that I slipped straight into her. I groaned as I drove into her and she began to push back on me. Areeya's head was at the edge of the bed and Alex moved in front of Areeya, slid down her knickers and pushed her cock into Areeya's mouth.

I was driving my cock hard into Areeya's pussy and she was now sucking hard on Alex. The sights and sounds in front of me were driving me to yet another level of ecstasy. Alex leaned forwards and we kissed over Areeya's back. I was so aroused that I knew I wouldn't last much longer. Areeya started to buck and groan and I guessed she was ready to come.

Alex pulled out of Areeya's mouth and began to use her hand on herself. Alex bent down and began licking the cum from Areeya; that sight of that made me hard all over again. Alex motioned me over, kissed me and I tasted her cum one more time today. The three of us lay there trying to catch our breath as we recovered our senses. I had been taken to an entirely new level of emotional and sensual experience.

I had thought my nerve endings were on fire and I had speed racing through my veins. Alex leaned over and kissed me first and then Areeya. We smiled at each other and then Alex began to giggle which set me off and then suddenly we were all laughing. Eventually, we calmed down and Areeya went off to get cleaned up and Alex and I cuddled together on the bed.

I wanted to know a little more about her father before meeting him this evening. He was flying in from Bangkok on the company plane and would only be here overnight to have dinner with us. I asked Areeya about her father and she said he was really looking forward to meeting me this evening.

I said that I would be honoured to meet her father and was there anything I should know about him before we met. Areeya smiled and said that we both shared a taste for good scotch and so they kept a bottle of 24 year old GlenDronach reserved for his use.

I asked her for a quick summary of his career. He had left Samui as soon as he could after school and joined the army in Bangkok, had risen rapidly through the ranks in Thailand, spent a year seconded to the CIA in the states and finished his army career as a Major in army intelligence.

Areeya said he had met her mother while he was still in the army when she had been a traditional Thai dancer and Areeya had been born a year later. He had been a keen Muay Thai boxer, now owned a training gym and also sponsored some kick boxers. Areeya believed that he had built a network of powerful contacts whilst he was in the army and he used this to build his business once he left.

He had been devoted to her mother and when she died in a car accident in Bangkok, he became obsessed with protecting Areeya. She said he had business interests in property as well as electronics and, of course, some clubs and bars. She thought that was probably enough to be going on with, and anyway, she and Alex had to get ready before he arrived.

It would be a relatively informal dinner so she assured me that trousers and a shirt would be ideal. Luckily, I had brought a respectable pair of trousers and a decent dress shirt with me so I felt I was good to go. It was nothing I could put my finger on but she seemed to regard it with less enthusiasm than Areeya. Both of them had to get ready and I knew that would take some time, so I had a quick shower and a shave, grabbed a beer and retreated to the balcony to watch the sunset and to listen to some Miles Davis.

Some very expensive looking heels finished off the outfit. She looked so beautiful standing there in the fading light of the afternoon. She saw me staring and said, 'what? But this girl needs a drink. Can you be a love and get me a gin and tonic? I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw her.

She was wearing what I can only describe as a combination of traditional Thai dress and western haute couture. It was tailored to show off her wonderful figure yet also appeared demure at the same time. It had a long skirt with a sleeveless top, made of rich blue silk with red and gold accents and she wore gold jewellery on her wrist and around her neck.

Alex grinned and said, 'OK James, you can close your mouth now and give me my drink, please. Areeya used her mobile to call the restaurant staff and they arrived with an ice bucket and a bottle of champagne nestling in it as well as a three quarters full bottle of whisky, which I assumed was Kritsada's private stash of GlenDronach.

One of the waitresses for the restaurant remained on the balcony to serve the drinks later on. I felt distinctly underdressed compared to the girls but they said what I was wearing was fine. Areeya's phone rang, 'I guess that's him,' and walked slowly down the stairs to collect her father. I saw Alex breathe out as if trying to release some tension and smoothed her hands down her dress in a nervous gesture.

I couldn't work out why she was acting like this. He underwrites our loan for this place so it's important that I keep him happy. I had no idea of what I expected Kritsada to be like but as he jumped up the stairs in front of Areeya I could see that he was very different from her.

She was graceful and elegant and he was more like a restless ball of energy that radiated outwards to affect everyone. The comparison with Areeya was marked and I can only presume she took after her mother. He was tall for a Thai, his hair cropped short and from his bearing it was obvious that he had been in the military. You could see he was used to being the centre of attention and this occasion was no exception.

He strode across the balcony to me and shook my hand in one of those handshakes using both hands that always make me think someone is trying a bit too hard. It sounds silly but there was definitely a bit of alpha male posturing going on here.

I kept the eye contact, placed my hand over his, smiled and said,' Sawasdee Khun Kritsada, it is an honour to meet the esteemed father of my friend. He clapped me on the shoulder and said, 'James, please, it's just Kritsada and I am delighted to meet you. We all jumped a little as the waitress popped the champagne cork and prepared to pour some into tall champagne glasses.

He laughed and said, 'never let it be said that whisky is a weakness, my friend, it shows true character in a man. Let's leave the froth to the girls shall we, and have a proper drink. I have a brought a fresh bottle with me so we won't run out. He turned to Alex, 'Alex, I am so sorry, I haven't said hello to you yet. I am always delighted to see you, are you well? Now let's get this whisky, shall we?

Kritsada took both and handed one to me and then sniffed his glass and sighed with pleasure. Tell me what you think, James. Or do you want some ice or water or soda? I brought the glass to my nose and there was a lovely nutty scent in the aroma; it was light but with infinite depth.

I took a sip and the first taste was as if I was sitting in a pub in the Highlands, with a wood fire roaring in the corner and a howling gale outside. The second taste made me think the flavour of wood smoke from a fire burning somewhere in the far distance. Kritsada said, 'well, what do you think?

I envy the Angels their share of this. I love it. I will always be in your debt. I felt I had to say something. It could have all gone horribly wrong. Alex and your daughter may have died because of what I did. Alex played as much a part as me by distracting the pirate and then firing the rifle to scare away the pirate boat, and if it had not been for you alerting the coastguard so quickly, it might not have worked out all.

You are right; everything may have gone horribly wrong as you said. But it did not, and, therefore, we are spared the concerns of what might have been. Many lesser men than you would have rolled the dice and decided that the odds would be better for themselves by doing nothing. You, on the other hand, decided to stake everything on action. You risked your life to protect that of my daughter and Alex.

You did not think for your own safety, but only theirs. If you had not thought more of them than yourself, then you would have risked nothing and done nothing. The ability to think clearly and then act under extreme pressure is a talent that few men are privileged to have.

I sense you may feel guilty for having taken such a risk and then thinking what might have happened if your action had not been successful. Let us imagine that the worst had happened and your attack failed; it would have not made you any less brave or any more responsible for what might have happened in any way whatsoever. As a direct result of the course of action you took, the worst was averted and you all survived.

What you did, James, was bravery of the highest calibre. You almost lost your life to preserve others. It was your courage that set in train what happened. Yes, I, in a small way, and Alex here in a much bigger direct way played our parts, but it was you that made it possible. I salute you, James. I will also be eternally grateful that we all came through it.

It seems that we have a few small, shall we say, issues, in Bangkok that require your specialist knowledge. It does mean, however, that you will have to accompany me to Bangkok tomorrow on our plane and, of course, we will fly you back the same way, when our business is completed. We sat and chatted on the balcony for a while longer. Kritsada was a good story teller and he had us roaring with laughter with stories of Areeya as a small girl.

She apparently had been a real little princess growing up and it was obvious that he still doted on her. It was understandable that he would be different with Alex, but even with all the laughter I was sensing that there was an underlying tension in the relationship. It struck me quite suddenly that there may have something personal between them in the past, strange as that might seem but who knows what might have happened in Alex's days in Bangkok.

We eventually moved down to the restaurant and the dinner was even better, if that were possible, than on the first night I ate there with Alex. Here she was in her element as a hostess and it was clear this was her domain. She had real talent in running the restaurant. Every dish that arrived on our table was beautifully cooked and presented and the meal passed very enjoyably.

I had to apologise to Kritsada as we finished the whisky at the table but he said that he had brought another bottle with him and it was a fitting tribute for two people who enjoyed it so much to send it on its way. We finished off with coffee and Kritsada said that it was late for an old man like him and he should go to his hotel now and be ready for the flight back to Bangkok tomorrow.

He kissed Areeya and then Alex and reminded her that she was to accompany him on the Flight. Alex this time just nodded and said she would be there in time for the flight. He came over to me and shook my hand warmly and said again that he was sorry to take Alex away but she would be back in three days.

When you are next in Bangkok, James, we will renew our acquaintance over some more whisky. He asked Areeya to ride with him to the hotel as there was some family business he needed to discuss with her. She kissed Alex and I goodnight and told us she would see us in the morning.

Alex and I sat for a while on the balcony, her head resting on my shoulder, a night cap whisky for me and glass of wine for her. We watched the night sky for a while in silence and I asked her why she seems so on edge with Kritsada. He can be extraordinarily charming as he was tonight but, between you and me, there is a hard street thug beneath the sophistication.

You would not want to cross him. If you make an agreement with him you need to make sure you understand every tiny aspect of it, because he will make you stick to it. He will do the same in return but he demands his pound of flesh for sure. It is part of the agreement we have for him to underwrite the loan for this place. She dimmed the lights and told me to lie on the bed.

She hitched up her dress and straddled my waist. I felt her grab my wrists, pull them together and then a sudden click and I realised with a shock that she had handcuffed me. My wrists were now held together above my head as I lay on the bed. She must have fixed the cuffs to something because however hard I tried I could not pull my hands down.

I tugged and tugged but they wouldn't move. I could hear the click clack of her heels on the bedroom floor. For the umpteenth time since I met Alex my mouth fell open as I stared at her and with its usual mind of its own, my cock started to respond. In response she leaned across and gave me another nipple tweak. I was now completely immobile.

The cuffs held my hands and ludicrously my trousers kept my ankles together. She slipped off her heels and sat on the end of the bed facing me. She stretched out her legs until her feet were level with my cock. I barely see what she was doing as I could only raise my head so far off the bed.

I twitched as I felt something touch my cock and I suddenly realised she had it held between her stockinged feet. She began sliding her feet up and down with my cock trapped in between them. The feeling of the nylon stocking moving against my skin was like nothing I had felt before. I could only lie back and groan with the sheer erotic charge of it.

After a few minutes of this exquisite stroking she slid off the bed and moved up to the bedside table. She took something out and I felt my head being lifted and then total darkness. She had pulled a blindfold over my face and now I was blind as well as tied up. This time though, my damned cock decided to betray me and started to get hard.

Whatever it was felt soft and was made of strands of some kind of material. She continued to gently brush around my cock with it which of course responded and grew even harder. My traitor of a cock did seem to like it and was now fully erect. It jumped, then I felt her take the head into her mouth and she began to lick and suck around the head.

Not being able to move this was something akin to exquisite torture as she flicked the head repeatedly with her tongue. She let it drop from her lips and then there was a sharp sting across my belly. My traitorous cock though decided otherwise and now stood straight up. It was cold and smelt of rubber but I suddenly recognised the shape of a cock. I gagged and Alex withdrew it a little and then began to slide it in and out of my mouth.

It tasted horrible and I was feeling a little sick. It was true the contrast between the hard cold rubber and a real cock was a revelation. A real cock is warm and soft yet with hardness beneath the skin. Alex moved again and I felt her change position once more and I felt her mouth slide over my cock and at the same time I felt her cock brush my lips. I took it into my mouth and we began to suck each other.

I had almost forgotten about the cuffs but to be honest not being able to move and in the dark heightened my senses to an incredible degree. I could feel the veins pulsing in her cock and every small movement was intensified in the darkness of the blindfold. I tried to match her moves with my cock on her own and every time she did something I tried to follow.

She let her lips slide over my cock one more time and then moved away again her cock plopped out of my mouth. I felt her raise my ankles and she pulled my trousers down and over my feet. She moved up the bed and she again took the head of my cock into her mouth. I was now desperate for some release. My cock popped out of her mouth and I felt her sit up on the bed.

She pushed my legs apart, something cold was smeared over my hole and then suddenly her finger slipped inside. I flinched as I realised what this was. Alex began to push the dildo that she had used on my mouth into me and I instinctively began to resist. I felt it begin to slide in and suddenly it want past my ring and was inside me.

Alex began to move it gently to and fro and the pain of it entering me for the first time began to disappear. She moved it a bit faster and then a bit deeper and I began to squirm as it filled me up. I felt it pop out of me and there was a sudden sensation of emptiness as it slid out. Immediately it came out I felt her move closer to me and she pushed my legs into the air and onto her shoulders.

I guessed what was coming next and my whole body tensed. Oh my God, I thought, this is really it. If I did this then nothing else would ever be the same. There would be no turning back, no, it was only a joke. This hurt more than the dildo as she pushed it but it felt a lot bigger. I heard her grunt and then she was in. It felt so much better than the dildo; it was warm and alive and slid much more smoothly.

Alex began to move her hips and the pain gradually eased as she moved in and out. She reached up and flipped off the blindfold and I looked down to see her smiling at me as she pushed forwards into me. It only really struck me at that moment. I was being fucked.

He was going to pick Alex up from the flat in his car as he headed off to the airport. I was going to follow a bit later as I had to collect Samantha from her flight for our planning meeting. I lay in bed and watched as Alex got ready to leave. I smiled as I remembered the guy who last said that to me; it seemed like half a lifetime ago. I have to tell you, dear reader, that I was sore from last night.

Whatever they tell you, anal sex hurts the first time. Now, my backside and my wound were both aching. I got up and gingerly made my way to the shower. I stood under the hot water for a long time and that began to revive me. Feeling somewhat better, I managed to make some breakfast and texted Areeya asking to find out where she was. She texted back to say she was down at the boat again, supervising the last of the repairs and would be taking Cockatoo 3 out for a short shake down trip; did I want to come with her?

I reminded her I had to meet my colleague from Bangkok today but would Areeya be free to join us for dinner tonight? She said she would be delighted to and I said I would book a table downstairs for 8pm. It was now time to head out to collect Samantha. I slung my laptop over my shoulder, winced as I had forgotten about my side and braced myself for the taxi ride to the airport.

Samui's one runway airport is small and very pretty with the arrivals and departures in typical Thai style buildings and open to the air on all sides. It's a far cry from the usual chrome and glass airports and a perfect way to begin or end a visit to Samui. The flight from Bangkok landed just before 10am and so there I was, holding a hand written sign with Samantha's name.

The plane pulled onto the apron and the passengers piled into the little golf cart affairs that ferry the passengers from the plane to the terminal. As they all came through I realised I wouldn't have much trouble spotting her amongst the returning locals and the shorts and flip flop wearing tourists. Sure enough there was only one potential candidate I could see.

Samantha was wearing a white dress with a red, single buttoned jacket, and carrying a laptop case and a handbag. She was slender and pretty in that English rose, girl next door kind of way. Her hair was done in a business like bob and she looked every inch the business traveller. I momentarily regretted that I had just thrown on my jeans and the Koh Samui Blue t-shirt.

I guess I had slipped into the island way of life too easily. I waved to her and held up the sign. She smiled and walked over to me having picked up her small bag. Pleased to meet you. By the way, it's Sam. I had decided that we would have our meeting there and had pre-booked a small conference room.

As we swerved between cars and overloaded trucks and the ubiquitous small motor bikes carrying entire families, we had a chance to catch up. The doctors say another week and I'll be good to return. Make sure you really are fully recovered. I discovered she was a year younger than me and had joined the company a couple of years back.

She had done her degree at Exeter and taken a gap year travelling in Asia. So she had been familiar with the area and culture already, something the company took into account when asking her to fly out. She was clearly ambitious but also charming and funny. I began to like her straight away. I laughed and said, 'Don't worry; I would have felt exactly the same.

She came back having changed into a pair of shorts and a loose cotton blouse through which I could see a lacy bra. Right from the start Sam seemed very capable and had picked up the project quickly and was obviously on top of things. She complimented me on the plan I had put together and the files she had picked up gave her a good grip of what had already happened.

Of course, I thought to myself, the project plan was pretty good in the first place. However, as was to be expected, fresh issues had come up during the time I had been away, and we got stuck into those. It was good to work with someone as capable as Sam and we made quick progress on problem solving and coming up with some excellent solutions.

We broke for lunch and then worked through to about 4pm. I felt myself flagging by this time and asked if we could call it a day then as I was feeling a little tired. I suggested we regroup tomorrow to finalise the details of the revised plan. Sam, I think, assumed I was tired from the injury, but in reality I was really feeling the effects of my sessions the previous day and night.

She was happy to agree and I told her that dinner would be at Koh Samui Blue tonight. I asked if she minded that I had invited Areeya to join us. Sam said the company would be paying, so why not. Sam wanted to know which hotel I was staying at and I told her that I was staying with the friends I had been on the boat with.

She smacked her head with her hand and said that's where she remembered the name Koh Samui Blue from. It had been mentioned on the news coverage so much at the time. To be honest the bar and restaurant had seen a sizeable increase in business after the incident, so I guess maybe there is no such thing as bad publicity after all. I told her to take a taxi to the bar and I would meet her there.

I took the chance of a quick nap and then went for a walk to stretch my legs. Areeya turned up at 7 and she was very happy with the repairs. She showered and got herself ready. I was treated to a wonderful show as she moved around the flat naked as the day she was born.

Frankly, I could have watched her all night. Precisely at 8, the bar rang to say Samantha had arrived and I popped down to collect her. She had changed into a white linen dress with a lace vee shaped panel around the neck that gave occasional glimpses of her breasts. Out of her business attire, she looked very attractive. She had changed into a dark blue strapless mini dress that clung to her figure.

Sam responded in kind and they smiled at each other. Now, I may be male and, therefore, considered not in any way sensitive to such things but I immediately felt that there was a spark between these two. As I introduced them to each other, they shook hands and it seemed to me that they held the shake a little longer than absolutely necessary. Sam asked for a white wine spritzer and Areeya a vodka martini.

A martini sounds like a great idea. It seems to be a very nice set up. The way their bodies opened up to each other as they chatted and how their leant their heads together as they shared a joke. I began to feel like a third wheel on a bicycle. We moved down to the restaurant and we went to town on the food and drinks.

The food as usual was superb, and the time passed very quickly. Sam was funny about her gap year travels in Asia with one of her girlfriends and Areeya was equally funny about running Cockatoo 2. Areeya said that she ran the bars and Alex, the restaurant. You stitched me up there beautifully.

Just a male student called Alex in that year. I wish they would just leave it all alone. Sam, shall we say 10 tomorrow at your hotel? It was sometime later that I woke and felt the need to go to the toilet. I had forgotten to close the blinds but there was enough moonlight tonight for me not to bother with the lights. I yawned and made my way to the toilet and relieved myself.

It was on the way back that I heard laughter. I stopped and listened and there it was again. The laughter came again and I smiled as I realised it was Areeya and Sam. Go girls, I thought. I was honestly about to turn round when the laughter was replaced by a soft moan.

That got me and I gingerly peeked through the gap. The lights in the room were dimmed but there was enough to see what was going on. Areeya was on her back on the bed with her head up against the headboard with Sam astride her face. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I could not drag my eyes away from what was happening in front of me. Sam was driving her pussy onto Areeya's face and moaning and throwing her head back.

Her breasts were larger than I had thought and the nipples were huge even in this light. I could see Areeya was now using her hands as well as her tongue on Sam's pussy and my ever misbehaving cock started to react as I spied on the two girls. With her left hand she pinched the other nipple and Areeya arched her back and moaned in pleasure. This went on for while and Areeya was getting more and more aroused.

Sam moved around into a 69 with Sam on top and I could see Areeya's hands pulling Sam's pussy onto her face. Both girls were going hard at each other and the sweat was glistening on their bodies in the dim light. I was getting very aroused and found myself rubbing my cock. Sam stopped, turned round and said something to Areeya.

They rearranged themselves on the bed and scissored their legs and Sam began to grind her pussy against Areeya. Sam was now really humping Areeya and she was getting more and more aroused as this went on. Areeya stopped and got off the bed. She moved out of my sight but I could still see Sam lying on the bed using her hand to rub her pussy.

Areeya was still out of my sight when Sam looked up at her and a big smile spread across her face. At that moment Areeya came back into sight and I could see she was wearing an enormous strap on cock. She stopped for a moment in front of Sam who then took the cock into her mouth and started to vigorously suck it.

Areeya flexed her hips and pushed the cock right into Sam's mouth. I was now totally hard and getting more and more aroused by what I was watching. Sam rolled over and went down on her hands and knees. Areeya moved up behind Sam and teased her pussy first with her tongue and then with her fingers.

Areeya finally used the strap on itself, drawing it up and down her slit but Sam was already beginning to move her hips backwards, seemingly desperate now to have the cock inside her. Finally, Areeya lined up and slipped the tip of the cock into Sam's waiting pussy. She teased Sam some more, just easing it in and then moving out again.

She did this a few times and then drove the cock hard into Sam who moaned loudly this time and Areeya threw a nervous glance towards the door and I stepped back quickly to avoid being seen. Areeya was now fucking Sam hard with the strap on and Sam was bucking her hips and pushing back hard on the cock.

Areeya could now fuck Sam with the cock and kiss her at the same time. She was now on the edge of coming, Areeya increased the rhythm even more and Sam tensed, arched her back and groaned as her orgasm shook her body. It was at this precise moment that Areeya looked up, stared straight into my eyes and winked.

Areeya must have seen me when she glanced at the door. Either that or she was some kind of a witch. I made it back to bed and managed to fall asleep but slept fitfully for the rest of the night. I can remember having one dream where I was running down the strip in Lamai with Areeya chasing me wearing a gargantuan strap on. I hoped she had gone back to the hotel because otherwise it might be one of those slightly difficult conversations over breakfast.

I just had enough time to grab some coffee and breakfast before I headed out to meet Sam at her hotel. We said hi and I asked how the trip to Cockatoo went and she said they had a great time. Sam had met Pao there who she said seemed very fond of me for some reason.

Your friend Alex has been rumbled. I told you that a journalist from a local paper where you went to Uni spoke to me about you, and they mentioned Alex. They also know that you shared a house together at Uni. He was convinced there was a funny story - his words not mine - in this.

He did say though that they would come back to it once they had more facts. I appreciate it, and at least forewarned is forearmed. Did you say anything to Areeya? We worked on until lunch and then decided that was as much as we could achieve for now. Sam would have to go back to Bangkok and make the changes we had agreed and then we would see what else needed to be done.

I managed to get her on an earlier flight and we went up the airport together. I had really enjoyed working with her and she said she felt the same. I asked if she had enjoyed the island and she paused for a moment, looked as if she was going to say something, but then changed her mind. But her cheeks had gone a lovely shade of pink.

She said she had loved it and had enjoyed the dinner and meeting Areeya too. She said she was already planning to come back for a longer stay as a vacation. I managed to keep a straight face. We cheek kissed goodbye and then she was off to her plane. I was a loose end and as Areeya was out at Cockatoo I thought I would wander down there have a drink or two, get some food at one better places Areeya had told me about and come back for some time on the laptop.

Cockatoo was heaving when I got there, the bar girls were all busy and there was no sign of Pao. I saw Areeya for a few minutes but she seemed up to her ears in stuff, so I sat on a bar stool with a cold Leo beer and watched the world go by. It gave me some time to think about what Sam had said about Alex.

We kissed for a while, our tongues fencing and I was squeezing Alex's breasts as her hands were caressing my backside. It was painful this time as well and I heard myself grunt as she pushed her cock deeper inside me. I was very fond of her, especially as she kept my glass topped up with scotch. I circled her rosebud with my fingers and then slid one and then two fingers inside. I put my heart and soul on the line for you, I was happy here and I risked all that to see if I could chase a dream. AnikaFall It felt liberating for someone more dominant to be in charge. It seems that we have a few small, shall we say, issues, in Bangkok that require your specialist knowledge.

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