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April Fools revamped model. View all news. Nevertheless there are still cases of acceptance between the two; for instance, the Horde aligned Earthen Ring has accepted draenei and Broken shamans to heal Outland. They will take any risk to see an orc killed. With Illidan's help they fought back to retake their ancestral lands, and hoped that they would end their curse forever.

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The Aldor and Scryers immediately dropped their petty bickering and differences and threw themselves into the creation of the Shattered Sun Offensive at the behest of the naaru. This is where the line blurs even further between the two races — both worked together, as one, to take back the Isle of Quel'danas , and both encouraged Alliance and Horde to work together. And it was by working together that the Shattered Sun Offensive succeeded in retaking the Isle and to prevent Kil'jaeden's return.

M'uru, who had become a darkened naaru and perished, however Velen appeared shortly thereafter and uses the naaru M'uru's "spark" to reignite the Sunwell, returning the blood elves' "fount of power. This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King. There are a few draenei in Northrend.

They also make a presence at the Argent Tournament later on. The sudden absence of the draenei is explained in Borean Tundra, where draenei that have traveled to Northrend are told that there's no need for them in the north, due to the meddling of the Cult of the Damned. This section concerns content related to Cataclysm. Avuun has faith that there is a way to bring the Lost Ones back from the brink and find a way to cure the fel energies that have consumed them.

The foul energies that corrupted them did more than twist their bodies - it took the comfort of the Light from them so they cannot feel its warmth. As Magtoor passed away and Avuun thought that the Light forsake the innocent a portal from the Exodar opened and Prophet Velen stepped through. Velen explained that the Light wishes suffering on none, but it does not reign unopposed in our realm.

As Magtoor had embraced his plight bravely he was ready to return to the embrace of the Light [49]. At some point, a group of young draenei moved into the Hinterlands under the lead of Ambassador Rualeth. While some of them are seen in the Aerie Peak , others moved to the Quel'Danil lodge. As part of the Forsaken offensive in all the continent, the lodge came under attack. With the help of adventurers, the Highvale high elves and the draenei settlers were able to repel the invaders.

This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor. The draenei from an alternate timeline were a major Alliance force during the events of Warlords of Draenor , which took place in the alternate version of past Draenor, roughly 35 years in the past. The Iron Horde onslaught threatened draenei cities such as Karabor and Shattrath City and the cornered draenei aligned themselves with the Alliance expedition from Azeroth in order to stop the advancing orcish armies.

Maraad also made his return as one of the key characters of the Alliance forces in Old Draenor. This section concerns content related to Legion. Please add any available information to this section. After the disastrous Battle for the Broken Shore , many of Azeroth 's greatest defending factions such as the Alliance , Horde , and the Argent Crusade were diminished from their defeat by the Burning Legion.

Fortunately, class orders have emerged to take up the fight against the Burning Legion and have rallied together to form the Armies of Legionfall. Prophet Velen became a prominent leader of the Armies of Legionfall and under his guidance, the Armies of Legionfall orchestrated some impressive victories against the Legion during their Assault on Broken Shore.

Khadgar and his class order leaders secured Light's Heart and traveled to the Exodar to get the naaru O'ros to unlock the message. The draenei and the Legionfall champions fended off the Legion incursion and were forced to slay Rakeesh, much to Velen's sorrow. Still, this trespass by the Legion has solidified Velen's resolve to strike back against the Burning Legion. The Armies of Legionfall were able to unlock Xe'ra's message of Illidan Stormrage being a foretold person of importance in the Legion's defeat, and worked to revive the fallen demon hunter.

After which, Illidan, Khadgar, and Velen led an army of Legionfall champions against the Legion's forces in the Tomb of Sargeras in order to sever the Legion's connection to Azeroth. The Armies of Legionfall managed to defeat the Legion forces at Sargeras's tomb and dissipate the Felstorm , but Velen was not satisfied with the strategic victory and pursued Kil'jaeden to his command ship.

The Legionfall champions followed suit, resulting in Velen and the Legionfall champions slaying Kil'jaeden and ending his evil once and for all. The Legionfall champions returned to Azeroth to celebrate the blow dealt to the Legion. Yet Khadgar was dismayed that Illidan had forced their hands into immediately following up their victory with an invasion of the Legion's homeworld, Argus , since Illidan had left a rift from Azeroth to Argus open.

After the Burning Legion's attack on the Exodar , the draenei have been hard at work preparing to return to Argus. The draenei had completed the construction of the Vindicaar , a ship to transport the heroes of Azeroth to invade the Legion's homeworld. The draenei then spearheaded the Argus Campaign , and together with the Vindicaar's forces, they reunited with their long lost kin: These disparate factions eventually rallied to form a resistance against the Burning Legion in Argus.

Ultimately, the Vindicaar' s forces launched an attack on the Legion's capital, Antorus , in order to free the Pantheon and Argus's world-soul from the Burning Legion's subversion. The Pantheon was eventually freed and the Vindicaar's champions slew Argus the Unmaker , the dark titan created from Argus's world-soul. With Argus's world-soul destroyed, the Legion's armies could no longer regenerate their fallen and were thus broken.

The draenei returned to Azeroth along with the rest of Azeroth's defenders, and celebrated their costly victory. It is revealed however, that the Argus Campaign had diminished the draenei greatly. This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth. When Azerite elicited a world wide war between the Alliance and the Horde , the draenei were called once again to defend the Alliance.

While the draenei of Azeroth once again supported the Alliance in the Blood War , the draenei from alternate Draenor have been busy consolidating the religion of the Light 's influence in their timeline. Emboldened by High Exarch Yrel 's visions, the alternate draenei began a crusade to convert all of alternate Draeneor's population to the Light — by force if necessary.

The draenei culture is centered around two things: The first is the result of their unique relationship with the naaru, while the second is the path that the eredar have always followed. As a result, draenei usually choose religious professions, such as priests or paladins , or magical ones, such as the mage.

Some draenei such as the Auchenai have even mastered the art of talking to the dead. A few have started to follow the path of the shaman under the guidance of Farseer Nobundo. As a people, the draenei have devoted themselves to preparing for the day when they will join the Army of the Light , when they will finally take the fight back to the Burning Legion and atone for the sins of their man'ari brethren.

In spite of this overarching goal, the draenei still lead personal lives and pursue their own interests, just as other races do. As far as interracial relations go, the draenei still distrust or in some cases hate the orcs after having lost so many of their kind when the orcs turned on them. Certain characteristics of modern orcs, such as their still-green skin and the fact that some still practice warlock magic though their new allies, the humans and the gnomes, are also guilty of this , as well as personal grudges on both sides, make the road to forgiveness difficult, regardless of whatever peace initiatives Velen or Thrall are willing to launch.

Nevertheless there are still cases of acceptance between the two; for instance, the Horde aligned Earthen Ring has accepted draenei and Broken shamans to heal Outland. The draenei are also coming to loathe the blood elves, due to the unprovoked assault on Tempest Keep by the blood elves under Kael'thas and their new methods of feeding their magical addiction. They do see that not all blood elves serve Kael'thas and even Velen himself has forebodingly told of the redemption of the elven race in the Sunwell Plateau epilogue.

As with any other races though, there are people among them that have strong opinions and beliefs based on first impressions: Despite the help offered by the Scryers and Naaru 's acceptance of them the Aldor are in strict competition with them, going so far as not to associate at all with those who have chosen to side with the Scryers.

Early overtures of friendship with the Alliance had been met with varying degrees of success. Many of the Alliance races have trouble distinguishing the draenei from the man'ari eredar who nearly brought about their destruction. The night elves in particular have twice suffered heavily at the hands of Archimonde. However, the draenei are quickly being accepted by most races, and ambassadors from the Exodar have been welcomed into the Alliance's halls of power — even those of the night elves, where a draenei emissary stands at the right of Tyrande herself.

Draenei do not often have children because they are so long-lived. The draenei favor graceful crystalline weapons and sculptured armor. The draenei built Auchindoun to protect and shield the souls of their dead from their eternal enemies: The draenei have learned to shape crystals for all kinds of purposes ranging from power containment to data storage.

The draenei at the Temple of Sha'naar would often mine the mountains of Tanaan for perfect crystals to power their arcane devices [66] and channel their magics. The engineers of the draenei are known as the Artificers , and on Draenor were led by Exarch Hataaru. The Artificers excelled in working with arkonite crystals.

However, the technology available now is only a shadow of what the draenei had on Argus. The souls of the greatest warriors of the draenei may be called upon for one final service as they stand on the precipice of the afterlife: Contrary to popular belief, the dimensional ships used by the draenei, such as Tempest Keep and its satellites, were not created by the draenei themselves.

They are actually an example of naaru technology. All draenei settlements make excellent cheese, but only the Telmor - Aruuna farming region of Talador can lay claim to the original recipe. Talbuks are the favored food of the draenei. Draenei is the name of the official language used by all types of draenei from Outland or Azeroth , [72] including Broken , Lost Ones and uncorrupted draenei.

It is likely most of the language is derived from the original dialect of Eredun. In World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade , they also speak Common. Many high-ranking draenei who have been in contact with orcs before their corruption also know Orcish. Before the slaughter of the draenei on Draenor, there were orcs who learned Draenei to facilitate trade between the two races; [73] the reverse could also be plausible.

Though the draenei rely on the Prophet Velen 's leadership and guidance, the administration of the Exiled Ones' society on Draenor was run by the Council of Exarchs. This body, called the "Hand of the Prophet", was formed by the heads of various fields of draenei society and they voted on bureaucratic matters.

The Exarch Council consisted of:. Following the destruction of Draenor and collapse of draenei society, the Exarch Council appears to have become obsolete. The Triumvirate of the Hand may be some form of replacement for it to at least some extent. The draenei of Shadowmoon Valley were also ruled by prelate administrators.

Draenei tower at around 7—8 feet tall. Their blood is also blue. They can also have horns or forehead plates on their heads. While males have tendrils growing out from their chin and neck, female tendrils are thinner and grow from behind their ears. According to Beezil Linkspanner , draenei females are obsessed with the way their horns look, and find ways to reduce "horn shedding or something".

Their eyes glow many shades of blue or purple. Lightforged draenei eyes glow yellow. When draenei die, the glow fades away. Patient and strong, the elekk exemplify the draenei attitude towards the hardships of life. In addition to elekk, many draenei on Draenor have been shown to ride enormous faerie dragons , and Azerothian draenei commonly use hippogryphs to travel quickly through the air.

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All the way through. AlinaAngel Smoothly manipulated from a state of wary acceptance into blind rage and blood lust, the orcs attacked the draenei. Vindicator Maraad. Draenei do not often have children because they are so long-lived. League of legends. Learn More. It's possible it is also related to magic, as he's depicted casting a spell in his artwork.

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Races Classes Talents. Prophet Velen became a prominent leader of the Armies of Legionfall and under his guidance, the Armies of Legionfall orchestrated some impressive victories against the Legion during their Assault on Broken Shore.

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