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I am planning to get laid on each day. Park as near as you can to bridge; then follow foot traffic bridge over to mexico. Chicago ; It has the least amount of women and probably the lowest quality top to bottom. I now know what hugh Hefner feels like when he's surrounded by his group of hotties. Different levels of stages and shows.

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Starting June 21 in NYC. All Professional Homemade. Duration minutes. All HD. Most Relevant. BC MEX Hongkong teen in skirt fucked 1. Tijuana adelitas K views. Tijuana Hooker Rides Cock K views. Tijuana Escorts Hong kong Tijuana Inside Tijuana Clubs K views.

Just remember if you take a girl in there and want to leave and return that when you register you need to register your name and her name with an "e" in between your names. Example "your name e her name". I tend to have extensive stamina. The normal hotel fee is only good for a half hour, so you should talk to the girl in advance if you want to negotiate a different arrangement.

I know you can book the room for the night, but the girl is going to have to agree to stay longer than the normal 30 minutes, and that may be difficult if there's a language barrier. I would recommend against getting a hotel room for the night. I did that once, and the room I got was smaller than the usual room, with what looked like a full size bed instead of a queen, and it was missing the usual extra towels.

It was nice to be able to just head back up to a room with a girl, skipping the stop to pay for a room. In the future, I'll just get the half-hour rooms instead. Peter, can you or any of your readers offer any update on the opportunities for couples? I'd assume lap dances would be no problem, but what if my girl wants more? I can recommend 1 lady at Hong Kong. Evelyn is usually there from 1: If she is not there, she will be at the Fruteria Acuario Restaurant, located about 1 bock east on the opposite side of the street.

She is flexible on joining customers at a local hotel. She speaks some English. For anyone reading this and wondering, my husband and I went and the girls are very open to other girls touching them. I was propositioned many times to touch, finger, use the dildo, make out and I took them up on it! So I think many would be game to go upstairs and do this as well.

Hello, Excellent review! Made the first time visit down there much easier. Some tips for other first time travelers: Money Amount - US dollars will cover a full night of debauchery and fun with plenty to spare. Dont exchange money; everyone accepts USD currency; and prevents you from having to do math. Be sure to bring change; they like to plan I have no change game. Park as near as you can to bridge; then follow foot traffic bridge over to mexico.

After you arrive in mexico you will see a cab stand; about 5 min drive to clubs. I opted for solo ride; they tend to buddy people up at stands. Donde nos den servicio completo a nosotras. Ik so after visiting Thailand last month, I am going to try out tj.

Thanks for the input guys! Great review and guide. Do you know if any of the girls would allow you to take photo's or film when you take them to a room? And Don"t forget to negotiate a good deal- I have gotten girls in Hong Kong for as little as 20 and the most I pay is the most I have ever paid is 60, but most will go with you for and these girls are not dogs- their elegant and beautiful- and far as eating their pussey, I don"t fuck them unless I can eat their pussy.

I definately want to go with mu husband. Will the girl give me and my husband both some head? Girls allow full contact. Both places have beautiful girls and willing. Came on you know that anything goes on in honk kong you have the money they will do anything for you. I have seen plenty of girl customers at HK.

The n stage dancers usually let them get more for their dollar. There are 2 types though. There are the dancers and there are the nes who are there for bjs and bangin. You can usually tell whos what by their personality. The dancers walk around with a more upbeat vibe whereas the others just knda stand around. If you make eye contact with them, theyll approach you and ask if you want private services and dancers will ask for a drink.

I the I find i get better value when buying them a drink. If you pick the right one she will dance for you the whole time and give you a handy even. Also it helps if youre there in the later hours because some of them have a buzz goin and will be more generous. What i can also reccmend is going with a group and buying a bottle. Split the cost. They brng a girl for each of you sometimes you get an extra.

Just pour them drinks. And like someone already said, forget about the kidnapping stories. They dnt just kidnap any random person. All that shit is planned and they fuck with people related to whoever is their rival or can get them what they want. And cops only fuck with those who get stupid and beligerent. So dont be. Oh and dont mess with the girls.

If they say no walk away. Then you have to deal with shit. And if you walk around and grab an ass without tipping, dont be surprised if you get 5 to the face. Hope this helped. Gringos, dont be afraid to check this place out. Safe, like yeah! There are numerous policemen about especially at night, just don't do anything stupid, be respectful, also best to stay sober.

During the daylight I walk from the border to HK no problem. Also, I get a room and enjoy the company of several senorita s as its a long trip. Glad I don't live in San Diego, I would be there every weekend. Ohhh, the border crossing is horribly long, like often an hour line to get back to U.

I go to HK quite often and have for over 10yrs. It is good for entertainment, it is the biggest, most modern bar with the most girls. The strip show and shaving cream shows are unmatched. Adelita's is older and darker. I have found that HK and Adelita's have a lot of competition.

The street girl price is fixed-or a flat price, no negotiating, I don't know why but they keep it cheap. Personally I like to search for new talent in other bars. I have found young ones yrs old just starting out looking for experience before going to HK or just needing to make a quick buck, and have had excellent results.

Nothing like hammering a fresh-faced 18yr old and hear her moaning with delight, sometimes only her second lover, and dropping a load on her tummy. If you like it covered you have a lot of options. Just walk down the street The rooms are cheap enough by the half hour that I don't think there's any real advantage to staying there for the night.

I'd rather just pay for those rooms as needed and go somewhere nicer like Hotel Pueblo Amigo or Hotel Ticuan if I were going to stay in Tijuana for the night. As far as uncovered services go, you can probably get some of the girls to give blowjobs without a condom if you're fluent in Spanish and are willing to pay a little more, but your best bet for that is probably to get a girl from cumintj.

If you're talking about uncovered full service, though, do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay home. To each his own. They just have to like and trust you. I don't get your advice to do everyone a favor and stay home. Just because they will do it with me that way doesn't mean they will do the same with others. Come on man.. I would like to recommend a contact at Hong Kong.

Evelyn moved from Adelita's about 1 year ago. I am commenting because I can no longer physically nor financially continue my time with her. Evelyn is normally there from 1: It is located about 1 block east on the opposite side of the street orange storefront.

I normally went with her to a local hotel when she was not at Hong Kong. She speaks some English, but the other restaurant employees speak Spanish only. Highly endorsed. I agree with the comments that Adelita's is the place to go rather than Hong Kong. But, to suggest that there is no place else on the planet quite like the Hong Kong Club, demonstrates a high level of naivety.

It applies to the entire city, but Pattaya specifically can't possibly be explained in words. It really must be experienced to appreciate. I'm not sure who your comment is directed towards, but no one has suggested that Hong Kong is the best adult establishment in the world. I completely agree with your recommendation of Thailand for anyone who has time to take a 20 hour plane ride, but Hong Kong and Adelita are still both great clubs that are about as good as you're going to find in North America.

As a strip club, Hong Kong is actually better than anywhere that I've gone in Bangkok, but the Bangkok clubs are better for finding a girl for sex, particularly if you want to take a girl for the whole night. Either way, I think any guy should be able to have a great time at any if these establishments.

Peter have you been to the other clubs near hk along the alley? A friend told me, its cheaper and u can find hot chicks as well, also so you get ur dollars worth, my concern is the safty any in sight on that. I've stopped by a few of the bars along the back alley for a beer or two, but I havn't seen anything there that motivated me to stay beyond that.

It seemed safe enough during the day, but there's no one watching out for Americans to make sure that you don't attract the wrong king of attention like they do at Hong Kong and Adelita. Those girls and the girls standing along the back alley are definitely cheaper than the girls at the big bars, but I'd insist that they use the Cascadas hotel if you want to take any of them out rather than going to a room of their choosing.

I'm sure few if any of then would have someone waiting in the room to jump you, but you might as well eliminate the possibility since Cascadas is only a few bucks and is guaranteed to be safe. Good luck. I've been to one of these underground places a few blocks from Revolucion. Was with a few guys and we took a cab so wasn't really worried or anything.

So it was supposedly a massage parlor, this driver told us. We go in, they line a few girls up, and that was it It was really classy, actually, but you can't hear it from the upstairs, and I would have never known it was down there. I'm not sure why it's "hidden". Anyway, the girls were not hotter than HK.

Not even close. They were decent. Maybe slightly better than the average TJ club, but nothing like HK. Thanks for the excellant tips and advice, Peter. I will be staying in TJ for 3 nights next month. Unfortunately my trip dictates that i will be there monday to thursday. Is it still worth visiting on these week nights or is there a better place for a bit of mid-week action?

Spent the last 4yrs trawling asia thailand, specifically and quite looking forward to a change of scene with some mexican beauties. Hong Kong and Adelita should both be worth visiting any night of the week. They'll have slightly less girls than they would on the weekend, but the number of customers drops off too so you'll have less guys to compete with for the ladies' attention.

That's not to say that they're quiet during the week, though. My most recent visit was on a Wednesday night, and Hong Kong was still standing room only on the main floor. These bars probably won't stack up to what you're used to finding in Thailand since you can't take the girls back to your own hotel and most services have a 30 minute time limit, but the talent should still be good enough for you to have a great time.

Have fun, and let me know how it goes. What about Anal and Femdom. Do any of the girls at Hong Kong let you put it in their butt? Do any of them use toys or have strap-ons if you wanted to experience pegging with a girl? I figure if your going to pay you might as well ask for things that you usually cant get from other women. I've always wanted to be pegged by a girl just to experience it once.

If anyone knows the answer to these questions please respond on this posting or to my email at Secret4R yahoo. Is this one you "bust a nut" your done even if the 30 minutes its not over yet or can you bust several nuts? Yeah I was wondering that as well. Fortunately or unfortunately I suppose , I don't have this problem, but I'm pretty sure they're gonna clean up and start to leave when you finish.

I live in San Diego -- Lucky me. I also travel to Thailand every year. How lucky can you get? I went to this place last night. God damn. I've never seen so many gorgeous women in one place If you're there most of the night you'll see different girls all night. I went upstairs with an EASY dime She was also very polite and sweet, no attitude whatsoever. Oh my god I spent wayyyy too much money last night.

But it's the next day, I'm sober, and I don't even care because it was totally worth it. My experience has been similar to most of the posts. I live in SD and go down 2 or 3 times per month. I have picked up 10's on the street on occasion, and also in both clubs HK and AD. She works days around the corner from Adelita's off Constitution.

She has long, thick straight hair, a beautiful face, and a set of tits and legs to die for. In general, the club scene has shifted to HK, but I still check out Adelita's. I think HK has more 9's and 10's and don't think there is much difference in the services at either club. You can get anything you can negotiate. Went to HK at 3 this afternoon and Shadow was dancing on the back stage.

A beauty with the muscle tone of an Olympic gymnast and nice firm c breasts. Her ass is extremely tone and you can see every muscle in it when she is spinning along with her chiseled abs. She has an amazing smile and long beautiful hair. We clicked well. She is worth a trip up stairs. Her pussy control was astonishing.

I could feel her trying to squeeze the cum out of me. A 10 in my book. Adelitas Club is great also but is just way super crowded.

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There are three levels, which helps spread people out on peak nights. What keeps me coming back is that there always seem to be so many girls here and many are very pretty. The dancers walk around with a more upbeat vibe whereas the others just knda stand around. If you tip them, you're pretty much allowed to touch them anywhere you want.

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Offering some female input, I have been to Hong Kong with my boyfriend about 10 or so times over about 7 years, last there a few months ago. Arizona June 11, at 6: The strip show and shaving cream shows are unmatched. I'll update the.

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