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She could see her brother, sitting on the sidewalk, next to two body bags, which contained her friends. But this time she did not want to do any of the things you normally did not, this time wanted to read for the thousandth time "the origin of Jeff The Killer" creepypasta adored her, but that was his favorite, he felt a strange attraction to him, admiration more than anything. Grid View List View. I feel more new than ever, and start a new life Chris nodded in fear as he covered with sheets. Nina looks up at you to see how you react, and seeming happy with your emotionless expression, she goes on. Cool blawg XD can I have headcanons for a sleepover with the pastas?

Nina The Killer

Everything was the same until Exe began to manipulate her, speaking to her through her mind, when she would sleep Exe would invade her dreams and tell her to commit murder to those she despised, he wanted her to go insane And possibly meet the beast when she runs away. She started to act like him: The bullying, cutting herself, and so on. The last thing he watched her do, is when she killed someone.

After that, she ended up going to an Asylum. Exe later burned down the asylum, using bleach and alcohol, Nina was burned and later allowed Exe to give her a "makeover", by cutting a smile into her face. Nina broke out and became a serial killer, killing her victims with the catchphrase "Sleep eternally".

Jeff is Nina's beloved boyfriend, they first met when Nina had broke into someone's house and murdered them, Jeff stood in the doorway, clapping, until they both introduced themselves and Jeff took her back to the Creepypasta dimension. A few years later they fell in love each over and confessed their love, and have been a murderous couple ever since.

Nina has been loyal to all five but mostly to Exe, as he was the one who made her who she is now. Nina is considered to be the nosy one out of the crew, often curious about what the others are doing, she even likes to steal some of Eyeless Jack's kidneys. Nina wears a purple sweater, with a red skirt, a red bow, black and red socks, and converse for shoes.

She has a pink piece of hair that she colored herself as well as black fingernails. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Related Pages. Homicidal liu Fictional Character. Jeff the kiler Pet. Nina the killer Entertainment Website. Jeffrey Woods - the killer Artist. De jeff the kiler Public Figure.

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Nina The Killer Entertainment Website. Jane The Killer Artist.

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I FEEL ecxelente! It wasn't long before she passed out. Jeff has extremely pale skin and burnt off eyelids, giving him an even more ghostly appearance. Never able to forget that look

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  • In various fan depictions, he's typically portrayed in his late teens or early twenties.
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