Calling A Girl Hot

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Ask Others. Big Red: He could be the captain of your heart. The sexual implications for this one will make him smile. What do guys mean when they call girls hot?

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And -- more importantly -- she doesn't have to. Think about Jennifer Aniston on "Friends. At the same time, she's also a straight dime. She's usually the main attraction at the bar. She has a presence. Naturally, when a woman has all of the physical assets that men look for, that's sexy in a more explicit sense. The sexy woman might be the one at the bar who you want to take home for the night, but the beautiful one is the one you want to hold down.

Here are the answers that guys gave:. He is your friend and wants you to know that you are working it in whatever you are wearing. He is your support system; your guy BFF. He wants you to know that you are super gorgeous and deserve to be told so. This guy typically helps you set relationship goals for dating.

Just with other people. He is trying to relax you on your first date by complimenting you in a way that will make you smile. If he follows his statement up with more light-hearted conversation, then he is into you. He is saying that your body and looks are smoking! This means that he is enjoying looking at you and is the equivalent of saying you are sexy.

When he uses it this way, you typically know it and that it means only one thing. And thank goodness because how could you live without his approval? He knows you well and is saying that you, as a person, are hot! He likes everything about you including your personality, looks, and heart.

This guy is interested in more than a one-night stand or a little flirting.

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The next time you find yourself in a situation where a guy is calling you hot, you will have a repertoire of information to apply. That will let you know how to respond to his comment as well.

Remember that the most important piece of information for you to consider is how you feel about what he is saying. That means I'm both face but not body. But hey my body's good too xD. I think it means beautiful in the way you present yourself? To me, cute is someone likable, but not necessarily good looking. Or short girls that are friendly, but I'd not be interested in dating.

Hot is someone I find very physically attractive, like a gorgeous tall girl. Whether I'd like her in non-sexual ways too, depends on her personality. Pretty - girl that looks better than a girl who is merely cute. General term for a good looking girl. Sexy - same as hot. Cute girls are these sweet girls that you just have to hug like a teddybear and you can't stop smiling.

Everybody loves a cute girl. Hot and sexy girls are a little bit more dangerous, and you look at them with a evil smile thinking about all the naughty things you are gonna do to her. Beautiful girls are more graceful and classy. Pretty self explanatory. Or is there no difference? Share Facebook. What is the difference between calling girls cute, hot, pretty, sexy, etc?

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Once you break her open, she starts to come out of her shell. A perfect name for your sweetheart. Being a girl i just have to step in. Pudding Pop: There are so many sexual undertones with this one. If you are dating your hero, use this nickname.

What is the difference between calling girls cute, hot, pretty, sexy, etc?:

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