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Hillary looked into her mother's kind eyes. Her face framed in long flowing red hair that draped over her huge breast that were larger than Hillary's. The weight of her plump round body made a crater in the bed around where she sat. She was at least a hundred pounds heavier than Hillary. Hillary cleared her throat, then said,"I liked it when he was a jerk to me.

I know it doesn't make sense but he made me feel special. I was his fat piggy. I have been with a lot of men who enjoyed it when I treated them cruelly. I have been with men that wanted me to call them names, slap them, spit on them, make them worship my feet They licked your feet? I don't know why, but it made me feel safe.

Hillary felt the warmth of her mother's plump warm body engulfing her. She kissed her mother's cheek, she didn't want to let go. She felt her pussy getting warm. Martha also felt a hot sensation between her legs. The aroma of her Mother's dirty, sweaty feet made her body tingle, " Now take off your bra and panties and lick Mommy's feet like a good piggy.

Then she stood up and peeled off her panties revealing her smooth clean shaven pussy. Martha grinned at her daughter who cuddled up around her smelly feet and began to gently lick her toes. She felt her warm wet tongue sliding between each toe as she sucked them one by one as if they were tiny cocks. Martha wiggled out of her shirt and her huge tits rolled free.

Hillary looked up at her mother as she sucked her toes.

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She noticed her mother big round nipples. As she did , she noticed the thick red bush of pubic hair around her mother's pussy. The musty, tangy flavor filled her palette as her Mother's nectar oozed into her mouth. Hillary's tongue navigated the folds of her Mother's pussy with slow natural passes with the tip of her tongue.

She felt her Mother's thighs quiver again her face, as she slipped her tongue underneath her Mother's clit. Hillary popped her head up from between her Mother's thighs and said," Mommy, will you sit on my face I want to taste your ass? She felt Hillary's tongue tickling her ass,"Lick Mommy's dirty ass you filthy piggy.

She felt her Mother's fingers gently stroking her pussy, causing her head to tingle. Hillary pushed the tip of her tongue into her Mother's ass, "Mmm piggy, go deep into Mommy's ass. She licked the turd that was hiding in her Mother's ass, which made her feel like a real pig. She struggled to go deep as possible licking around the log.

She wondered if her Mother knew what she was doing in her ass. Hillary spit a mouthful of saliva into her Mother's ass, then wrapped her lips around her rectum and sucked causing the turd to slide down. Martha panicked, when she realized she about to shit in her daughter's mouth, not knowing that Hillary was purposely sucking it out of her.

She began to raise her ass from her daughter's face, but then realized it was too late, she felt the turd dropping out landing in Hillary's mouth. Martha slid down and looked at Hillary, who was holding her turd in her teeth, "I am sorry I didn't mean Martha used two fingers and gently lifted it from her daughter's lips,"Do you like eating shit?

Martha placed the piece of shit in on Hillary's tongue. Hillary closed her eyes, the rolled the turd around in her mouth savoring the flavor. A warm calm washed over her as she chewed the bitter chocolatey treat, then swallowed it. She opened her eyes and stuck out her tongue,"Piggy wants to eat more?

Hillary closed her eyes, chewed and swallowed it, "Mommy this is the best Valentine's candy ever! Nicky Ferrari ep I'm running for you to punish you! Hidden cam. My sister fingering and farting in toilet. It was a wonderful party, but I really have to get away because of an intestinal virus Pretty blonde farts in dress.

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