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Fuck yeah fistbumps. Man, Palm really cleans up well. First time was in Japan, second time it's here in America. Morel is the coolest. An incredible addition to your sexy figure collection.

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Depending on how deep one goes into the weeds on cryptids, there are some trail camera images which supposedly show examples of Tasmanian Tigers in the wild in the present day, but the majority of the zoological community accepts that they became extinct in So, unless decades of researchers are wrong, shenanigans that our duo would see one that wasn't a taxidermy sample, sculpture, photograph, or artist's rendering.

SC - Ice's Stand power is formidable, but I don't like that it enables him to be a coward, hiding during most of a battle. I do like that at least the face of his Stand must emerge for him to see his surroundings, since he's in a pocket dimension when hiding. He was lucky that Jean didn't go for a bifurcating slash after stabbing him through the mouth.

Jean really dropped the ball there. Iggy's sand-double ruse was worth a try, but it got him beaten badly. Actually, I'm amazed Iggy is still alive. He is a tiny dog, and his hemoglobin is likely low from losing part of his leg against Pet Shop, and now here he was kicked repeatedly by someone who was muscular even when human, but now that attacker also has vampire strength on top of it.

I think that even the first kick should've broken several bones and ruptured organs, and the damage to soft vital tissues would've been greater with each successive kick. Iggy should've been killed after no more than five kicks. Jean was clever to figure out a way to detect the void sphere in the room, but he did his lungs no favors in it.

I'll admit my initial thought about the search spiral of death was that Ice was trying to make that part of the roof collapse on Iggy and Jean. However, that could be a problem for Ice. Since damage inflicted on a Stand transfers to its User, then wouldn't, say, energetic exposure also transfer?

If the roof did collapse on Iggy and Jean, then sunlight might be shining on what was left of the roof of the room. If sunlight were to touch Ice's Stand, then wouldn't it be possible for the effect of that energy to transfer to Ice? Well, collapsing the roof wasn't Ice's objective, so I guess this is a moot point, but it is an interesting thing to consider.

Perhaps now that Jean has been taken into the pocket dimension, we'll get to see whether he and Avdol are truly dead. I hope not. HxH - Yeah, yeah. The C. King is good at difficult board games. I get a feeling he'll lose to this blind kid repeatedly in this latest game in the coming episode s.

Meleoron's secret power is impressive, and I like that he used his more readily notable invisibility to keep his secret power secret. However, it being limited by how long he can hold his breath is a problem, especially since he's taken up smoking. I do like that he's motivated to kill the C. King to avenge Peggy, because of who Peggy's human source material was to Meleoron's human source material.

It is an interesting point that he can recall memories of who that human was and identifies as still being that person. Meleoron's point about trusting Gon being different than trusting someone Gon trusts is a good one, but Gon had a good way to address it - talk to Knuckle for himself. BC - Mumbles? That observation diary is more than a little creepy.

Give up on Sister Lily. She doesn't want you, and you've met at least two females who are interested, even though one won't admit it to herself. This episode glossed over that Yuno gained Sylph as a magical familiar. Shippuden - I'm fine with Kakashi looking for Sakura to talk her down in order to save her life.

The obvious answer as to where Danzo got all those eyes is from the corpses of the slain Uchiha Clan members. Whether the obvious answer is the correct one is uncertain. I think we still need confirmation from Danzo about it. If Karin and Sauce were in some kind of genjutsu cast by Danzo, wouldn't it be possible for the genjutsu to mess with her chakra detection and reading capabilities so that she wouldn't be able to discern that it was a genjutsu?

Something strange must be happening for Danzo to keep coming back unscathed after Sauce delivers a notable wound to to him. I saw it too, Karin. Implanted eyes on Danzo's arm keep closing, as if they're getting tired. I take that as an indication of how much chakra he's using.

If memory serves, Itachi's crows were indicative of him using a genjutsu. I don't see any reason the same wouldn't be true of Sauce now. SD - The turntable Dandy used to play his interdimensional record was a good model, since it could rotate in both directions. The stellar wind from Planet Grease's star could've easily blown away the dust and debris from it, meaning it wouldn't necessarily reform at that orbit, or at least as a planet of the same size.

Lupin - Even if Lupin was rendered as a zombie for the release of Rebecca's movie, the raw footage would still have his likeness, and there would be at least one person on the digital artistry crew who would've seen and worked with that footage, meaning they would know his visage and could've saved some of that raw footage to give to law enforcement, were that artist aware of Lupin's reputation.

Yamcha stealing home with his infamous death pose, or all of 18's dry comments. Now that's funny. The finale was awesome and all, and I don't regret it, but I still feel there's a lot of loose ends hanging. How did Canti get captured by Amarao's son and the eyepatch geezer anyways?

How'd the Rickenbacker get sucked up into the Immigration Lost and Found satellite? What exactly was Aiko's deal outside of serving as communications between ground and space for her associates? Kind of disappointing, really. Here's to hoping the rest of Alternative turns out better, if only slightly.

Huh, didn't expect them to censor the S-bomb. Ah well, I like how they made the bleep sound like part of the game, though. At least she stopped dying when her ghost's ghost spawned its own ghost. Popuko's anger issues are the best. As stupid as Pop Team Epic is, at least it isn't this fucking Airheads commercial.

That half-assed donkey impression. Who cares about dingos, amirite? Just like in Japanese, the male version of the song is superior, sexism equivalent of no homo. You think Cream is breaking down all the oxygen particles in the air whenever it's rolling around like that, or does it have a minimum quota for what size objects it can dismantle?

He's responsible for his first death, what better penance than to avenge his second? If the empty void inside Cream's mouth was an anime, which one would it be? No one ever thinks to check below. Never turn your back on DIO, be it a fake or the real deal. Say no to violence against animals, children under 17 watching this without their parents' permission.

Goddamn, Polnareff's losing chunks of his body left and right this episode. Ain't no time to think of a plan when you're dealing with Vanilla Ice. Not everyone can be like All Might. Well shit, now that's what I call a cliffhanger. Smoking is bad, and for once it's not about your lungs. Gon did say he'd just kill you if it turned out you were planning on betraying him from the start, so I don't see why he can't just trust you right now.

This dude really wants to share his motivations with others. What parents name their male human son Peggy? This episode is turning out to be more about Gon and Meleoron than it is the King playing games. Thanks for the head start, Morel. Netero's busy meditating, do not disturb.

Fat white boy can't play shogi. Well at least that guy got spared. For now Oh, so he's doing things Akagi style. Gungi sounds like it would break my brain on the first try. Okay, so what's this snot-nosed girl got up her sleeve? Youpi's face in the ED creeps me out. Good, so the middle of bumfuck-nowhere wasn't the only place they stuck a statue of the first Wizard King.

Decent cut for the OP. I heard "fasterer", who else heard "fasterer". Every time he brings up his infatuation with her, I have to wonder if it's because of her looks, her personality, or just the fact that she's a nun. Okay, I honestly love that they're doing the recap in letterbox despite the show being widescreen already. He screams because he can. Even the CGI chains look cool with the cinematic black bars.

Sometimes I worry about Manson. Nero was there from the beginning this whole time. Remember when Sekke's laughs had more than one different inflection pattern? Good, they left out the part with him being a dick but are still acknowledging it. Oh, so now you're subbing his dialogue. Welp, never mind about that subbing thing. Even the lesbian squad wants Yuno, that's how popular he is.

Part of me's sad Angel ragequit this episode before the halfway point, I'd have loved to see her wrack her brain trying to figure out all that he's saying. Speaking of, I have no idea how to turn on the closed captions with my TV remote. And of course the only legible piece of dialogue is also the creepiest.

Nero is the best bartender. Alcohol makes the heart grow even more tsundere than normal. The inclusion of that Klaus scene, while nice, is admittedly random. Unless you're wearing a habit, he's not referring to you. Even without trying, Karin looks like a total stalker. You're a good dude, Sai, it's a shame you don't get to do much nowadays. In the meantime, Naruto's just going to brood.

You're right about him attacking the village, but lucky for you Bee is safe. This is an interesting color palette. Hyperventilation sets in. Oh no, he's got ninja asthma! Well of course he didn't reveal anything, Madara did it for him. Welp, he's dead. Either that or he has the ability to teleport like Madara.

No shit, Sasuke's fighting to kill him. I take it that giant bird's the reason why he renamed his group the Taka. I understand you think Sasuke's acting too edgy for his own good, but you're practically signing your death warrant with every word you speak. And his torso too, it seems. As I thought, he's still at this point unkillable.

Crispin's back, bitches. Same deal for the nonchalant comment about Dandy having pionium energy inside him foreshadowed him being made of the stuff. Tonight on Toonami, Goku comes down with a sudden case of loss of life and it's up to Piccolo and Gohan to figure out how, Class 1-A's rescue exercises are canceled after villains invade the testing site, Progressive starts over at the top of the block because we're not allowed to have super-nice things, world-famous idol producer Pipi-P sees potential for success and world domination in the young and rowdy starlet Pop-chin, Suzie Q and her butler arrive in Japan to check up on Holly, the King gets more than he bargained for while playing gungi with the world champion, ready your rape whistles 'cause it's the siscon's turn in the spotlight, Sasuke's seemingly endless battle of genjutsu-based wits against Danzo continues, Scarlet forces Dandy to play the part of her new boyfriend to get her giant robot pilot ex off her back, don't you want to hang out and waste your life with us?

Hero- Aizawa finally gets serious. You assholes stay away from my boyfriend and most of these kids. What the fuck is that guys power, hands? I hope his trick is a machine gun. Dang where do I get one of those scarves? He's suddenly so cool. Fuck you, shadow dude.

Oh you idiot children. Ohhh tha is not a good thing. Fuck you shark man. I love frog girl. Oh god this kid. He's the best hero and everyone loves him. These kids are all so great except Bakugo. Small Might is worried and needs a hug. What is the principal. Oh no he never shuts up.

Meanwhile, death and destruction. Surveillance Migi with the assist. You could have just sent Invisible Girl. Emergency Exit. Cry harder, Berry Boy. That stomach thing sounds horrifying. Sticky balls is probably not gonna help you much. Bounce off his balls to jump to safety. I'm so proud of my son and his broken hand.

Hold onto those frog boobs for dear life. These kids all better get an A. PTE- That's how I feel getting ready for work every day. I like the angry little ginger one, she gets me. Nice mustache. This clone thing seems like a real bad idea. She's M Bison. I stil don't really understand the French part.

She's got a point, bread is pretty great. That red panda is terrifying. She's so fucking angry. I'm disappointed that she didn't smash that clock at the end of the dude half. Jojo- Hold me Joseph you're all I have left. Kakyoin looks cool with his sunglasses. Avdol didn't die so you could pussy out of this at the end. Avdol was too good for this place. Oh hey he's alive.

Polnareff's right, why is he of all people the only one who survived. Eat shit, ya pantsless dickbag. Iggy was perfect and we didn't deserve him. We could have saved so much time and lives if Joseph had just taught Avdol some hamon earlier. Now get that French man some medical attention. Meanwhile, Suzi is still a dingbat and I love her. Nice turtle. Y'all should probably tell her the bad news before she gets there.

Okay the naked milf does make me feel a little better. Roses doesn't fuck around. Please give Suzi a hug. This is so sweet. Oh yeah I'm sure this whacko will do just great against them. This is clearly fake because no bitch would leave Dio's bedroom. Jotaro what the fuck. That may be the weirdest power of all. Christ Polnareff just go to a hospital.

Aw fuck you're dead. Hunter- Good luck, little blind girl. Damn this kid's got some serious eyebrows. She's so dumb I like her. Please take off your shirt and go help Killua. I never noticed that Shoot doesn't have eyebrows. Awww Knuckle that's so sweet. He's being surprisingly nice about this game. Whelp so much for that. That's a goddamn stand it's even a music reference.

Well now you've jinxed yourself. Goddammit Thundercat. Hit him in the face with your giant goddamn pipe. What the shit? Well this could probably be going better. Smash his giant hourglass, maybe that'll work. I wish I could fall asleep that fast. Wait is that one pregnant because that's terrifying.

Make the king your bitch, little girl. Clover- Those agonized grunting sounds are how I feel. Please someone stab him. For the love of god, buy something besides potatoes for a change. I'll admit I do love payday too. Why are half these people so terrible. Someone please kill the sister fucker. Jesus Yami you might need to see a doctor. Goddamn girl you're intolerable. Oh does everyone in town hate him too?

This is fucking unbearable. Oh jesus just shoot me. Maybe I'll luck out and they'll kill each other. Oh lord here goes Asta's nun fetish. Don't let him take that child out on a date. That bird continues to be the best character. Cooking's not everything but it's better than anything this bitch brings to the table.

At this point Ill take any plot that isn't just painful romantic bumbling. Why has no one stabbed sister fucker to death yet. Naruto- Wow what a shock another illusion. I don't think I'm lucky enough to see Sasuke die here. Ha, she got kicked in the vag. I can agree with that, Sasuke was a mistake. That giant skeleton continues to be way too cool for him. Well at least this shit makes sense to someone.

Uh dude you got a face on your arm. Joke's on you, Naruto is way too stupid for anyone to control. You'd think he'd just kill this girl already before she figured his shit out. Oh that is some overpowered bullshit right there. What in the fuck is that supposed to be it looks like King Kong fucked an elephant. I still haven't quite given up hope that they'll kill each other.

And I'm sure that those four minutes will last half an hour next week. You stupid assholes. And then they had lightsabers. Now to see how this all came about Okay, this is way too atmospheric to be a simple flashback. And then Goku was Faker Englund. Well, at least he's got good hearing now. Even in filler where he isn't the focus, Vegeta can't catch a break.

Whis's poker face leaves mine much to be desired. That's a big fish. I forgot about Goten with the shades. There there, Gohan, at least Videl still thinks your silly outfit is cool. You'd think the guys following him would just start crawling on the ground to make sure the people can still see their precious movie. At this point, I'm starting to think it's not the Japanese that have poor reaction time on the breaks, than it is them assuming that's the case with everybody.

Meanwhile, on Planet Paradigm Aizawa may be kind of an ass, but god damn if he isn't cool. So are those Frieza-looking things grave markers, or I do like their respirator aesthetic. As I thought, they were grave markers. As I thought, he's Goku's assassin. What a waste of perfectly good vegetables.

Actually, he's right behind you. Is that a phrase people actually use? Hit will return, in "For Your Gloobarks Only". It's taking Midoriya every ounce of his willpower not to piss himself in fear right now. Good observation there, Icy-Hot. Now's not the time to flaunt your knowledge, Deku.

Literal Drill-Hair Girl is the cutest villain. Well too bad for you, All Might isn't here. Goddammit guys, you and your impulsiveness are gonna kill us all. And then they learned that they can't beat up a man made of pure fog. Oh good, best boy is safe. And so are Uraraka and the Kinnikuman wannabe, I guess.

Literally nothin' personnel kid. Thanks, frog girl. Oh good, she set him down gently. Same can't be said for the perverted grape kid, though. I'm used to her voice now, and yet I still think it's kinda strange. I love grape kid's reactions. The juxtapositions between All Might and Small Might are too great.

Now that's what I call a freezer-burn. I thought I'd never see the day where there's someone more on the verge of breaking into tears than the Virgin MC himself. What is it with Demarco and his obsession with showing us these weird music videos? Couldn't he just have aired this during the Progressive rerun when no one would be watching? Okay, I kinda love the principal, whatever species he is.

Of all the excuses to keep him away, this is actually one of the more in-character ones. You know someone's the best when you're hoping they succeed in the task they're given, so as I implied before, Queen was right about Iida. You a damn pussy, grape kid. What did she say she could spit up her stomach for again?

This kid cries more tears than Deku, it's honestly kind of amazing. I can barely understand half of his rant. These three make a surprisingly good team. We all know that feel. Dear god I love Popuko's anger issues. Awfully stubby for a cigar, I'd say. And then she was M. You can never trust those damn reggae fans and their obsession with towels.

I'll take those two consecutive shorts as meaning that Popuko's new job is hitman. Oh hey, it's Frenchie again. Popuko in bed with the baguette is a cute. I can't help but imagine a washing machine, watching her spin in place like that. I ship the Sambo Master and Flamenco Master. Originally that letter-reading gag was about complaints of the comic copy-pasting.

I'd rather suffer an apocalypse by Popuko clones than one by nuclear incendiary devices. A CUTE! Unlike that intimidating red panda. This second half was better when it was Japanese Frieza about to wreck the clock. You have no idea how much Daichi doesn't want to be here right now. Speaking of which, looks like Polnareff's fucked.

Even in death, Avdol screwed you over. Because the heavenly bodies enjoy your suffering too much to stop now. Fuck your brain, Ice. Holy crap, the difference between Iggy then and now is like night and day. Oh come on, how much longer is it gonna take for this fruity bastard to finally die? Taste the sunlight, bitch! Holy fuck that death was hella satisfying. And now both their spirits can rest in relative peace.

Who knew the sunset in Cairo could look so beautiful? Oh god she has a pet turtle now. You as your butler should know that Suzie Q doesn't give a shit about class-based expectations, she married Joseph for god's sake. They say not to vomit, but do you expect the inebriated to listen? Way to kill the mood, pointless translation.

This sure is some inappropriately sexy symbolism. You gotta love a badass butler. Oh well, at least the turtle's having fun. I forgot that Jotaro lived way out in the boonies. She was possessed by a Pillar Man once, so of course she knows when supernatural hoodoo is afoot. That's the positive attitude I've been waiting for. I could've sworn she slipped into a coma.

True, Joseph is unbelievably stubborn. Guards, this woman seems to have lost her composure. Jotaro, you are both awesome and a total dork, but that's why we love ya. Goddammit Jotaro. He didn't know, you just naturally look like a loser, that's all. As I expected, the loss of life was only temporary. Then again, it is Dragonball. My Orders. Search in Rakuten Search in this shop.

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Nooooo he's trembling with excitement. God what is with the clothing choices in this show. Oh thank god Joseph, console me. Same can't be said for the perverted grape kid, though. So, Hit has access to Tobi's pocket dimension.

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Hee, Asta's a dangler. Kishimoto actually had to try to be this bad. Even with Aizawa's skills and power, he was still one man fighting a mob, so it was only a matter of time before the number of opponents overwhelmed him, and the introduction of the monstrous product of genetic science the Monstrosity did nothing to help Aizawa's chances. Roses doesn't fuck around.

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