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I remember riding with cousins in the backseat while my uncle drove down 7th Street's steep hill by Salesian before there was a Stop sign. Soul Food. I am proud to say that I'm from Boyle Heights. I was confirmed and graduated in the new Church. Save , Opens a popup.

Silver Lake

Look around I mostly see regular white folk, gay men and Latino families. I administer the Facebook Silver Lake page:. Numbuh9 just complains yet he makes his living here. He makes wildly exaggerated and offensive claims about SL yet takes our money and runs away. Equating class with money is stupid on it's face.

The beauty of SL. I work in my home studio and have gotten to know my neighbors in a way that I never was able to when I lived on the. West Side and Hollywood Hills. My neighbor in Beachwood Canyon moved to the west side because it would be safer and as she said "not so full of Gays" She got car jacked the first month she left for the classy west side. Kharma is a Bitch and so are you.

Your hatred and slander makes you one of the freaks of SL because you don't contribute you only take. I have lived in Silver Lake for 14 years, love the hills and the diversity and the friendly people. We have dogs and really enjoy the workouts on the many staircases and sloped streets. Love that there is a great number of non corporate places to shop and dine. Its also nice that I can hold hands or kiss my same sex partner in public if I want to, sorry numbuh9, but thats our neighborhood.

I have livedin the same home for over25 years. I have seen more sunsets than I could count. My daughter went to the best public schools in the country.

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She went to college. The diversity of this neighborhood makes me proud to be an American. The varied lifestyles of the community is what I love the most.

It is alive, and a better community could not be found anywhere else. I am moving to the area seems I may be in East Hollywood and not Silver Lake proper, according to the Neighbourhood council map http: I cannot wait! I do wonder about Bellevue Park and if it is a good place to take two medium dogs for a walk.

Any ideas? Silver Lake has always had an authenticity that is hard to define. There's the diversity, a long-time gay-friendly alternative to WeHo, working-class Latino immigrants, the outskirt of proper historic Filinotown, and more long-time SL hills residents going back to the 60's that characterize SL's present-day culture.

Yes, it also has plentry of litter, graffitti, questionable areas at night for some ; but it reminds me that these are the costs of dwelling in a place that has the integrity of a real city, like the NYC of John Lennon in the 70's. SL has been or is at best unpolished, and at worst a hardened tough place to live but it's a place where real lives are being played out, right in front of you, for better or worse.

You are apart of the pulse of LA, here, you can feel the changes in demographics, the true effects of city park and school cutbacks, underemployment or unemployment, economic ascendency or maintained niche of wealth, as well. This is the neighborhood where immigrants, like my parents, came to start from the bottom to become homeowners of a 's architectural gem, all within SL.

Because there's an inherent "riskiness" characterizable to the neighborhood for the SL newcomer, I think that is why it attracts the young and bold however,conventionally trendy to which that boldness may conform. As for raising families here, definitely not for everyone. I grew up here during the days of Rampart, when you really could not call the police for fear that you would be a victim of its corrupt practices growing up, they searched our house without a warrant and took my mom's wedding rings.

I remember these innerworkings clearly. I lived on Coronado Terrace, our street was a gangsta refuge, to get to our apartment you had to go through a dead end alley, either way. As a result, you learn how to walk upright, chin up, stare straight ahead and what a person that poses a real threat looks like harder to describe without feeling scared to walk alone at night.

After all, however at odds, I called these gangsta's neighbor. Walking in gang territory, even former gang territory requires a certain savvy and confidence, which is hard to explain to a newcomer, and even more difficult to someone not originally from LA or a big city. There is no other place that inspires my love of LA like Silver Lake. I can identify other Eastsiders just by their easy demeanor and comfort in their surroundings which I, too, am I'm proud to wear as a badge of a long-tome SL resident.

Its like comparing single A minor league team to the Majors. Dont take my word for it, just read the LA Times or govt. It could be a great place to live but you'de have a long way to go. Dont get me wrong there are some great people there. But Silver Lake is like more like diet west side or the poor mans west side. Just look at all the obese kids passing my store as they come and go from Marshall High.

Silver Lake is a 3rd world neighborhood. Thats why at the end of day after serving my customers I close shop, take my deposits and head home to my condo on Doheny Dr. The gay people happily showing their love is one of the many things I do like about Silver Lake. Numbah9 could use some compassion and tolerance.

If you want a characterless place to live, there are many in LA to choose from. I love the all the neighborhoods in the neighborhood, on either side of the reservoir, and I find Silver Lake to be the most eclectic place that I visit. I would fly half way across the country to Silver Lake just for a night bike ride.

It wouldn't be the first time. Numbah also continually talks about one shooting, even though there are multiple murders happening in much more dangerous neighborhoods all over the city every day. Numbah is also homophobic repeatedly stating the neighborhood is bad because two people who love each other feel free to hold hands in Silver Lake gasp!

Numbah also doesn't like the neighborhood because one person mentioned UCLA, which is actually a higher rated university than USC, but still has absolutely no relevance to this conversation. Nambah also inaccurately states that LaBonge was robbed at his home in Silver Lake Numbah prefers the bland, white-washed, "clean streets of encino, burbank, la canada or WLA A mild level of crime and graffiti much lower than many surrounding neighborhoods is well worth living in a real neighborhood in the actual city where things are actually happening and real people actually live real interesting and diverse lives, not some sleepy, conservative, corporatized, tickytacky, stripmalled, sub-suburb.

I've lived in the area for 12 years and am saddened by the changes. Silver Lake used to be diverse and mellow with lots of friendly, interesting people. Now it's being taken over by lame people from the West Side - bridge and tunnel people - who want to feel cool. They're coming in and ruining the character of the area. They've all bought into this homogenized idea of what Silver Lake is about, all dressing in the same stupid wanna-be hipster ware, not saying hello to their neighbors, and acting above it all.

Identifying themselves by the food they buy and eat - so lame. I miss the cool Silver Lake, when people didn't try so hard and came to the neighborhood for diversity and an artistic environment, not because some magazine told them it was the place to be.

Echo Park is starting to get just as bad, sadly. I grew up in Silver Lake close to Bellevue Park in the late 70's to early 90's. I enjoyed the overall experience growing up there however intermittent gang activity and tagging spoiled some of it. I especially enjoyed, as a child, to play all day outside; I don't see kids doing that anymore. Also as a negative, was being forced to attend a HS outside of the neighborhood because the local schools were overcrowded.

There are plenty of gangs in SL. Do you think the graffiti gets on the walls by itself? In fact, just last week councilman Labonge had his home burglarized in SL and a couple weeks ago a gal got shot and robbed in the parking lot of Gingergrass. Go into restaurants and you find men holding hands, thats a real sight. There are plenty of worse places to live but there are plenty of low lifes pushing shopping carts carrying recyclables that these bums have just taken out of peoples trash bins in SL.

Its better than areas i lived in brooklyn but a far cry from nice clean areas of encino, burbank, la canada or WLA. I've been living in Silver Lake for around 10 years now, and I really love it. I do not think it is a dangerous place to live nor do I think it is unsafe for children.

Yes, there is a very diverse mix of folks who live there of all persuasions, but that is what makes the neighborhood unique. Well, I went to both, and they are both excellent schools. Master's from SC. Anyway, the community is one of the safest in the city, one of the most diverse, and there are no gangs there, and graffiti markings are way down, almost non-existent.

I love going to the Conquistador and Good Restaurants, and Rick's is a find. The location is also excellent, being just minutes from either the or the I-5 or the major downtown fwys. I walk regularly around the reservoir, which has been modified to accommodate exercise walkers, and participating in this exercise, is a community event. The people here are friendly and the area boasts some of the oldest architecture in the city.

I know I love it! We moved to Silver Lake from Pasadena in We were looking to buy houses from center City to the western SG Valley but we chose SL because we fell in love with the house and the neighborhood, such a mix of L. And at that time, away from the reservoir, it was affordable. My favorite things: I wasn't so fond of the police helicopters, the ineffectual City government, and I would not have sent my kids to the schools beyond the primary grades.

As for borders, we lived in that disputed SE corner. Let's just say that if I were buying a house I would want it to be in Echo Park but if I were selling a house there I would want to say it was in Silver Lake. It's about the money, and it's about socioeconomic status. Silver Lake of today isnt like silver lake of 's. Back then you wouldnt find two of the same gender french kissing in the aisle of the market or bums climbing in trash cans for cans and bottles, graffiti everywhere and burglary and homicides.

Furthermore, graduating from UCLA is nothing to be bragging about as its a public school. It's not like you went to SC. Working as a cop or teacher doesnt mean anything like giving back to community, they get paid for their job and arent "giving" anything to community for free. My mom and dad settled in Silverlake back in the s-what I remember is that all the different ethnicities-black, brown, white, yellow and even red worked and lived together in harmony.

I'm sad to here all the different view points negative ones especially when one dominant group of people resided in Silverlake and replaced by several other ethnic groups and blame the change of neighborhoods on gangs of color. That is the beauty and strength of living in a community with so many resources and multiculturalism interact daily, if change is what is feared welcome to the 21 Century and beyond.

I welcome change so I learn from other cultures and apply what I have learned and I thank the Almighty God for the opportunity for living in the hood with all walks of life poor and rich. And just a side note, I grew up with different gangs in Silverlake and Echo Park I learned many things from the street. I later, applied that street knowledge of both worlds and I went on to graduate from UCLA with honors and have come back to my hood and make a difference as a community stake holder and change the lives of our youth future leaders of tomorrow by stopping the gang violence and becoming positive agents of change and take pride in their civic duty of rebuilding Silverlake.

No one know the issues and challenges one faces until change begins from within. I pray the folks that claim they have lived in Silverlake keep an open mind and be part of the solution for our future generations to come. Saturday night a gal was robbed and shot in the chest after leaving the gingergrass restaurant and a week before there were a couple dozen US Marshalls apprehending a murder fugitive up my street.

Graffiti vandals are everywhere in silver lake and the cops are useless. I couldnt tell you how many times i see cops speeding with sirens up and down glendale bl, rowena, hyperion and sunset. Its becoming a toilet. My first home was in Silver Lake, high at the top of Edgecliffe Drive.

I loved it then and I love it still! I was fortunate enough to be able to move back to the same house in the early 's and help restore the home that my grandmother was still living in. I have regaled my friends with endless stories that were born of those days. All true My neighbors were actors, artists, professors, writer's, lawyers, bankers, realtors They came in every flavor imaginable!

No matter where I have lived in my life, my heart is on that hill, and I can smell the orange blossoms and feel the warm air filtering in through the windows. I still hear the cooing of the doves and think that it is the most peaceful sound on earth I have never seen a view that was more beautiful to me, than that overlooking the Hollywood sign, the observatory and the magnificent lights of one of the greatest places in the world spreading out below me.

To date, Silver Lake remains vibrant, rich and one of the greatest places that I know Remember "The Soap Plant"? I remember going to the Akron store on one end of Silver Lake and then to Foster's Freeze on the other side! I bought my groceries at "The Hub" - and you never knew who you'd meet there each and every time!

It is a magic place I love Silver Lake. However, its not a good place to raise kids in since its part of LAUSD and the lifestyle of a lot of residents is not appropriate for kids to be around. The biggest problem are the gangs and graffiti. Within a month of new library opening there was graffiti and defacing of bathroom mirrors. The current confusion about the neighborhood boundaries of Silver Lake and Echo Park is due in part to the area's historical development.

Glendale Blvd and surrounding hill area was the original home of the new LA film industry beginning in with the Selig Studio. This same year, Silver Lake reservoir was completed being named after the water commissioner, Harry Silver. The area developed rapidly in the years before World War I. At this time and well into the s this area was considered one neighborhood and it was called Edendale.

No wonder trying to locate some 'correct' border line down the middle is frustrating! My wife and her family moved to Silverlake in Her parent still live in the same house, and we lived in the area for awhile after university. While we now live permanently in Sydney Australia, it is always great coming back to Silverlake. It's the uniqueness of the neighborhood I love so much, along with the reservoir, cafe's, hilly terrain, central nature of it to much of greater LA and views that make it a great spot.

I'm glad Territory moved into the neighborhood. They've brought some cool into what was a very depressing corner. Hoover and Bellevue has got to be one of the ugliest looking blocks in the city. It's great that some people who actually want to improve things, instead of just collecting rent from slum housing have moved in.

SL-ian here Contrast with Chicago--where I happen to have grown up-- at about 12, Also many districts in the Valley top 10K. Why the totally incorrect conventional wisdom of LA not being a dense city persists is quite mysterious and bizarre to me. No wonder everybody in L.

I lived in the Silverlake area for over 40 years and remember the gangs and all the other things that went on back in the sixties when the whites,blacks and chicanos and hippies all lived quite happily together but now thew neighbourhoods have changed to many people that don't speak the language and don't want too that's another story. I loved it their all the years I lived in Silverlake but like everywhere things have changed for the worse.

It's a shame our neighborhood continues to be defined by Hollywood wannabes. It's clear to us their patrons who think it's good don't know how to cook for themselves and therefore have low standards With their loud live music and the influx of Volvo driving scene-sters, they are further ruining the ethnically diverse neighborhood feel we once had Our hood used to feel like an ethnic microcosm of L.

I grew up in the SF Valley, went to college in Orange County and lived for many years in Dana Point and owned a business in Laguna Beach and let me tell you how wonderful it is to live here in Silver Lake! I have a 'Barbary Lane' kind of rental unit in that forgotten corner of Silver Lake, i.

And yes, I'm in the not '27 zip code. When I first moved back into LA from the OC in it was a breath of fresh air as it afforded that oft missed suburban commodity: Not only ethnic diversity, but social, economic, political and sexual identity Yet, unlike other areas of town, this is also a neighborhood where community is appreciated and individuality is tempered by respect for others.

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Click the Privacy tab. I won't ever forget playing pool,foosball,ping-pong,basketball and swimming in the summer at Salesian's boys club. Rancho Cordova, CA 0 friends 24 reviews 37 photos. I met my wife while working at Roosevelt High School.

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