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Since my son loves ghosts and haunted houses, this was one attraction we were determined to see. The other reason is police discretion. See what travelers are saying:. What is the legal age for kids to stay home alone? I loved this place! About Us Help Center.

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Kids will also enjoy the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, especially when they see the giant playground called the "Jungle Gym. Paige Crutcher is a writer, author interviewer, book reviewer, and storyteller. Connect with Paige via: Augustine, FL St. Nashville Travel Guide. Best Nashville, TN Attractions. Local Expert Attraction Recommendations. Carriage Rides. Golf Courses. Hiking Trails.

Nashville's Best Hiking Trails: Historic Sites. Miniature Golf. In late , Sherrilyn Kenyon began experiencing mysterious symptoms with no clear explanation, according to the lawsuit. No medical cause could be determined through tests, and Sherrilyn Kenyon became sicker and unable to walk without assistance.

A year later, the lawsuit said, Sherrilyn Kenyon's hair was falling out by the handful. Her teeth began to shatter. She became weak from symptoms including extreme nausea and vomiting, respiratory distress, facial swelling, tongue numbness, disorientation, vertigo, tremors, back pain and a strange metallic taste in her mouth.

Kenyon's health was worsening to a critical level. In one instance during a convention in May , Plump brought food for Sherrilyn Kenyon to eat at her hotel room.

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When Sherrilyn Kenyon shared the food with another employee, that employee became violently ill and began to vomit, the complaint said.

On more than one occasion, Sherrilyn Kenyon began choking after taking a few bites of food her husband served her. In one instance, according to the lawsuit, as Sherrilyn Kenyon began vomiting on the floor after eating food her husband gave her, Lawrence Kenyon told their distressed son, "she does that all the time, ignore it.

Sherrilyn Kenyon's husband says poisoning claims are 'astonishing and unsubstantiated'. The lawsuit said Lawrence Kenyon and Plump, who had taken on a more involved role helping coordinate Sherrilyn Kenyon's book-related events and appearances, worked together to sabotage her career by disparaging fans and industry professionals.

Martin Luther King Jr. Standing behind Looby is the Rev. Andrew White. Gasping for breath, John Lewis stands inside the insecticide fume-filled Krystal lunch counter at Fifth Ave. Under the watchful eyes of the Davidson County sheriff, a father leads his two sons into Mt. View Elementary School during the first day of desegregation of the formerly all-white county school Jan.

Thirty-nine black children enrolled in 10 formerly all-white Davidson County schools. There was no disturbance as the county desegregated the first four grades in accordance with a plan approved by Federal Judge William E. Black students begin to sing as they wait to load up in Nashville police wagons after being arrested for blocking a fire exit at the Tennessee Theater downtown Feb.

Black college students, including Lester McKinnie, right, greet one another after being put into a Nashville police wagon in front of the Tennessee Theater. The demonstrators allegedly blocked a fire exit and refused to move when ordered to do so by a city fire inspector Feb. Twenty-eight demonstrators were arrested and charged with violating a section of the city code relating to fire exits.

A small group of demonstrators, mostly black college students, try to gain admittance to the Tennessee Theater in downtown Nashville on Feb. Aiding the students is the Rev. James Lawson, third from right. John Lewis, second from right, leads some of the anti-segregation demonstrators past the Paramount theater as they marched through downtown Nashville during a minute stand-in at four Church Street theaters Feb.

The white female student in the group is Salynn McCollum. Rocks and eggs were thrown at some anti-segregation demonstrators as they marched through downtown Nashville during a minute stand-in at four Church Street theaters, including the Paramount here, Feb. A band of about 70 white boys pitched the rocks and eggs, but no one was reported seriously hurt.

Lucretia Collins, left, who made bond and was released from a Jackson, Miss. Bryant of Nashville. Collins was one of 17 Freedom Riders who were arrested and jailed in two separate incidents in Jackson's bus station waiting rooms. Some of the seven blacks arrested after a racial clash with a group of white youths as they picketed an H. Hill store face the judge in Nashville City Court on Aug.

Diane Nash, center, a leader in the demonstration, said she preferred to stay in jail because "it's ridiculous when the police arrest the innocent party. Demonstrators sing in front of the Nashville Police Department on Aug. They criticized "inadequate" police protection and called for qualified black personnel to "replace incompetent officers on the police force.

A group of demonstrators tried to see Gov. Buford Ellington on Sept. The group, including John Lewis, right, waited outside the governor's office, but Ellington left his office by a side door and didn't see the protesters. A small group pickets Sept. Buford Ellington was in a conference. The group, with the Rev. Harold Lowe Jr. A Wilson-Quick Pharmacy official, center, attempts to talk with a small group of black and white students as they sing during their sit-in demonstration at the downtown store Jan.

One of the demonstrators is Catherine Burks, left. Two dozen black students, including John Lewis, sitting center, attempted to register at the Andrew Jackson Hotel, and when the hotel refused, they sat down in the lobby for the night Feb. Several white men attending a party in the ballroom went to the balcony and shouted insults at the students.

A couple of men tossed their drinks over the rail into the lobby below. Black leaders explain to actor Sidney Poitier, center, plans for a fundraising drive to finance the Nashville Christian Leadership Council's work. Kelly M. Smith, left, council president, and Dr. Matthew Walker Sr. The integration leader chided President John F.

Kennedy, saying he did not raise his voice to get the administration's literacy test bill passed in the Senate. Tusculum firefighters, right, stand by to protect homes on either side of the burning home of the Rev. Cephus C. Coleman, center, a black minister. His home, which is in a predominantly white neighborhood, was destroyed by the third blaze to break out the night of Aug.

The Davidson County sheriff's chief investigator later said "arson is definitely the cause" of the fire. Two employees of Herschel's Tic Toc restaurant, right, form a human barricade to block sit-in demonstrators, including local leader John Lewis, center, from entering the Church Street establishment Nov. Nashville officers moved in quickly to quell a series of incidents throughout the two-hour sit-ins.

When Robert Talbert, center, emerged from Nashville jail on Public Square, a cheer went up among the demonstrators as they embraced him Nov. Talbert, 21, a Fisk student from Jackson, Miss. His bond was posted by other sit-in demonstrators, who marched on the police station. A little girl, left, watches in awe as Jan Emmert, a Fisk University student, lands behind her after he was shoved by Bobby Gene Taylor, a restaurant employee.

The hassle came Dec. Looking on are demonstrators Lester McKinnie, center, and the Rev. Metz Rollins, behind McKinnie. Two Nashville Police officers carry John Lewis to a waiting police paddy wagon after he failed to obey police orders to move away from the Herschel's Tic Toc restaurant Dec. John Lewis, left, chairman of the local Non-Violent Committee, holds tightly onto his sign as a heckler reaches for him as Lewis and 12 other sit-in demonstrators try to get in the Herschel's Tic Toc restaurant on Church Street on Dec.

Behind Lewis is demonstrator Lester McKinnie. David Kotelchuck, left, assistant professor of physics at Vanderbilt University and a member of a sit-in group, ducks as restaurant employee Bobby Gene Taylor swings at him during a demonstration in front of Herschel's Tic Toc restaurant on Church Street on Dec.

Nashville Police arrived a few minutes later and things simmered down. This group is part of a crowd of about 60 who participated in the demonstration, led by the Nashville Christian Leadership Council. A couple of the student leaders are John Lewis, center on the right side, and Lester McKinnie, right.

The group sang hymns and heard prayers from several of the demonstration's leaders. Black demonstrators sing hymns as they unload from a Nashville police van after their arrest March 4, , when the group staged a large-scale sit-in at the segregated Cross Keys Restaurant in downtown Nashville. It was the largest assault on downtown Nashville segregation since The group gained entrance to the restaurant, and officers arrested and dragged the demonstrators out after their orders to leave were refused.

Demonstrators March 23, , to protest racial discrimination in Nashville. Demonstrators march through the downtown area to picket businesses that practice racial discrimination March 30, There were about 60 participants in the "Freedom March," the second of its kind in Nashville in the past eight days. Black church leaders and other demonstrators huddle under umbrellas as they participate in a "prayer vigil" at the Metro Courthouse on April 28, The group stood for an hour in the rain to petition local government leaders "to provide justice and equality for all Nashville citizens.

Black high school students join demonstrators in downtown Nashville to demonstrate at restaurants, department stores and the Metro Courthouse on May 8, Principals of two black high schools said the students' absences would be recorded as "unexcused. Metro police arrest a marcher and a downtown spectator after a scuffle developed during a demonstration May 8, Tanksley and Vencen Horsley, left, were charged with fighting and disorderly conduct.

Lynch, center, was the arresting officer. Black demonstrators race back to the safety of First Baptist Church after daylong protest marches downtown May 8, One of the leaders of the demonstrators, the Rev. Metz Rollins, center, guided the protesters back home. After they returned from the final march, a group of about 30 white youths began throwing rocks and soft drink bottles.

A black leader, center, tries to keep his group separated from a group of white youths near Cross Keys Restaurant downtown May 10, A black youth picks up Ewingella Bigham, 15, who was unconscious in the street, shortly after she was injured during a near-riot between white youths and black demonstrators May 10, Her sister, left, said the girl was struck with a patrolman's billy stick.

She was taken to Hubbard Hospital. Louis Miller, 16, who was charged with throwing a brick that broke a car windshield, is put into the paddy wagon May 11, , at First Baptist Church. Miller will be on his way to juvenile detention. City photographer Milton McClurkan is at right.

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It is an act of omission see also abuse. In fact, a person should never attempt to prove a case of abuse before they call. The line of students, marching three abreast, stretched 10 blocks. A juvenile is any individual who is under the chronological age of eighteen years and has not been previously transferred to adult court. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring is a hands-on museum and nature center that inspires exploration, enhances learning, and builds confidence through diverse programs and exhibits. James W. Russ McKamey is the evil genius behind the scariest haunted house in the world who, along with his best friend and business partner Carol Schultz, began scaring the living crap out of people about 14 years ago. About Us Help Center.

Author Sherrilyn Kenyon files lawsuit accusing husband of poisoning her:

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