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I had been fed a big breakfast of blended waffles and strawberries, applesauce and strained peaches followed by 2 bottles of formula , but I knew it was useless. Started a Patreon but have no idea what I am doing. As I laid there drinking the final bit of prune juice, Daddy played with my messy diaper a bit. When I was about half way finished the bottle, Daddy removed it from my mouth and kissed me. Within a few sips I recognized the taste of his cum in the bottle. Daddy open the box and dumps the pieces out on the floor.

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I closed my eyes as Daddy slid the enema tube inside of me. I sigh a little bit but turn around and begin to crawl over to my play pen. And hopefully longer ones.


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  2. He gave me a hug before leading me back to the living room, I waddled slowly behind him, holding in the enema as best as I could.
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  4. I glace you around nervously as Daddy lifts my dress and slips his fingers inside my diaper.
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  8. Daddy appeared at my side with a bottle.

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