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Share it with your friends! Of course, Bloom was then paired with Katy Perry and so to avoid a major embarrassment, Selena's people insisted she went back to her room alone. Sometimes it's a short skirt on a tall stage. Subscribe to Hollywire Send Chelsea a Tweet! But singing "Love Will Remember" on stage and crying over him is just, well, embarrassing big time.

The Oscar-winner and pop star were the victims of a massive nude photo leak. The real and alleged naked pics hit the internet on Aug. Check out the hot nude girls at Twistys NOW! Tori Celebs: Ariana Grande Code: Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Pictures of arianamarie on. Updated Daily. All Ariana Angel videos, pictures and more!

Back to Big Boobs Alert Mainpage: Stop picking on the guy, Selena, or else Remember good old and "The Fappening", when all those naughty pics got leaked and leaked and leaked? It was great. All those celebrities were red faced big-time. Even Jennifer Lawrence. See "to fap" means to service yourself, instead of going at it with someone else. Well, reportedly, Selena Gomez got in on the act, if you catch our drift.

Some say she was mortified big time. It's like two sides in a nuclear stand-off, with neither one daring to fire the first shot. Anyways, the world has moved on and Selena is loved up with singer The Weeknd. Her Instagram is just getting steamier and steamier. More of same, please. Who was the first to "do it" with Selena Gomez? Some vote for Justin Bieber.

Some even say he sometimes brags about it. No, far more interesting is her thing with Nick Jonas when they were both years-old. They were thrown together at the "sin city" that was and is the Disney Studios. And the two dated back in , when neither of them was "legal". Rumors come and go, but some say they were very "close" at a time when their hormones were mutually raging.

And another thing, Selena has squashed those "Nick is gay" rumors, saying she knows he's straight. Besides, rumor has it that Nick was also dating Miley Cyrus at about that same time and she had reportedly already slept with Liam Hemsworth and declared herself "bisexual". See what we mean by "sin city"? There are several kinds of wardrobe malfunctions. The first is the 'nip slip' much beloved by celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson.

The second? Well, it's the "lady bits" reveal.

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Raven threesome comic superhero manga luscious Sometimes it's a short skirt on a tall stage. Sometimes it's a skirt slit up to the navel and a passing wind. And the third? It's rare indeed, but sometimes, as Sofia Vergara knows, those tight dresses split, revealing cheeks that are not on the face. Now, hands down, Selena Gomez is more of a "lady bits" kind of girl.

Take the time she was walking down a set of steps in a short dress and a photographer shot a few snaps from below. Definitely, they were blue. Check, if you don't believe us. Oops, her people mumble. Well, at least, unlike Miley Cyrus, she was wearing undies. Some sources say that both Selena Gomez's people and Brad Pitt's camp were quick to deny anything was going on after this cozy picture of the two at a Golden Globes After Party hit the Internet.

The gossips, of course, said Angelina Jolie was livid. Seems Selena Gomez effectively lost her father, Ricky Gomez, when her parents divorced and Selena was left in the hands of a stage mom momager and her new hubby. So, maybe she was looking for a father figure?

There is just something about the look in Brad Pitt's eye and Selena's body language. And, to be honest, both sides were protesting maybe just a little to much for there not to be something in it. Then there was that time in Las Vegas A "get a room" moment back in the day. Well, what a WTF moment that must have been. Anyway, see, she was wearing a purity ring until she got involved with the guy.

Then she took it off. She said, yes, "the ring has come off. Back to the addiction thing One Direction's Zayn Malik is a bad boy-type of guy who is prone to scandal, outrageous acts and many, many tattoos. The guy's gotten so much shade thrown at him that at one point he closed his Twitter account.

So, how totally embarrassing was it when, back in , Justin Bieber escalated his social media war with Selena Gomez by reportedly telling the world that she had cheated on him with bad boy Zayn. Now, it's one thing to accuse Justin of cheating, which Selena has certainly done, but to publish the story that the American princess did the dirty with the bad boy rock star, and behind Justin's back, was just too much for Selena's camp.

For a time, we feared a real meltdown and a nuclear exchange. I mean okay take a look at this one of Demi Come on. Her tattoos aren't even right. Demi tweeted in response: I'm a fighter. Don't underestimate me. Come on This is Fake with a capitol F. Where does the brim of Justin's hat go? Now, Ariana totally had a sense of humor abut her fake pic, tweeting "so I'm pregnant, my nudes leaked They're just like us

Every other day It seems like And something hunk Orlando Bloom, was invited. We love it big time. Others said it was genuine emotion. Reportedly, Justin has bragged to friends, saying the tapes are "insane" and "absolutely hot". Remember good old and "The Fappening", when all those naughty pics got leaked and leaked and leaked? Like the time she ran out of stage and took a tumble, much to the surprise and shock and horror of fans. Sure, we have a few wardrobe malfunctions, feuds and a tumble off a stage or two, but let's get really juicy and talk "tapes", leaked pictures, talk of underage "between the sheets" fun, rumors of getting cozy with much older men and talk of a Britney-Spears -like conservatorship fueled by her sometimes totally bizarre behavior.

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  8. We'll throw in a certain "addiction" she is said to have picked up with Justin Bieber.
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