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Sunny Day. Anal Ass Chua. Madchen Amick - Perfect 10!!! Flare Blitz. Finally there was Popplio, the Water-type and the middle girl in that she was curvier and bustier than Litten whilst slimmer and taller than Rowlet. Litten evolves into Torracat at level 17 and then Incineroar at level Ass Cum Furry.

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Young blonde furry cunt filled up. Blonde Hardcore Sex Hot. Big Dicks Blonde Furry. Bear Love Funny Hairy. Prev 1 2 3 Next. Fury Swipes. Scary Face. Flare Blitz. Work Up. Bulk Up. Hidden Power. Sunny Day. Leech Life. Double Team. Fire Blast. Flame Charge. Shadow Claw. Swords Dance. Sleep Talk. Body Slam.

Fake Out. Heat Wave. Nasty Plot. Moves marked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Litten in that game. Fire Pledge. A black or white abbreviation in a colored box indicates that Litten can be tutored the move in that game A colored abbreviation in a white box indicates that Litten cannot be tutored the move in that game Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Litten Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Litten.

They Might Not Be Giants! Removes two barrier-type disruptions and increases damage. Magikarp Jump. Friendship Item: Flame Plate Sun Moon. Language Title Meaning Japanese. From flamme and miaou. From Flamme and Miau. Cantonese Chinese. Mandarin Chinese. More languages. Kanto Bulbasaur. Johto Chikorita. Hoenn Treecko. Sinnoh Turtwig. Litten, the Fire-type, is the tallest of the three girls, a slender and lithe gal with not much swell to her womanly features, but nevertheless bearing a dark and lustrous charm to her.

Her tail wagged from side to side as she ran a hand through her fiery red hair, pointed ears flicking as she idly smiled at the trainer. Her dark downy fur was a lustrous obsidian in the light, with stripes of red hair along her limbs and a patch above her groin, and dark red nipples tipped her small breasts, a crimson testament to her fiery power.

Rowlet, the Grass-type, was shorter than the other two, but far bustier, cheerfully waving her brown feather wings as she swayed before the trainer. Her breasts were impressive, easily a handful, and the same pale brown colour as the rest of her curvy body. Her legs tended in sharp talons, a tuft of brown feathers stuck out over her impressive ass and green feathers decorated her wings.

Her brown hair, decorated with green stripes, was short, neat and bowl-like, which, combined with the leafy bowtie above her bosom, made for an exceptionally fancy looking girl indeed. Finally there was Popplio, the Water-type and the middle girl in that she was curvier and bustier than Litten whilst slimmer and taller than Rowlet.

She was sweet girl with long paddle-like arms, a bright white collar and ocean blue skin, with the sweetest smile and the brightest eyes underneath wavy light blue hair. In place of legs, she had a long tail ending in powerful flippers, flexible and strong and allowing her to sit up with ease.

Easily the most energetic of the tree, she danced as she sat, swaying this way and that and grinning as they all waited for the grand decision. All three capable of grand and great things, all three able to take her on a truly glorious journey. Ellen gives a dramatic sigh and huffs: Her smile widens, positively infectious in its sweetness, and she carries on: I can blow bubbles, do tricks, be sweet, any cute thing you want!

One requires sophistication, poise and elegance, factors I hold a marginally high quality of. Ellen smiles bemusedly at that as the Water-type huffs, before Rowlet coos: I can assuredly prove that for you, dear trainer! The sweet enthusiasm of the watery gal, the cool collected demeanour of the fiery gal, the smarts and eloquence of the leafy gal.

Returning her attention to the human, she continues, now using her wings to cup her hefty bosom. How lovely it would to be share an adventure with the delightful Popplio, or maybe the cool Littern, or the eloquent Rowlet! Urgh, she hates having to choose, and thus she gives a dejected sigh as she ponders between the adorable trio before her. How could she possibly choose only one?

I propose a show of our mettle to this sweet girl, the winner of which going on to become her partner. In but mere seconds, the three cute starters are all bearing pretty eager shafts towards the stunned human, all three now sharing rather sultry smirks as they wait for her response.

Ellen can safely say she had not predicted this turn of events. Ooh, she was a lovely gal through and through, this potential trainer, and all three feel the luscious ache in their cocks as they anticipate playing with her. Really good. A moment she takes just to adjust, just to get used to her lips stretching over one dick whilst her hands grip the other, and then Ellen groans softly as she gets to it.

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A tuft of fur sits at the end of its long tail. Yes, she could definitely get used to a journey that include such as fun as this. Leveling rate Medium Slow.

Litten (Pokémon):

  • Ellen relished it, adored it, groaning for more as the trio continue to stroke themselves, coercing more and more to pour onto the lovely human.
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  • Her dark skin is overtaken by the glistening pale coating, the thick fluids spurting out over her face, over her torso.

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