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During the ride, Emmet explains the vehicle's features and a voice from somewhere makes Lucy suspicious. She is invited to play with him and her father in the basement. Retrieved January 22, Quite a few there worth picking up. Gods and Monsters Looney Tunes: More Categories. Jay harbors a crush for Nya, but he is interrupted every time he gets the courage to tell her his feelings for her.

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You can usually find complete sets on Amazon or your local specialty LEGO retailer who will most likely sell complete sets. The box breakdown and distribution is super simple this time around — there will be 3 complete sets of LEGO Movie 2 Minifigures in each box , which makes it 3 of each character. There are also some inhabitants of Apocalypseburg, who are all tricked out for life in an apocalyptic wasteland, which have also appeared in the first LEGO Movie such as the Swamp Creature, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and the Sherry Scratchen-Post with her cat, Scarfield which now sports an epic mohawk.

This looks like it has all the elements of an amazing series, and as a massive fan of LEGO Minifigures, I absolutely cannot wait for these! Only time will tell what the box breakdown and distribution of these minifigures will be. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Wife picked up two 42S8 bags at Kroger today in Dallas on sale for 1. Yeah, all the Tin Man spares are great! I got some packs at walmart yesterday, its easy to feel the bag with the ones i wanted which are the giraffe, crayon and watermelon so i got them three. I may try to go back there and get the Wizard of Oz set.

The codes may be to throw us off. But does anybody else notice if you hold the package upside down and look at the corner there are some distinct markings? I found two standup displays and a case in two different Kroger grocery stores. I bought two of nearly every fig, but not all of them. I found doubles of all of the figures except the Cowardly Lion, which was easy to mistake with Kitty Pop by touch only since they both have tails and big headwear.

Note that a few of them came in bags with different numbers and I somehow missed the number on the Abe bags. Both times in Cloud Cuckoo Land and on MetalBeard's ship, he tried to build a spaceship only to have his plans cancelled. During the escape from the Octan Tower upon Bad Cop approving the idea, Benny makes a spaceship which the others used to make their way back to Bricksburg.

The Second Part , Benny loses his right arm in the invasion of Bricksburg and is given a metallic one. He was captured with Lucy, Batman, Unikitty, and MetalBeard and taken to another planet where he met other spacemen. When the characters in The Lego Movie 2 sing "Everything's Not Awesome" in the storage bin, Benny, among those who have mature feelings, expresses his new found interest in Radiohead.

One face is the bad one, which is mostly with Lord Business, while the other one is good, kind, and friendly with everyone. He first appears where he interrogates Emmet on the Master Builders and comes up to send Emmet to the Melting Chamber. When Wyldstyle frees Emmet, Bad Cop and his forces pursue them to one of the secret tunnels.

He wants Bad Cop to test it on his parents. When Good Cop couldn't do the job, Lord Business used nail polish remover and a q-tip to erase Good Cop's face enabling Bad Cop to do the job much to the horror of his parents. Bad Cop later helps the Master Builders escape and uses a marker to draw a scribble face to replace the Good Cop face he lost. His name is changed to Scribble-Face Cop since his face has been scribbled to replace the one he lost in the last film.

Vitruvius is the one of the most important members of the Master Builders and the one who believes that Emmet will save the world. In one of his earlier encounters with Lord Business, Vitruvius was blinded by him and made up a prophecy of the Special. Upon his death, Vitruvius returns as a ghost that helps Emmet learn his destiny.

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Wild hardcore submitted homemade porn Vitruvius' ghost is later present when the aliens from the planet Duplo show up with plans to destroy everyone.

Vitruvius's ghost does not appear in the second film other than in the backstory when the Duplo Aliens take over Bricksburg. The Man Upstairs portrayed by Will Ferrell is an unnamed adult Lego collector and the father of Finn who appears in the live-action part of the film. He comes home from work and chastises his son for "ruining" the set by creating variations of different playsets while stating that he left the child blocks for him and his sister to use.

With every Krazy Glue in his possession, "The Man Upstairs" proceeds to permanently rebuild and glue his perceived perfect creations together. Upon being called up to Taco Tuesday by Finn's mom, "The Man Upstairs" tells Finn that he will now allow his younger sister to play with them. This resulted in aliens from the planet Duplo beaming down and announcing their plans to destroy them.

He does not appear in the second film, only flashbacks from the first film. His voice is heard when Finn and Bianca's mother talks to them about putting the Legos into storage. The Man Upstairs is later heard at the end of the movie asking "Honey, where are my pants? He created the world of Lego, all the events and the characters, including Emmet. In the second film, Finn clashes with Bianca's ways with Lego which nearly brings Armamageddon to the Lego universe.

She is first heard in The Lego Movie where she tells her husband and Finn that the tacos are ready. The Second Part , she is fully seen where she has brown hair and her fingernails and toenails are painted pink. A recurring gag in the film is when she steps on Lego pieces with her foot causing her to scream "Ayeeee!

This started an event called "Armamageddon" which Rex Dangervest took advantage of. After Rex is defeated and Finn and Bianca reconcile, their mom watches them play with their father's Lego sets until she hears her husband asking her where his pants are. Lord Business brought them in as a demonstration to Bad Cop on the Kragle weapon that he will be using on Taco Tuesday.

When Good Cop refuses to use the weapon on them, Lord Business erased his Good Cop face much to the horror of his parents. Bad Cop then uses the Kragle weapon on them. The Master Builders are a group of Lego minifigures that can build things without instructions. During the attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Superman took down one of the Super Secret Police's vehicles before being immobilized by a wad of gum leading to his capture.

In The Lego Batman Movie , he and Batman are shown to have a hostile relationship similar to how they started out in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice during one confrontation with Joker. When interviewed by Reporter Pippa, Superman describes the Phantom Zone to hold the universe's worst villains, which gives Batman and Joker ideas for their plans with the Phantom Zone Projector.

Superman is seen hosting the 57th Annual Justice League Anniversary Party at the Fortress of Solitude , which he neglected to invite Batman to and had to come up with various cover-ups to explain why Batman didn't get an invitation. The Second Part , Superman and the rest of the Justice League go out to save the world from The Duplo invasion, but fails to return five years later.

Later, it is revealed that Superman and the others members are in Harmony Town on another planet in the Systar Galaxy. Emmet encounters him using the alias of Sillyman where he has been brainwashed by Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. She is among the Master Builders that are captured. The mini-doll version was riding a two-person bicycle with Wonder Woman while the Duplo version was riding a normal bicycle.

The Second Part , Aquaman and the rest of the Justice League go out to save the world from the Duplo invasion, but fails to return 5 years later. Later, it is revealed that Aquaman and the other members are in Harmony Town on another planet where they were brainwashed by Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. Another version of Aquaman appears in the film called "Rip-off Aquaman.

During the attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Green Lantern tries to get Superman out of the wad of gum he's trapped in which doesn't work and leads to both of them getting captured by the Super Secret Police. The Second Part , Green Lantern and the rest of the Justice League go out to save the world from The Duplo invasion, but fails to return 5 years later.

Later, it is revealed that Green Lantern and the others members are in Harmony Town on another planet where they were brainwashed by Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. He is later seen at the end of the movie with the other DC Comics superheroes. This leaves Batman disappointed because he wasn't in the picture despite being a member.

They are captured by the Super Secret Police. Abraham Lincoln voiced by Will Forte is the 16th President of the United States and a Master Builder who rides in a rocket version of his armchair with a footrest that is similar to the one seen in the statue of him. When the Master Builders were displeased that Emmet hasn't learned any Master Builder skills yet, Abraham Lincoln quotes "A house divided against itself would be better than this.

During the battle of Bricksburg, Abraham Lincoln is shown riding into battle while giving Michelangelo Buonaroti and William Shakespeare a ride. Abraham Lincoln makes an appearance in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part , still using his rocket armchair to fight against the Duplo Invasion.

When Gandalf asks Vitruvius to have Emmet stand forward, Vitruvius mistakes him for Albus Dumbledore much to the annoyance of both wizards. When it was revealed that Emmet doesn't know any Master Builder skills, Gandalf and Dumbledore quote to Emmet that he's the "butt" when he quoted "but. He is among the Master Builders that are captured. Gandalf has a minor appearance in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part in Emmet's dream.

Albus Dumbledore is a wizard who is the headmaster of Hogwarts and a Master Builder. When it was revealed that Emmet doesn't know any Master Builder skills and he tried to make an attempt at a motivated speech, Gandalf and Dumbledore quote to Emmet that he's the but when he quoted "but". Michelangelo Buonaroti is an artist and sculptor that is one of the Master Builders. During the fight in Bricksburg, Michelangelo and William Shakespeare are showing riding with Abraham Lincoln on his rocket chair.

William Shakespeare voiced by Jorma Taccone [1] is a poet, playwright, and actor who is one of the Master Builders. When it was discovered that Emmet has not learned any Master Builder skills yet, William Shakespeare considered him "rubbish. During the fight in Bricksburg, William Shakespeare and Michelangelo Buonaroti are shown riding with Abraham Lincoln on his rocket chair.

The Blaze Firefighter is a firefighter and Master Builder. Another Blaze Firefighter was seen during the battle in Bricksburg where he is operating a mech that was created from a fire engine. Some other Gallant Guards were shown listening to a medieval messenger reading Wyldstyle's message to everyone to stand up to Lord Business' forces.

Gordon Zola is a chef from Bricksburg and a Master Builder. Queen of the Mermaids is a mermaid queen and Master Builder. Marsha has a cameo in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part fighting against the Duplo invasion. The Panda Guy is a man in a giant panda suit that is a Master Builder. Panda Guy makes a cameo appearance in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part fighting against the Duplo Invasion.

Conductor Charlie is a train conductor from Lego World City. The Ghost is a Master Builder who is based on the classic variant. Johnny Thunder is an adventurer from Lego Adventurers. Lady Pirate is a female pirate from Lego Pirates. He was seen twice in The Lego Movie. The first time was when he was part of Metalbeard's earlier attack on the Octan Tower and the second time when he was among the Master Builders that meet in Cloud Cuckoo Land where he was seen in the same area as Michelangelo Buonaroti.

After Emmet's failed attempt at an inspirational speech, which causes the Master Builders to boo at him, the Swamp Creature asked "This is supposed to make us feel better? When Joker describes himself to the inmates, the Swamp Creature called Joker boring. The Trucker Guy is a Master Builder. He is first seen in a flashback when Wyldstyle talks about the Master Builders to Emmet.

The following Master Builders appear from the Lego Minifigures theme:. The Super Secret police are Lord Business' personal law enforcement group. Velma Staplebot voiced by Kelly Lafferty is a robot who is Lord Business' overbearing personal assistant. Bricksburg is the city where Emmet lives and is from. Besides Emmet, among the citizens of Bricksburg are:. The Old West is a location that is home to every cowboy and Indian minifigure.

It does not appear in the second film, but it is reused in the video game adaptation of the first one and second one. His character tends to misplace his pants with them ending up in odd places which leads to him asking his wife the titular question. Blake's question in the TV series was referenced in the second film when "The Man Upstairs" asks his wife the titular question, revealing that these real life situations are the basis for the sit-com.

As a result of "The Man Upstairs" allowing his younger daughter Bianca to play with him and Finn, the Duplo Aliens arrive with the lead Duplo Alien announcing their plans to destroy everyone before the film ends in a cliffhanger. In the second film, the Duplo Aliens' attack turned Bricksburg into Apocalypseburg.

However, it is also revealed in the second film is that they only wanted to join Bricksburg but had communication problems. He is Lord Business' older brother and he makes an unlicensed theme park called "Brick World". His plan is to take The Lego Movie characters except Batman and Vitruvius ' ghost to make his own show and avenge his brother's defeat.

Upon his defeat, Risky Business tries to get away only to run into the police where they arrest him for illegally making "Brick World". After Unikitty, Benny and Metalbeard get unhypnotized, Emmet confronts him on why he didn't help. When he is accidentally adopted by Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne and becomes his sidekick, he gets "double the happiness".

While Robin doesn't appear in the TV series Unikitty! When she becomes police commissioner following her father's retirement, she wants to make changes in Gotham City and teamwork with Batman. While Batgirl doesn't appear in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part , it is implied by Batman that they ultimately didn't became a couple. Alfred also appears in The Lego Movie 2: The Batcomputer voiced by Siri is Batman's supercomputer that resides in the Batcave.

The following are inhabitants of Gotham City:. He and the police department arrive outside the location where Joker was going to set off his bomb. After Batman thwarts this plot, Commissioner James Gordon is shown hosting his retirement party with everyone in attendance as Commissioner Gordon passes his position over to Barbara. It is mentioned that James Gordon will be leaving to go on a jungle safari.

At the time of Joker's bomb threat, Mayor McCaskill is lowered to a pile that the cars of the villain surround. Joker was caught by surprise when he finds out that Mayor McCaskill is actually Batman in disguise. Mayor McCaskill is later seen at Commissioner Gordon's retirement party. When someone is sent into the Phantom Zone, she will review their actions.

I used three layers to make the helmet, cutting the hole out of each layer before gluing the next in. I kept the last cylinder, for the face, separate to make painting easier. I cut two circles from the foam to match the 12" diameter tube, to make the rounded top of the helmet. Then I glued the two discs together with spray adhesive.

Next, I had a lot of fun carving the foam to make the general dome shape. I beveled the edge with a drywall knife, and then rounded the bevel with my little Ofla. But the best part was just sanding it. Before that step, you wonder if you'll ever have a nice surface, then sanding it is like instant gratification. I can't wait to make some more foam sculptures.

The one thing I would change if I did this again, is the shaping of that dome. I think the dome came out a little flat for my liking, and I wish I would have taken the curvature further. Due to my uncertainty of whether this foam would take spray-paint, and concerns regarding texture, I decided to seal the foam with wood filler. After the first coat of wood filler, I glued the dome onto the cylindrical part of the helmet.

I scored up the foil around where the glue would be applied, and laid down my bead. There were a few gaps, but I realized the surfaces made good contact with the help of putting a heavy box on top of the dome, the oldest form of clamping. Finally the ugly flat part comes in handy. Once it was done, I also flipped it over and ran more glue into the seam from the inside.

I think the extra wood filler I used to smooth out this seam on the outside helped further with the connection. I think I did two full coats of wood filler with sanding in between, and a third just to fill in some more noticeable divots. I used my Dremel to rough up the helmet like it is the movie, adding some dents and the crack in the lower portion.

I had also read a tip about using glue to seal foam, so I did one final coat of wood glue, over the whole helmet, just to be safe. Then I moved on to spray painting. I was blown away by how well it worked, since my dome started out quite a bit lighter in color than the cylindrical portion of the helmet. I painted the helmet with the blue color, and the front of the face with a lego-y yellow.

I used acrylic paint to color in my primed Unikitty mask and horn while the Benny helmet and face were drying. When the Benny parts were dry, I glued the face into the helmet. Next, I came back in with glue and glued the bottom of the helmet as skewed as I could get it, to match the detail from the movie.

When the helmet was done gluing, I sketched the Benny face on. Cutting the face out was very difficult and frustrating oh, and it was 2 am, the night before Halloween

The Second Part as Warrior Kitty. When it was revealed that Emmet doesn't know any Master Builder skills and he tried to make an attempt at a motivated speech, Gandalf and Dumbledore quote to Emmet that he's the but when he quoted "but". The film was released theatrically on February 7, , through Warner Bros. I bought a 12" concrete form and a 4' x 8' sheet of two inch yellow, foil-backed foam way more foam than necessary. Yes, all great picks! Need an army of Mohawk cats tbh.

Benny (The LEGO Movie):

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