If you’re planning to set up a home office either in a small bedroom you rarely use or just at a corner of a room, there are a few things you may have to consider. If you’re going to spend a few hours or a full week at your home office, then you must design a comfortable and an inviting place to get work done efficiently. Here are a few items you will have to consider.

Pick a suitable location

Home office layouts come in different forms. You can have it in a separate space, a corner in your living room, or even in the kitchen. The first item to consider when selecting a location for your office is when and where do you work. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then go for a kitchen desk to set up a central working area. If you are a professional, then you’d want an office space that’s quite away from your daily flow of life and other household distractions.

Choose a chair and desk

Choose a wide desk with an ample space for your office essentials. It should fit your computer and virtually anything you need within your arm’s reach. You need to have a document tray for reference materials and notes. Preferably, your home office desk should have a minimum width of 1200 mm. If you’re going to use a laptop, you can get away with less. An office desk with a 1500 mm width will be fine. Invest in an adjustable office chair. Your back and neck need to be comfortable.

Shelving and storage

Shelving and storage are sometimes overlooked when designing a home office. Make sure you include a chest of drawers(https://tylko.com/shelves/chest-of-drawers/), cupboards, or filing cabinets for your home office storage needs. You also need to check on workflow – what comes in first, where does it stay when being worked on, and where does it go when it’s complete. You need to locate your filing system near you desk. Also, reference materials, i.e. manuals, reference books, and catalogs need to be close at hand.

Lighting and view

Sufficient light is important for a home office. Choose a space with sufficient natural light and an outdoor view if possible. Position your desk in a way that the computer screen won’t be affected by the natural light.

Working efficiently from home requires that you keep of any form of distraction. This is why you need to choose a private and quiet space within your home to set up the office.

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